Element of Design: Color


Part 1: Creating Tints & Shades from Compliments

Tint Generator

Color Mixing Template

To create the four crosses of color, first make boxes similar to what you created for the value scale. Ten boxes, 1″x1″.  You will need at least 7 strips for each cross.  From the 1″x1″ squares a 3/4″x3/4″ square will be cut out and glued to a piece of bristol paper.  Make sure that the entire square is evenly painted.For each color/tint/shade, you will need to fill one strip with progression in color change.  Example: after mixing the two original colors, a strip of ten color swatches needs to be made in order to select the 30/70% mix.  This is because in order to determine if the mix is indeed 30/70 ration, need color swatches to compare against each other.  Please be aware that colors do not proportionally change each other drop by .  If mixing yellow and blue, adding additional drops of blue will change the color faster then adding equal drops of yellow

Part 2: Tint, Shade, and Complement Progression

Complement Progression

The three bars above demonstrate what occurs when complements are mixed together in progression.  In equal proportion, the colors neutralize each other.  Each student will be creating two strips of Complement Progression: 1. Close Complements consisting of a cool and warm color. 2. Analogous color: pick two analogous colors to blend.  In a sketchbook, create boxes similar to the box for the value scale.  Except this time, create the box 10.5″x2″. Should look like this: For the strip of 9, at least 18 swatches will need to be created.  The extra swatches allow each student to have options to pick form in case the mixing creates uneven  progression.  Once the final 9 swatches have been selected, a 2″ x 1″ piece will need to be cut from the swatch and glued to a piece of bristol board.

Tint Progression

Shade Progression

Create a seven step tint and shade progression for the same color.

Student Work




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