Value: Color

The purpose of the Color Value Assignment is to strengthen the understanding of value to create depth.


Start with the paper in portrait format.  Draw approximately 9 vertical lines that wave back and forth, but do not cross.   Once this is done, draw one horizontal line that waves across the middle of the paper.  See below for examples.

All the curved lines above the horizontal line will curve up.  All the curved lines below will curve down.  Once all the curves are completed, the middle horizontal line is to be erased.  After all the curves are done, they need to be traced in pen.



The sample below does not fulfil the assignment.  The color should be added/drawn in the direction that follows the original lines.  IMG_9785


The example below does not work as there is little to no variation in the value.  IMG_9786

The below project works fairly well to convey depth.IMG_9787


Below project:  Not enough contrast to create depth.IMG_9788


Below is an example of excellent work:  Great attention to detail. IMG_9789


Below:  Color is added in the wrong direction.IMG_9790


Below:  Strong project.  Creates depth.IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793

Below:  Colors are added incorrectly.  This will be explained in class.  IMG_9794 IMG_9795


Excellent work and use of color.  IMG_9796 IMG_9797


Project idea source:




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