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  2. Tyler Hasty

    Because one of my greatest passions in life is fishing, I will incorporate concepts that relate to this topic in my project, while retaining a serious theme and message throughout each page. The individual pages of my project will be constructed in the following way: I will have various colors of construction paper as a background (a different color for each page, depending on what best fits the tone of the page), and white computer paper will be glued on top of these papers. The white computer paper will contain my drawings and writing, and each paper will resemble a shape which relates to its content. The text on each page will vary in size, but will consist mostly of short paragraphs and sentences, of which I will print with an ink pen. The art on each page will cooperate with the shape of the white computer paper in creative ways that fit the theme of each page, and will consist of mostly colored pencil drawings and sketches. The pages will be attached in a way that will incorporate my passion for fishing and allow for an “accordion” effect. Dulled fishing hooks will be attached to both sides of a small piece of fishing line. This line will be placed diagonally with one hook on each of the papers being connected. Two of these will be taped on each page (so that the hooks are covered), and they will be connected so that it is very easy to fold the book in the correct way.

  3. Brennen Hasty

    I have decided that I will structure my accordion book to look like a fish stringer attached to a stick, in acknowledgement that one of my favorite hobbies in life is fishing. Each of the pictures will be trimmed to the shape of a fish, and strung to the stringer through holes in the pictures. This should help to set the theme of the book. I am considering either acquiring and using a genuine fishing stringer or assembling together large paper-clips in the shape of a stringer, connected with circular rubber bands. Each picture will be strung to the clips in such a way that they will fold together as with an accordion book. In order to keep the shape of the pictures as consistent as possible, I plan to cut a sample fish-shaped paper and use it as a template for the shape of the others, most probably by tracing it onto them and cutting. I will most likely write 1-2 paragraphs on one side of the fish, and have the actual picture on the other side. I intend to do most or all of the pictures using a combination of sketching with pencil and coloring with colored pencils. As previously mentioned, I will attach a stick to one end of the stringer in order to emphasize the theme of fishing.

  4. Rayne Hellstrom


    For my final project I’m going to put together a type of tunnel book. It’s going to reflect certain experiences that made me the person I am today. I am going to incorporate collaging, water color and pen and ink. I put a picture of what it is going to look like; it will not be exactly the same for I am going to change the number of folds for the accordion on the sides. I plan to paint, draw, and collage certain things that I attach to certain events in my life and have them on the accordion sides and then a center tunnel piece that will show a little bit of who I am. I hope to for this book to show a few parts of my story and have a deep meaningful them and tone. I will have text on the pictures and on the sides of the book. I know this is not set in stone and I will probably end up changing a few things but the over all idea will remain the same.

  5. Emily Sim

    For the final project, I am centering my pieces on the main theme “Why are you, you?” My answer to the question is personal history. I will put all my art pieces in a home-made time capsule. I plan on building a time capsule, symbolizing a person’s history and beliefs. Some of my pieces will be of what I am thankful for, like a family, love, freedom of expression, and as silly as it sounds, the abilities to see, hear, breathe, smell, walk, speak and learn. It is the little things I take advantage of everyday I am most thankful for. Some of my pieces will be of my beliefs, such as staying true to me and not using so much makeup I can’t recognize myself, so I plan on using a mirror and surrounding it/ covering beauty products on it, and using a picture or drawing of a face and covering half with a ton of make-up and half without makeup, symbolizing inner beauty is much more permanent than outer beauty. I also believe in staying away from the path to becoming a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a teenage mother because once any of those happens, my dreams and goals will go down the drain, so I want to build a toilet bowl and have grades, goals, awards, etc in there symbolizing them being flushed away because I chose the path of an alcoholic, an addict or “16 and pregnant”. I want to use graphite, watercolors, real material in collages, music sheets as a background for a piece, constructing my own toilet bowl and time capsule, acrylic paint, and markers to make my point. My mediums will be different because nothing in life stays the same, different things make you, you and not another person, and your life is affected by different events. So my final project theme is personal stories and histories; that not two peoples’ life story will be exactly the same. [img],r:16,s:138,i:145[/img][img][/img][img],r:0,s:0,i:72[/img]

  6. Emily Sim


  7. Angela King

    My art final will focus on the topic of journeys, and the way the heart responds. The physical design will be in the shape of a heart when it’s folded up. The heart would be made of two sections, divided roughly in half. One side would retain its shape; the other would pull out to have the accordion-book shape. Each piece will focus on one “journey” I’ve lived through, with a common theme throughout to symbolize the things that I hold on to no matter what (ex., faith, hope, family, friends, etc…).
    The topic being “journeys”, the design and style of the pieces would reflect old-fashioned maps, with worn texture and color, pen and ink script, and words forming compass roses on each page. I would use watercolors, pastels, ink, and maybe charcoal or graphite. I would either use Trader Joe’s type paper bags or tea-stained paper for my pages to contribute to the aged effect.

  8. Claire Jurgensen

    I believe and am thankful for the wonders of the natural universe and the opportunities it provides. The world is full of endless possibilities, beauty, and purpose. Learning about our world leads to self-discovery and a higher awareness of ourselves and others. One of the most beautiful things about life is that it connects every living thing together, in a way that cannot be affected by location, race, ideological belief, or even species. Every living thing is a part of the community of life, biologically and emotionally.
    So that’s my basic guiding topic for my project. I want to show the beauty I see in life in general (for just existing and being so interesting), and the beauty of the more personal decisions and emotions we have as individuals. That sounds vague right now, but I’ll change it a little as I go.
    As for the writing, I’m going to incorporate it so I’ll have a visual representation of life, and then a piece of writing to explain the emotion behind it. The writing will be in ink. For setup of the book I’ll do a timeline of either life in general or specifically my life. I still need to think about the paper and test out the tea-soaking technique, but I like the idea of making your own bound book. I’ll most likely try several different mediums for my pages.

  9. Jay Park

    I want to focus on the question, “if you didn’t know what you were aiming for, would you still work for it?” No one is born to be something, they just naturally become the person they want to be, and other times, those dreams change over time. For me, I had always wanted to be an artist, because my talents lay most in it. However, now that I know being an artist may not be a very straight forward path, I wanted to do something else. I still haven’t discovered what that ‘something’ is, yet I am already almost done with the first year of highschool. My project will be a pop up book, with the writing hidden in panels within the pop up, and each design will be parallel to the writing.[img][/img]

  10. James Liwanag

    My proposal for the Art final would be the incorporation of the Mandalas and use vinyl records as their base. I haven’t fully decided yet, but I know I would like to use the vinyl records in a book or use mandala reference and incorporate a mandala collage within each side of the vinyl record to fully express what I believe and along with the other questions that were given. I would find and sketch, paint, etc, in order to find and express these beliefs to the best of my ability. The other idea would be using 5 vinyl records and on each side find a pic and then use the phrases from the I believe questions and sentences.[img][/img]

  11. Daniel Ziegler

    For my project/booklet I would love to do it based on the question “what would you do if you were not judged?” This bring a lot of things to mind which personally i would love. For one piece i’m going to use a type of structure that this artist below used, that piece will be “I would speak out.” Answering the focus question stated at the beginning of the paragraph. Another piece I want to do would be more like the second photo of what i would call a gorilla art style. I want to do me riding giant beast showing that everyone can get along somehow. Let me know if you have any other ideas that would suit this topic. [img][/img][img][/img]

  12. Erika HUrtado

    My art final will be centralized around a main topic of “I Believe in the Companionship.” This is important to me because I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the people that have kept me company over the years, whether it be a lifetime of friendship or a simple 30 minute conversation with a stranger. What would life be like if there wasn’t anybody to keep you company? For the drawing I thought I would include pictures and sketches of people that have kept me company throughout my life such as my dog, my family, my friends, and some symbols of God. I do not know quite yet how I want to present it in a book, but I was thinking of making it into some kind of heart because those people and acquaintances have touched my heart by being there for me.

  13. Veronica Mellring

    My project will be based around my belief in love. I believe that love is so powerful that it drives us to do things, whether they are for good or for bad. I believe that it is love that saves us from destroying ourselves and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. I also believe that it is love that causes heartache and leads people to make bad decisions in the name of love.
    I will be focusing on different kinds of love, such as love between parents and children, love between family, love between friends, love in religion, love between couples, love for one’s country, etc.
    As for presentation, I really want to put my art on a jewelry box. On the sides, on the mirrors and in the drawers. I believe it would be very visually dynamic and entertaining. The jewelry box in itself would be a representation of love, since, like a jewelry box, love has so many different compartments and components to it.
    I want all the art to connect through a quote. Most likely this quote will be “Do all things with love” – Og Mandino (but it might change over time).

  14. Senin Ranasinghe

    The overall them for my accordion book is the true meaning of a person’s life. Not ” you only live once.” Not ” live life to the fullest.” Those are vague answers. My opinion on this subject is that the true meaning of a person’s life can only be found in how much they grew as a human being and an individual. The metaphor that I will have in mind when I work on the cover for my book will be that life starts from a seed. The seed is what you were as an infant. From taking your first breath, the seed starts growing. It starts to sprout roots. These roots start supporting a tree. Unfortunately, the tree starts to die. This metaphor will not be drawn out in a single piece; but in stages. Just like life, I will try to draw my cover to transition from the last image to the one you’re looking at. This image will contain: a seed growing roots, then a full grown tree. The final image will be of myself as an old man; right next to a wilting tree.

  15. Bailey Simpson

    This I believe
    Religion. Race. Sexual orientation. The way people talk. Mentally disabled people. The way people look. The clothes we wear. The music we listen to. The books we read. The people we hang out with. These are just a few of the barriers between people. The cultures people are raised up in are what separate the peoples of different nations. In my project I plan to use the culture that I was raised in to create my “journal”. The theme of my project is no judgment. I am going to take some different aspects of my life and show how they can connect different people. For example, music. Music brings people together. Another example is food. In America we have all sorts of different foods, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and so on. In my project I am going to take music, books and movies to create a judgment free book.

  16. Kiley Becker

    I would like to center my project around identity and the importance we put into having a purpose in life. The reason I want to focus on these things is because it’s intriguing to me. I’ve never necessarily felt the need to have a set purpose in life and to fulfill it. I also want to incorporate the idea and illusion of “identity” and how it is strongly influenced by our environment, our upbringing, social norms, the way we choose to present ourselves to others, and how it constantly changes. My book is going to be made out of random junk and papers I have in my room that I can’t bring myself to throw away.

  17. Sirisa Gauchan

    For my art final I want to focus on the theme of fears with the question “Why are we afraid of making mistakes?” I do think that beliefs and values are important in the shaping of a person’s life but I would also say fears are equally as important. Some fears will be easy to get through but others will get you stuck. Some must be faced alone but others can be faced together with people. Then there are the fears that can be swept away quickly and those that will take a lot of time to get rid of. I have many fears of my own that will seem very simple but they still affect a great deal of my life.
    For the actual accordion book I am hoping to do one like an envelope where you can put the pages inside of it or slip them out but the pages can still be seen from the outside.

  18. Anna Cogswell

    For my This I Believe project, I’ve wrestled with many themes. I feel like there are so many things that I believe in, it’s hard to narrow it down, or just choose one question to key in on. But, I’ve decided to go with a theme that is effecting my life most right now- time, or rather, lack thereof. I believe in and am grateful for the precious time I’ve been given on this earth, but I’m finding now more than ever that time is fleeting. For the moment, my plan is to stick with a more traditional book but add many different aspects relevant to my theme. I’m definitely still working out the details and brainstorming but I like the idea of making it appear to be from a distant time, or appear timeless. I think I’ll be using lots of clocks and hour glasses, maybe even water somehow.

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