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  1. Zak Meister

    So the Movie I decided to review for this is The Usual Suspects with Kevin Spacey and Benicio Del Toro and all those good actors. I really like how they pull a pul fiction on you and start the movie off with the end of the movie. It really helps build up the suspense, makes everyone want to know who the bad guy is. Also I noticed how they really focused on Kevin Spacey’s element of being a cripple or a “gimp”. It really throws off the viewer of the movie from discovering the “twist”. Aslo the lighting is really realistic, they refrain from using any odd colors or tones as some movies do such as gataca. However at some points it was too realistic and hard to see certain scenes like when Fenster dies, it’s really dark and I had a hard time telling who died at first. I found that obnoxious. I found that they killed all the main characters off in really insignificant ways, when it comes to the story line and the cinomatography synching to make a movie, that made it sloppy. Also there was poor character developement, which bugged me. there were some characters that could have been eliminated from the get go so that it would not bring the OCD out of me. I felt that the dialogue was clevarly thought out, I give that a 9. Oh one last thing I found a neussance in this movie was that to develope the plot they would just throw a whole new concept on your lap. One minute the inspector arrests Keenan or whatever his name is, then the next minute hes telling Kevin Spacey that Keenan has been dead for 2 years. I give the movie a 7, for dialogue, acting and filming. but the storyline was lacking.

  2. Matt Densing

    The movie i decided to watch is American History X. With knowledge of a few positive reviews from friends, and a curve stomp scene, I decided to pick this movie up from Blockbuster. I am currently a very happy camper, with my belly full of OJ and kettle corn, and my mind running with the visions of the magnificent movie I just watched. I thought it was a compelling story of the reality of equality, with applaudable performances by Edward Furlong and Norton. I enjoyed how it followed a long term plot and a short term, and that it did not take a brilliant mind to follow the movie. I believe this movie is also a great example of why people shouldn’t be hated for no apparent reason, even though the two main characters are of the Neo-Nazi street gang. I recommend this movie, and believe it delivers a powerful message and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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