1. Create a work of art based on a theme.

2. Create a work of art showing skill in pencil shading – varying values.

2. Create a work of art showing value contrast to develop center of interest

3. Employ elements and principles of design – use mathematical skills in enlarging a composition (use a grid)


pencils- #2B,
blending stumps
paper towels, q-tips, cotton pads, etc.
drawing paper 80#
masking tape, scissors, rulers


1. Choose two pictures that have a common theme or idea. Find one that is predominantly darker and the other lighter. Cut them to the same size in something that is in even inches.

2. Cut the first picture into vertical 1″ strips keeping them together at the top.

3. Cut the second picture horizontally in 1″ strips.

4. Tape the vertical one onto some scrap paper on the top and weave the other picture over and under (traditional tabby weave). Square it up tightly and then tape it on the sides. Repeat this until all the picture is done. You can eliminate rows and squares that are not important.

5. Tape around all for sides with masking tape and begin to reveal some squares to show more of one picture and so forth until you like the composition.

6.On a bigger piece of newsprint make a grid of  2″ squares.  This should be the same number of squares as in the design. By using the grid, enlarge outlines that are necessary to draw each square. Only the lines of hard edged areas not where there is a gradation.

7.Transfer the design with graphite onto white drawing paper and begin to draw each square.  Use all the drawing tools we learned in Art 1, smudge shading blending transfer tones with cotton pads, etc. Use a kneaded eraser for highlights.

Examples:lesson from Ken Schwab