Film Review #2

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  1. Karina Schink

    “Aw Jesus, man, that’s a goocher,” Vern proclaims as all four friends flip a tails side. Stand by Me is a film about four middle schoolers, trying to find a dead body they heard about from a group of high school boys.

    As the kids start out on their journey, it’s obvious that the high school boys are going to be trouble, and they are.

    Stand by me is packed with emotional scenes, funny ones, scary, and heartwarming ones. The acting is incredible, especially coming from four 12 year olds. The teenage rouges are also especially good actors, but it was one line, from main character, Gordie’s father, when he said “why can’t you have friends like your brothers.” That line killed me.

    The screenwriting is incredible, giving each character their own voice. It is not a mystery after seeing Stand by Me why my dad raves about it non stop. I fell in love with the characters and their story, even though from reading the back cover it didn’t seem to be much.

    In true 70’s film fashion, the most amazing aspect of the movie was the soundtrack. Laid over scenes of the boys walking, the teens playing chicken, the songs in the movie create the feeling of the scenes and the emotions behind the characters.

    With a simple plot, the director, actors, and writers were able to create a movie worth watching over and over again.

  2. Kevin Fickenscher

    All James Bond films are amazing. Casino Royale is no exception. This film was like any other James Bond flick: full of nonstop action and excitement. The action movie is my favorite type of movie since they are always fun to watch. Casino Royale is just another addition to the collection.

    What amazed me most about this film were the special effects. Whoever edited the effects (both visual and sound) needs to be given a lot of credit for their work. The explosions and gunshots were perfectly fit into the film. I really enjoyed the scene where Bond is trying to stop a villain from blowing up the new airplane at Miami International Airport. The part where Bond and the villain are driving down the runway toward the hangar where the new plane was being presented left me wondering what was going to happen. I knew that the stunts were going to be awesome. The director of the film really knew what he wanted to do, and he accomplished this successfully. Overall, the stunts and effects were by far the highest point in the film.

    Even though the storyline was somewhat hard to follow (like in every James Bond film), the film was still put together nicely. Who needs a detailed storyline when the film is meant to be nonstop action? The excitement never stops no matter what. So even though the film didn’t really have a well thought-out storyline, I would still give it a 9.5/10 for its nonstop action, effects, and stunts. This was one of the best films I have seen all year.

  3. Ben Anderson

    For my second film review, I decided to pick up “Stand by Me”. This movie is amazing. Im not going to tell you a summary of the movie, but its about a group of young boys, who set out on an adventure to find a dead body they heard of from some highschool boys in their town.
    The tale of their adventure draws you in to the characters and you grow a sense of love for them for thei own unique personalities. The surprising part of this film is the acting from the boys. Im sure its hard finding such young kids who are such fantastic actors. This skill is what draws the audience in so close to the boys.
    Im really glad I watched this film and I reccomend it to anyone who wants a great story about the struggles and growths of freindship.

  4. Merai Dandouch

    Silver Linings Playbook is a great film focused on the main character, Pat Solitano, who is accused of having mental breakdowns by letting his anger reach high levels. After Pat leaves the mental institution, the viewers will experience what life is like for those who have a trouble controlling themselves and being outcasted by society.
    This film won the grammy awards and is obviously an achieving movie but the plot is a rollercoaster ride, just like what it’s like for Pat and I believe in this way, we can relate to Pat’s behavior. The dialogue in this movie is out of context because of the characters anxiety wanting to know every little detail about everything. He is socially awkward just like his stalker/lover Tiffany. Although, they may not have the same diagnosis…they can relate to each other in every way. Both are lonely, just wanting someone to understand what they are going through. That they once used to be normal but life is just too chaotic to be “normal.”
    Pat is troubled by being “better” and the definition of it, he doesn’t know whether to help himself, his dad, his ex-wife or Tiffany.
    The theme of this movie is to appreciate what you have and be good to those who are good to you because if you chase something that isn’t there…doesn’t that make you a little crazy?

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