Conceptual/Surrealism Project

The Conceptual/Surrealism Project is designed for each artist to select a topic they want to address visually.  The weakness of many conceptual works is that while they may have strong initial concept, the execution of the project remains weak.  In this assignment, both the concept and finished piece is required to be strong.  Each student will submit a one paragraph project proposal. The link for the proposal will be posted on Classroom. Each artist is encouraged to use both digital and analog materials within their project, regardless of the assignment. Photographs of objects and textures may be used for combining elements.  This will allow each student to create a composition.  Filmmmaking students; tutorials detailing out using After Effects and Photoshop will be posted here this week. Each student will select two different Art Think concepts to experiment with for the final pieces.


Project requirements:

  • Project Proposal
  • Art Think selections
  • Raw files (20-50 images for photographers, 3-5 minutes of footage for filmmaking)
  • Final pieces: 2 final pieces


Artist Work:

Robert ParkeHarrison

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison – Reclamation (2003) “I want to make images that have open, narrative qualities, enough to suggest ideas about human limits. I want there to be a combination of the past juxtaposed with the modern. I use nature to symbolize the search, saving a tree, watering the earth. In this fabricated world, strange clouds of smog float by. These mythic images mirror our world, where nature is domesticated, controlled, and destroyed.”

ParkeHarrison: The Architect’s Brother

No Description


Surrealism and Conceptual Art

Kyle Thompson

Explore Kyle Thompson’s 416 photos on Flickr!

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography. Its “visual literature”. You don’t ‘capture the moment’ you rather ‘create’ the moment.

41 Imaginative Examples of Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography is a kind of photography in which the photographer makes a photo based on a concept or idea. He or She is usually trying to deliver a message or “concept”. Usually this message uses graphical symbols to represent ideas, movements, moods and everything that the photographer might want to say, through a photographic message.

The amazingly surreal and conceptual self portraits by 18-year-old photographer Xin Lí – Blog of Francesco Mugnai

I have only a few words to describe these photos…stunning, surreal, magical. Love all of them.

Conceptual Illustrations: Visual Storytelling

Editorial Illustrations 2015 – Vol. 1

Some editorial illustrations I did in 2015.

Conceptual Illustrations

Conceptual illustrations


Tutorials for Composition

50 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2010

Photoshop is probably one of the most indispensable pieces of software in a designer’s toolbox. It can be used for everything from retouching photos to creating entire web layouts or original artwork. And specific design tutorials are a great way to familiarize yourself with what Photoshop can do and how to do it.

30 Breathtaking and Surreal Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials are definitely one of the best ways to learn and master the tool. There are lots of high quality and variety tutorials on the web available for free so you can learn something new by yourself not going out from home.

Photoshop tutorial: Stencil poster effects in Photoshop

Intro This swan illustration by Andrew Lyons is one of a series of birds he created for a client packaging project. The aesthetic style the client sought was one of reduced, elegant forms – an approach found in much of his work.

Photoshop tutorial: Create vector portraits in Photoshop

Intro 3 – 4 hours Photoshop Next Step ” Step 1 In this Photoshop tutorial, Spanish artist Daniel Caballero explains how he creates his vector artworks from photo references in Photoshop. He details how he combines elements from different sources, and adds in graphic elements to create a detailed illustration, including tattoos, clothing, shadows and lighting.


Photoshop tutorial: Create halftone and screenprint poster styles in Photoshop

After working as an art director on magazines, Davies is now a freelance graphic artist and designer. With a portfolio featuring work for Games magazine, renegade T-shirt label Dirty Velvet, and portraits for HD, there’s little time left over for sitting on the beach in his native Bournemouth.


Use layer masks for seamless compositing of photos in Photoshop

Intro Adobe Photoshop 2 – 3 hours Next Step ” Step 1 It’s almost impossible to look at this image and not feel perked up: perhaps it’s the vibrant colour palette, the ingenuity of the original concept, and the polished effect that Vince Fraser achieves.

Photoshop tutorial: Create sci-fi art in Photoshop

Matt Nelson is a motion designer and general internet dude. He runs an independent collective and creates content for brands, agencies, and studios. He’s had the privilege of working with names such as Disney and GQ, as well as having his work featured in the New York Times.

Photoshop tutorial: Advanced compositing techniques

Intro 3 hours Photoshop CS3 or later Next Step ” Step 1 This photomontage by Serbian illustrator Becha was created for an haute couture fashion editorial called Silent Spring that appeared in her home country’s Faar magazine. It showcases the brightly coloured clothes and shoes of designer Ana Ljubinkovic, which are perfectly complemented by Vesna’s high-end photo-illustration style.

Art Think: Ways of Working – A Creative Approach for Students of Art

Booklet created for students based on strategies from Nicholas Roukes’ book “Design Synectics: Stimulating Creativity in Design.” View in book format online:…




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