Gestalt: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts


A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Major Areas of Gestalt Theory:


In an assortment of objects, the ones that are close to each other are perceived as a group.


Similarity can occur in the form of shape, color, dimension or other qualities.


When parts of a whole object are missing, our perception fills in the visual gap.


Objects are perceived as a continuous line that follows an established path.







Pricipios Gestalt


Project Details:

Each student will start with a solid shape.  It will be up to each student to create unique design, without losing the original shape.  How much can be taken away and still see the original design?  Is there a particular pattern or concept that will make the original image more interesting?  What if the butterfly is made up of many tiny shapes of caterpillars?  Below are some works in progress of student work.


Original Image


Original design is still perceived, but with new designs.

butterfly_black_silhouette holes







What is more visually interesting, the solid circle or the circle made from many circles?  Final_format2 Continuation occurs in the second example of the shapes.  Two triangles are formed. There are no actual triangles.   2006-06-24-kanizsa-triangle decompiled (1) 2006-06-24-kanizsa-triangle 03113e2944e4c6e5d4043629d56d4afe

Although the majority of the images is white circles, we first perceived the red circle because it stands out from the rest.  Emphasis is achieved with the change in color. 1093811245130778

Although the shapes and sizes are the same, we visually organize the circles into rows as the colors are the same. 1093811245130786

In this graphic, all the sizes, shapes and colors are the same.  We organize the columns together because of proximity to each other.  
10938112451307961093811245130845 1093811245130908 closure final-largeGestalt_ley_de_proximidadsimShape tcrbgpad-05

Sphere Video Sphere Video on Vimeo

noma-bar-1-24-copyNoma-Bar_Pensions Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-9 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-8 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-2 Noma-Bar_Negative-space_Final-1

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