Semester 2: Final Project Proposal

Detailed proposal of final project.  Attach visual examples of styling. Due 5/14 at the start of class.



  1. Bob


  2. Alisa Steinbroner

    For my final project, I am thinking of doing kind of a surreal type image which would require me to use photoshop quite a bit more. I would do something like a macro shot of an eye and then put another picture in the eye. Or portraits of someone and then photoshop another aspect into the picture or. [img][/img]

  3. Shawn Jacobs

    For my final project I am going to take action photos of people all from the same angle then put the sequence of photos together to make an action photo showing the stages of the event all in one photo. [img][/img][img][/img]

  4. Aysen Tan


  5. Ciana Iverson

    For my project I am doing fairy tale themed photos. I plan to tell the story of the classic fairytales in photos. I don’t have any examples other than the photos I have already taken

  6. Madeline Keyes-Levine

    For my final project I’m going to take portraits in black and white of Molly with a beehive.




  7. Morgen Peterson

    For my final project, I am going to take pictures in Ojai. I am going to take pictures in fields, and downtown, and near the rivers. Basically I am going to explore Ojai with a couple friends and find places that would be good places to take pictures. I have actually already gone there to do that before but I still need a lot more pictures and the ones I already took aren’t very good so I am not going to use those. I think it will turn out really good! I am excited.

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