Artist Copy Project


Arthur Tress

AP Art 2d: Artist Copy Project




Why are you making the art you are making?

“A lot of good and regular art gets made because of who you talk to. No one is immune to human contact and art is not made in a vacuum.” (R. B. Kitaj)


Art is made in reaction to one’s environment.  Each person brings their own perspective and life experience to their art.  Art is a byproduct of this reaction. If you are not aware of your environment, not aware of surroundings including community, politics, social, environmental then you may not have anything to react to.  I insist that you plug in to what is going on in order to respond. Your reaction to life and all its facets will provide a wealth of subject matter to address. Write these topics down to cull from. Check out the news, see what is happening in the world, your country, your state, your city, your crazy little head, topics that address your age group, your gender, your belief system, science, technology. Respond with your artwork.

 Contemporary Art Blogs

Art Patrol

Art Net

Art Net Top 300 Artists


Photography Now

F-Stop Magazine

F-Stop Magazine Links





Please peruse the art blogs posted and find an artist whose work you connect with.  Identify what it is about the work that inspires. Is it their subject matter, their styling, their use of materials? Using their style as a springboard, you will create your own unique and personal project.



Filmmaking students,

Each of you will work with the same visuals, but your shots will of course include motion.  Plan to have at least 10 different clips of approximately 30 seconds each.  All shots should be done in full 1080p resolution. I will have videos for you to watch in class for examples.

“Two Women” by Bill Viola (excerpt)





Design Work

Fox is Black

ISO 50



Looks Like Good Design: Fallen

Looks Like Good Design




The finished project will consist of 10 final images.  If shooting photos, I recommend a minimum of 100 raw images shot.


Rough draft of project for review is due 10/8/20113.  Final project is due 10/15.  100 points.

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