5 O’Clock Shadow

My local camera club held a monthly competition with the theme of ‘Shadows’. I decided to try something a bit different to the typical abstract shadows one instantly thinks of with such a theme. So this was my take on “shadows”, playing with the concept of the 5 o’clock shadow.

At first it was just the clock shadow, but I decided to add an extra element of a model with some stubble (i.e. a 5 o’clock shadow) that could also emphasize the fact that the clock was indeed a shadow by having part of it fall across the model. I’d left this until only days before the comp, so had no model at short notice and had to opt for a self shot. With no grids or snoots for my flash guns or studio strobes, I couldn’t get a defined shadow, so this was actually done with a led torch on about a 0.5 second exposure. I just had to stay REALLY still.

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