Objectives/GoalsUnderstanding of

  • Values
  • Repeated patterns
  • Grids and enlargement
  • Cubism

  • Drawing Paper 80 lb
  • drawing pencils
  • transparency grids
  • magazines


1. Select a subject of which you can make a contour line drawing. Focus on a single object, such as a car, insect, person or fish.

2. Enlarge that subject to fit 12 X18 inch paper using the grid method.

3. “Shatter” the subject in some way by breaking it up with lines or shapes or patterns of some sort. These lines will overlap your first drawing. (There are numerous methods you could use…be creative. Think of various ways that lines break up objects: shattered glass, wavy lines of water, spiral lines as seen on a snail shell, geometrical divisions of shapes.) The objective is to create more shapes in your drawing, like a giant puzzle. (Look at examples of Cubism for inspiration.)

4. If needed create two value scales on the worksheet with Ebony pencil. One will be divided into separate grays in the boxes, and one will be a blended value scale from black to white in the long box.

5. In your drawing, focus on each individual shape you have created, and apply the entire range of value (from black to light gray) in each shape. Proceed from shape to shape, deciding which part should be the richest black and which should be the lightest gray. Sometimes you may want to alternate from one shape to the next. You may also want to vary the direction of your shading inside your object from that outside your object in order to emphasize it.

6. Fill the entire paper with values, including positive shapes of the object and negative background shapes.