Logo Design

Logo Design Project

The logo design project in an opportunity for each student to experiment with prior knowledge gained from the Notan and Gestalt assignments.  Use of positive/negative space is key for success.

Design Process

Each student will be creating a personal logo.  The logo design could either be based upon a fictitious company or simply a logo that fits the personality/characteristics of the student.

The Logo Project will be completed in the following steps:

  1. Each student will make a list of adjectives that describe themselves. List of 10-20 words.
  2. From the list of words, select the ones that best describe yourself.
  3. Map out on the list of adjectives and attach line styles, (quality of line connected with emotions/concepts).
  4. Six 2″x 2″ rough draft designs will be created on one sheet of paper. Pencil or pen is acceptable.
  5. Logo will consist of both a design and text.  The design may be created by the student’s initials, or a created design.
  6. The typography must be easy to read and designed.  See examples below.
  7. From the six rough drafts, a final will be selected and redrawn using black ink.  Final logo will be 3″x 3″  and completed using black ink.


Below are a small sample of ways text can be adjusted to communicate different messages.  Font choice, size, letter spacing, line weight, color, are all tools for design.

Font Choice makes  a difference on how the message is received.  Each student will design their own custom font with attention paid to both readability and design.  The “dreams” text is an example of how the style/design of the font will convey different messages, sometimes a message counter to the word used.



Logo Samples


    1. bodybuilding logo




Below is an example of the logo design process from start to finish:

Create a Logo Design from Start to Finish

In this logo design tutorial, we will go from the reception of a design brief through to finishing the project and delivering the final products to the client. We’ll start by interpreting the brief and roughing things out with pencil and paper, before moving on to develop the logo design in Illustrator, presenting to the client and acting on their feedback.


 Logo Design Pro Tips

Positive/Negative Space Logo Examples:


Brand Logos with hidden design:

brand logo

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