Graphic Project


Each student will create a graphic piece based upon a strong held belief on a substantial topic.

Steps for project:

  • Written proposal. Topics that may be addressed: political/social/spiritual issues. Topic must be something that provokes strong feelings/reactions in the artist. Although work can be provocative, it must stay within the realm of what is high school appropriate. If in doubt, share your idea with the teacher. Project/topic proposal (3/11) (5 points) Three thumbnails 3”x3” or 2”x3” 10 points (3/12) Select phrase or words to use in project Font/typography design 3/19 (5 points) Rough draft (10 points) 3/19 Final version (100 points) 3/26 Final version photographed and converted to high contrast/pure black and white. Design traced onto thick paper for stencil. Stencil used to create design on t-shirt.
    • pick the topic
    • once topic is selected, start connecting words and visuals with topic…similar to the graphing style of the program Inspiration
    • Goal of project is to convey a concept and leave it open for interpretation.  Please see the images below.  There isn’t a specific concrete answer to what the images/graphics mean.
    • Keep the acronym K.I.S.S in mind…keep it simple silly (in college it is keep it simple stupid, but this is high school).  Having too much information; text or images will unnecessarily complicate the project and message.
    • Yes, there should be a message
    • Images may be acquired from magazines, the Internet, newspapers.  Images need to be converted into pure black and white images…no value.  Trace the image using the tracing tables, selecting what will be white, and what will be black.  Please see the example below for a visual.
    • Text must be incorporated into the project.  It can be one word or a short phrase. Avoid having your words or phrase tell exactly what your message is. A play on words or alluding to the topic is recommended.
    •  Design the wording to convey your message.  Type is a design element; pay close attention to the styling in order to communicate the concept.  Use the links below to look up style ideas.  Type must be hand-drawn but ideas can come from actual fonts.  Stroke Font distorted destroy
    • Rubric: here
    • Questions each student must address regarding the project:
    • 1. Have you done anything special with the use of the art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)?
    • 2. What are some of the dominant shapes, expressive forms, color schemes, and textures that carry significance in this artwork?3. Is the work ordered/balanced? Or chaotic/disturbing? What makes for the order or chaos? Would you use words such as unity, variety, contrast, balance, movement, and rhythm to describe formal characteristics of this work?

      4. Describe the quality of execution and technique. What gives the work its uniqueness?

      5. Does the work evoke any feelings? To what do you ascribe your feeling— the use of colors, shapes, technique, theme?

      6. Is there symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?

      7. What is your general impression of the work? What did you want the viewer to think about? Did you successfully get your message across?

      Discuss if the work is a significant success, why or why not, and support your judgment with evidence.

    • 3-14-2013 9-21-05 AM
    • Original file.
    • Pure black and white.  Black areas will eventually be cut out for the creation of a stencil.  A t-shirt will be created from the stencil.


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