A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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Pricipios Gestalt


Project Details:

Each student will start with a solid shape.  It will be up to each student to create an interesting design, but without losing the original shape.  How much can be taken away and still see the original design?  Is there a particular pattern or concept that will make the original image more interesting?  What if the butterfly is made up of many tiny shapes of caterpillars?  Below are some works in progress of student work.

butterfly_black_silhouette holesIMG_0456IMG_0457IMG_0458IMG_0459IMG_0460IMG_0461IMG_0462IMG_0463IMG_0464IMG_0465IMG_0466IMG_0467IMG_0468 butterfly_black_silhouette




What is more visually interesting, the solid circle or the circle made from many circles?  Final_format2 Continuation occurs in the second example of the shapes.  Two triangles are formed. 2006-06-24-kanizsa-triangle decompiled (1) 2006-06-24-kanizsa-triangle 03113e2944e4c6e5d4043629d56d4afe 1093811245130778 1093811245130786 1093811245130796 1093811245130804 1093811245130845 1093811245130908 closure final-large Gestalt_ley_de_cierre Gestalt_ley_de_proximidad Gestalt_ley_de_semejanza simShape tcrbgpad-05 tavola gestalt tavola gestalt

Sphere Video Sphere Video on Vimeo

street_art_blu_5 street_art_blu_2 street_art_blu_1-In-Belgrad-Serbien SHOUT_2012_July_Update_07 noma-bar-1-24-copy Noma-Bar_Stalker-AW- Noma-Bar_Pensions Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-9 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-8 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-2 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-1 street_art_blu_31 street_art_blu_19 street_art_blu_15-friedrichshain-berlin street_art_blu_13-Berlin street_art_blu_12-street-gun street_art_blu_9 street_art_blu_6

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