Visual training is the purpose and accuracy the goal. No erasing is allowed.

contour – The outline and other visible edges of a form.

contour drawing–Drawing in which contour lines are used to represent subject matter. A contour drawing has a three-dimensional quality, indicating the thickness as well as height and width of the forms it describes.

Step 1: blind contouring drawing: Your Hand

Hold you non-dominant hand away from your paper and focus solely on it. Using only lines draw the outline of the form so that from time to time the line will wander across the form and back out again, capturing little details along the way. In this exercise, avoid lifting the pencil from the paper so that the line is as continuous as possible, and most importantly, DON’T PEEK! This drawing will take 3 minutes.  If you peek you will have to start over.

Step 2: blind contouring drawing: an Object.

Step 3: Continuous line blind contour drawing #1: the Hand

Step 4: Continuous line blind contour drawing #1: An Object

Steps 5-7: Continuous line drawings

Begin with a focal point on the object and continue concentration as if the eyes were drawing the image. The pencil/pen, once placed on the paper stays there moving in a slow line development until the entire contour is completed. Eyes focus from object to paper without head movement.

Fill 2 pages of your sketchbook, at least 5 drawings/objects.

Thicker lines imply more weight, importance, and shading.

Take your time! Allow 3 minutes for each drawing.

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