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Before the “Selfie” there was the self portrait.  For this project, each student will be creating 5 different self-portraits. Browse through all the different examples on this page and you will see a wide variety of concepts and expression.  Each self portrait must contain the artist.  It is the responsibility of the artist to set up the composition and determine the final look, however, it is acceptable to have someone else take the picture. Ultimately, all creative control shall be dictated by the artist.

Consider how you want to be seen.  The setting, lighting, background, positive/negative space, color or lack thereof, props, concepts.  A wide range of who you are, are perceived to be, or want to be should be examined and explored.

Finished project:  5 images, 5 video clips, or two drawings/designs.  

Vivian Maier

Photographer self portraits

Self Portraits: Contemporary


500px (blocked on campus)

Behance (blocked on campus) Self Portraits


My Modern Met

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self portrait


Famous Self Portraits copy

Gallery The 25 Coolest Artist Self Portraits Complex


portraits and photos of famous artist 4 portraits and photos of famous artist 3 portraits and photos of famous artist 2 portraits and photos of famous artist 1


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