AP Art 2D Portfolio with Artist Statement

Advanced Placement Art 2D Student’s finished portfolio and artist’s statement.

Portfolio Format

AP Studio Art sample portfolios site.

Section I           

Selected Works (Quality) — 5 actual works | 33.3% of portfolio score

  • Works demonstrating understanding of two-dimensional design in concept, composition, and execution.
  • Includes works that exhibit the synthesis of 2-D form, technique, and content.
  • Works may come from the Sustained Investigation or Range of Approaches sections, but they do not have to.

Section II

Sustained Investigation (Concentration) — 12 digital images; some may be details or process images | 33.3% of portfolio score

  • Works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular 2-D design concern.
  • Must not include images of the work included in the Range of Approaches section.

Section III

Range of Approaches (Breadth) — 12 digital images; 1 image each of 12 different works | 33.3% of portfolio score

  • A variety of works demonstrating understanding of 2-D design issues.
  • Must not include images of the work included in the Sustained Investigation section



AP Art 2015-2016 – Samuel De Los Santos

Concentration and Breadth Sam De Los Santos The central idea of my concentration focuses on the concept of abandonment. Abandonment in project is emptiness enhanced with pictures showing urban decay. The urban decay in the photos enhances the abandonment theme because it demonstrates time passing…

AP Art 2015-2016 – Trevor Godfrey

Concentration and Breadth Trevor Godfrey

AP Art 2015-2016 – Jeremy Sim

AP Art Portfolio: 2-D Jeremy Sim

AP Art 2015-2016 – Gabriel Linnehan

Copy Slides and Add your portfolios: Concentration and Breadth Gabriel Linnehan


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