Welcome to Art.

General Rules

  • Be respectful of your classroom
  • Be respectful of your peers and teacher
  • Be respectful of your artwork

Specific Rules

  • When the music is off you must be entirely focused on the person addressing the class.
  • Any material needed will be out on the front table or counter.  Do not go into the cabinets, drawers, shelves behind the white board, or my area without my permission.
  • Have respect for the classroom; do not waste materials, do not deface the tables, walls, or white board.  Leave the classroom a little neater than you entered it.
  • I dismiss the class. Do not gather by the door or leave without my permission.
  • Spend studio time working. Try. Take risks. Do your best.


1st time– warning

2nd time– privilege revoked

3rd time- referral to the office

In addition to this you will lose participation points for the day.

Positive behavior will have consequences as well.  If you go above and beyond you will be rewarded.


  • Entering the classroom– you are expected to enter the classroom quietly.  The warm-up will be on the board.  You are expected to work quietly until instruction begins.
  • Whole class focus–during this time you are expected to be engaged in the class demonstration, discussion, or instruction.  This means that you are quiet, seated, and facing whoever is addressing the class; you are raising your hand to speak; and all personal auditory devices are put away.
  • Studio time­–When the music starts this is your cue to begin working on the day’s project.  During this time you may get up freely to get materials, sharpen pencils, etc… You may talk quietly to a neighbor or listen to your ipod as long as you are working your hardest. Please note that this is a privilege that will be revoked if it is abused. If and when the music is turned off, you are expected to immediately stop what you are doing, be quiet, remove your ipod, and focus on the teacher.
  • Clean-up­–the last ten minutes of each class well be spent cleaning.
  • Dismissal­–under no condition may you leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.  When the teacher announces the end of class you are expected to stop working and begin cleaning and putting back your materials. Once you have completed your responsibilities you will return to your seat and wait to be dismissed.

Absences and Tardiness

If you are absent or tardy it is your responsibility to find out from a classmate what was missed and be prepared to work that day.


Grades fall into three categories:

  • Class Participation– 10% of your grade will be based on participation. If you work to your potential you will be given  points.  Included in this is your work on art exercises, participation, and conduct.  Basically, if you work hard and are respectful of your environment you will receive full credit. I assume that you will do this therefore you will begin the semester with 100 points.  Any day that you do not work to your potential 10 points will be deducted.
  • Art Projects– Each unit will conclude with an art project.  These will be worth 100 points.  They will be graded according to the accompanying rubric.
  • Sketchbooks & Exercises– You will be expected to complete at least one page in your sketchbook on your own every other week.  Your sketchbook will be spot checked periodically throughout the year.  Your sketchbook will be worth a total of 100 points for the semester. Exercises are worth 10 points each.