Concentration 1

Concentration 1:

Each student will pick a topic/concept to address.  Pursuing that concept and/or topic, determine the best method to communicate and explore the idea.  Determine which elements of design and principles of design will effectively communicate the concept.  Will certain colors communicate the concept better than others? Use of space, composition, all decisions will affect how the viewer perceives the image.  Layering images and textures within layers and transfer modes in Photoshop allows for collaging.


Minimum of 100 images turned in for rough edit.

10 final images turned in.

Shoot in RAW

Make sure proper white balance is selected.

Pay careful attention to lighting and the quality of light.



Be aware of contrast and how it communicates your concept.



Decide on color.  Will you be making the images black & white later on?   Consider limiting your palette of colors used.  Example: black, white and red. Consider using muted colors, low saturation.

Consider if tools such as will benefit your images.

Raw images are due 9/17. 10 points

In-class and online critique will be on 9/19. 10 points

Finished 10 images are due 9/24. 100 points


Push yourself creatively, do your best work, find inspiration before shooting through music, films, art, design…just find your inspiration.  I always shot with loud music playing and found images I liked beforehand to give me ideas.  Find your inspiration.

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