Gattaca Film Review

Please respond to the following prompts.
Using examples from the film, Gattaca, please respond to the use of:
• Lighting
• Composition
• Concept

What are the strengths of the film?
What are the weaknesses?
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  1. Ben Anderson

    Gattaca was a suprisingly good movie. When it was introduced to the class I wasnt thinking it was going to be of interest, but within the first 5 minutes I was hooked. I loved how all the scenes had a sepia like tint, which i found to make the film almost dreamy. I also enjoyed the story line, how it first introduced a day in the life of “Jerome”, and then showed his whole life story. I slowly became attached to Vincent, and almost intrigued by his bravery throughout the film, even for him being a “god child”. Over all I found Gattaca to be a very interesting film, that I can see myself watching again in the future.

  2. James Carling

    In filmmaking class we watched a movie called Gattaca. To me the concept of the movie was very interesting. to come up with a futureistic idea like that where everyone is ideal, takes a lot of thinking. The attention to detail was extraordinary!!! every little detail was perfect. The lighting also had a great part in the movie. they added tints, and the lighting really leaves an impact in your mind. it makes it so that the movie experience is even better than it would be.

  3. Jotham Nicolas

    When I first seen “Gattaca” my attention was foces on the movie. The strengths of the movie were the lighting. The lighting was good in the office when the light reflected off of the desks. The lighting kept the viewer attention and lit up the place. Another strength is the character acting because the really go into the person lives that they where. There was a lot of detail. The lighting also gave you the whole visual of the room and made you feel what the actor was feeling. The mood of the character also brought the movie to life. I would see “Gattaca”again in the future because it was an amazing movie

  4. Jordany

    Gattaca has very interesting shots, lighting, camera angles. A few lighting was a strong tint to some indoor shots, some color tint were blue, green, orangey color. the lighting even though most of the time it is not notice it gave the touch it needed. When Vincent is outside it is usually not very bright the movie is generally not a very brightly lit up, it has a warm tone to it.
    some of the camera shots were when Jerome, not vincent was in the middle of the room a lone. The camera looks down on him like his inferior and it looks at vincent coming down the stairs like his superios.
    the strenght to film are the warm tone to the film and it goes with the actors for most of the time they are calm and not very explosive.

  5. Jacob Lantiegne

    The movie Gattaca was one of the best movies I had seen in film class. The way the movie made you wonder what happened next kept me interested and had me watching till the end. This movie was very well planned out and I enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a little suspense and likes to think about what happens next. This movie would keep the people watching in the story and i think that is what makes a good movie it also did not feel like you were watching the movie because of how good the movie blends together.

  6. Spencer Davis

    Gattaca was an interesting movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. The visual aspects such as the lighting, shot set up, and color tone were exceptionally well done. Despite the futuristic setting of the movie, the plot and world within the story was extremely realistic rather than some cheesy sci-fi movies. I would recommend Gattaca to anyone who is looking for a great movie that they might not watch otherwise.
    Fist of all, the lighting throughout Gattaca is meticulously well placed so that each shot is a masterpiece. For the indoor shots, artificial celieng lights and lamps provide nice soft light, and daylight is well set up outside of the windows so that it is clear when it is night or day based on the light streaming inside the rooms. Outside light is also clearly contrasted with inside light by its warm amber color tone.
    Some shots that I particularly enjoyed were the dramatic close ups during the intro credits, the scene where Vincent had to cross the street without contacts, and the scene where Vincent and Irene watched the sunrise on all of the solar panels. The dramatic close ups were cool because they showed some things that weren’t necessarily clear as to what they were, but they seemed scientific and futuristic which set the mood for the beginning of the movie. Also, the accompanying loud sound effects for the small objects falling made the shots seem that much more intense. The street crossing scene was interesting because some shots took the first-person perspective of Vincent. Since Vincent didn’t have his contacts in, he couldn’t see very well, and the blurry shots with speeding cars flying past increased the intensity of that scene because the viewer gets a sense of what Vincent is feeling. The sunrise scene was interesting visually because probably nobody has watched the sunrise over a sea of solar panels/mirrors. Instead of simply seeing the sun rise or the reflection of the sunrise, the viewer gets to see hundreds of sunrises on the solar panels/mirrors which is cool.
    One other aspect of the movie which I found interesting was that when Vincent was running on the treadmill his heartbeat was extremely high and he had to use Jerome’s sitting heartbeat (why didn’t he use his own calm heartbeat?). That proves that Vincent wasn’t as well conditioned as they though he was so he could have died in space because he somewhat cheated the physical requirements.
    Gattaca was a well shot, well scripted, well produced movie that I very much enjoyed and recommend to others.

  7. Kekoa Barrios

    I, personally, enjoyed Gattaca the 1st time more than the 2nd which happens with most movies, but in this 2nd time watching Gattaca, I noticed a few different shots and lighting tricks as well as background effects and footage editing skills. I also see how these tricks capture the profound effects of the movie on the audience and gives off the feel of an alien world, that, although seems extra terrestrial, is also close to home. Also, there are the effects like that of an assembly line, with the idea of genetic engineering at the forefront of themes.

    First of all, the background setting was edited to appear more yellow than usual. This obviously is an after-filming effect, added to appeal to the senses of the viewer. This effect makes the world of Gattaca seem foreign to us. The movie, then tries to make the connection that the atmosphere of the movie being so odd, yet this may be a possible future, and is actually closer than we think. Also, the movie’s setting also helps to show the idea of genetic engineering. The whole premise of the movie is based off of a Rocket Ship heading into space. It is common knowledge that in order for a Rocket Ship to launch into space, plans need to go 99.99% perfect. This idea of refining the human race into the best they can be is embodied by the rocket station.

    Also, the background of the film showed such things such as the rows and rows of computer screens as well as background lights with were matched up in columns as well, all looking the same. This similar look gives off the idea of a world where people are engineered to look the same, as in they are engineered with the same genetic codes and genetic looks to all become the best. If everything is the best it is, then what is really the best? This might be more of a conceptual review than it is a film review kind of like an English paper, but that’s ok.

  8. Matt Densing

    Gattica was quite the eyecatching movie if ive ever seen one. It captivated my attention from the beginning to end, and its attention to detail was the bee’s knees. I loved how the director had reoccuring subject matter throughout the film, such as who can swim farther out to see. I really appreciated the twist at the end when Anton (detective) realized that Mr. Morrow was truely his sibling. I concur that Jude Law and Ethan Hawke could win awards for their incredible performances throughout the movie, and that Alan Arkin played the perfect detective. The similar endings to both Mr. morrow and Vincent really throttled my mind. It was a clever end , and couldnt have been more intruquite. All in all, I believe this was quite the stupendous film and will reccomend it for years to come.

  9. Andrew Marostica

    Gattaca was defently a great movie. it was by far better than raising arizona. the concept of this movie was really interesting to me. the fact that they had created technology that could make your child perfect was defently surprising and the fact that the main character was able to make it so that even though he wasnt born that way people thought that he was perfect by taking some blood samples from someone else. I would recomend this to anyone whos looking for a good movie to whatch

  10. Kevin Kunes

    I divide films into head and heart films. I don’t do this to generalize, but rather to simplify and categorize the way a story is told and (more importantly) why it is told. A heart film is about feeling something. It presents a relatable situation pushing the viewer into their own experience, applying old memories or old fantasies to the similar situation on the screen drawing a reaction. It is flavored remembering, or enhanced imagining. The movie submits to your understanding.

    Gattaca is a head film. It’s about solving problems. It presents a foreign, alien, or unfamiliar premise, pulling the viewer out of what they are used to and contaminating their lives with the questions and ideas presented in the film. It is a dramatized hypothetical, a situational argument. You submit to the movie’s understanding.

    No good film is entirely head or entirely heart. Gattaca had a love interest plot line, an emotional payoff, a sweet brotherly element, but I feel it was primarily a head film. It raised questions. It pulled you out of your world. The directors knew this when setting the scenes. The lighting was almost never natural. Always an eerie green glow. Even when out side, the whole world was a dusty dingy other worldly yellow.

    The sets followed a similar pattern. Chairs and desks were familiar enough, but they were always an odd shape, or in an odd pattern across the room. They almost made you want to reach in and rearrange things. Not straighten them, or clutter them necessarily, just change them.

    This is the point of the movie. Changing the given data to achieve the personal goals. Overcoming the obstacles of a foreign, inhuman world.

  11. Blake Gurrola

    Gattaca was a classic story of defiance and bravery with an original futuristic twist. The overall warmth throughout the movie created a false sense of safety when looking at Vincent’s life. From the start when the viewer first meets a man named Jerome only to find out minutes later that he is not who he says he is makes the movie very intriguing. The movie flowed very smoothly and was easy to follow throughout making it a fantastic watch. The strong dialogue and emotion in every scene along with the brilliant artificial lighting makes the movie even better. Overall i can easily say I will look back to this movie for reference and watch it again.

  12. Paul Tonnar

    Gattaca was visualy a very strong film. When it came to composure and lighting they had it set close to perfect. Every shot had lighting set up as if it was natural light. We saw it as that but it was really all set up to be “natural light”. They did a very good job at capturing this in the film. The lighting was very on-spot and correct. When it came to composure I feel like the film had an very abstract feel with everywhere they went. The desks in the film, the computers all had screensavers, everyone was wearing suits. It was composed to be viewed as perfect and it did look perfect. Some other examples of this can been seen in His house, the spiral stairs stood out to me and the vast empiness of the floor at times caught my attention. Even in the outside shots it seems like there was one focus with the shot. The concept of the film, I think was very good, They captured it well and the flashbacks helped in understanding his situation. It was very self explanitory and easy to understand. Their lines were all very direct and had alot of meaning. That’s the only thing that you had to pay attention too alot was the dialouge. Some of things they said were very crucial to understanding what was going on or going to happen. This film had manny strengths, but if I had to point out any weaknesses, I would have to say that some of the situations in the film lacked explanation. If I was a first time viewer I would be very confused about some of the things that happened, like the murder or what happened right before Vincent leaves for space with the pee test. Overall I thought that the film was spot-on and was a very good movie.

  13. Ian Beamer

    Gattaca was a movie that appeared to have a focus on how it looked, rather than how it sounded. The lighting of the movie made it seem like a future world that had an amber glowing sun and a blue-green interior that made scenes more emotional to the viewer. The way the movie was put together made it confusing at points, going from flashbacks to the “present” at certain scenes. It appeared to be a sketchy story that was rushed together, with the basic concepts of a PG-13 movie: a story, love interest, fighting scene, sex scene, and a climax that explains everything. The film had a flow of wording that made it seem more forced on the actors with one shot of perfect lighting to complete a single scene. Though the story had a sense of attachment to it, the movie seemed to be an experiment with artificial lighting, more than anything else.

  14. Logan Werre

    The movie Gattaca was very interesting through and through. The lighting in it made it thoroughly more entertaining. At the start of the movie, we see the so called Jerome. A little afterwards, he arrives at his desk and begins to type. After a bit of typing we see him get a vacuum like device and use it to clean his keyboard, but as he is doing this you notice the amber lights on certain part of the keyboard. It makes the viewer see the interesting lighting and how the room may be shaped. Also the way the movie was projected, with the different coloring of the outdoors, and the way lights projected an odd color, make it look good, even though were not used to seeing these colors in the world. The elaborate arrangement of objects in the movie also allowed the viewer to see what the director wanted them to see. In one shot, two people are talking, however instead of having a background with just the room they added silhouettes of people to fill in the space. This appeals to our eyes, making the movie easier to watch. The idea of a future where people are born and the government decides when they will die and how they will die is kind of strange. The idea in a movie is interesting, which is probably why I thought it was a good movie, but the one thing that made the movie a little weak was some of the unexplained things that happen. Like when we found out the officer guy is Vincent’s brother Anton, Anton knew Vincent was Vincent in the end, but when he saw him earlier in the movie, he had no idea it was him. So it just makes me wonder, why did he go through all the trouble if he knew who Vincent was? In conclusion the strengths outweighed the weaknesses, and I felt it was a really well thought out, and well made movie.

  15. Josh Rolon

    This was my first time watching the film Gattaca, and I enjoyed. I thought that the plot was unique and very interesting to say the least, and the lighting used in those shots created a setting that accompanied the plot perfectly. Although the plot could be interpreted as a dark one, the lighting made the scenes warm with an amber tint which in my opinion was contrary to the feeling that felt from the plot. The scenes consisted often of the main character who were focused on and the background was full of other people who were just walking around who appeared as shadows or blurred objects in the background. Gattaca was well done visually in my opinion, the combination of lighting, concept, and composition created scenes that provided the correct tone for the characters. In Gattaca, they were two types of people which were based on someone’s genetics; Valids were the ones with a perfect and most desirable pair of genes, while on the contrary invalids where the one who lacked the desired perfect jeans. As I have said before throughout the film, there was an amber tint which is a warm color that added to the composition of the scene. I think that the visuals is among Gattaca’s strong points, while on the other hand one weakness that I saw was the fact that perhaps all the detail that they put in the movie probably went unnoticed by many viewers. Overall, I enjoyed Gattaca, because of the plot and of the visuals.

  16. Karl Zablocki

    I’ve watched the second half of Gattaca before, but I had never taken the time to watch the first half or to watch it while consciously observing the effects that are used in it. The yellow and green hues used in the lighting helped to illustrate that while the planet is inhabited by humans, the world had changed drastically to the point that it would seem wholly alien to us. Often these lights are not juxtaposed with the main character, instead he often shown with natural lights to allow the audience to relate with the character as an actual human, as opposed to the cold nature of the “valids”. At other times (his childhood for example), however, he was strategically placed in the odd colored lights to show the antithesis of Vincent and the world, the haunting reminder that he did not fit in. The large amounts of space in dialogue and physical space give off the sense of a world where people are isolated routinely, especially those who were “de-gene-erates”. The very idea of a society that revolves around biological perfection is a chilling one, because we have been conditioned to believe that we are naturally imperfect and to make perfection as we know it “normal” is incomprehensible.

    What sets this movie apart from many of its contemporaries is its attention to detail. One could believe that each frame was masterfully handcrafted for perfection, that each light used had an intricate purpose in the story itself. The actors also did a good job, knowing that the attention to detail also meant that they needed to provide the subtle tone in their voices as well as the body language that was demanded of them. One aspect of the movie that could be seen as wanting is the lack of depth in the minor characters. However, I think this is somewhat of its numerous strengths. Instead of using the time to build the characters of others, we are left to our own inferences to guess what happened to other people (such as Vincent’s brother, since we are not told much about him aside from the fact he works in law enforcement). After careful inspection, Gattaca was an extremely well made movie that really should be acknowledged more than it usually is.

  17. Kevin Holst

    Gattaca tells the story of an inspired young man, who as a child, faced competition against his brother, as well as an inner struggle of his own physique and mental capacity. It was inspiring(repetition of words only increase its importance) to see Vincent grow from being outmatched by his brother in every way possible, save for intellectual ability, to beating him at their “chicken” game and ultimately saving him from certain death by drowning. The emotions displayed by Vincent throughout the movie by far out-shown the actual dialogue that was spoken by the characters. The intensity of inner conflict was especially outstanding when the real Gerome had to crawl up the stairs while only using his arms to move. The apocalyptic look to the lighting added a sense of acceptance at times when there was a suspenseful moment, and other times, it gave the air a determined feel.

    The way the movie was constructed, or composition, was extremely professional and insightful in multiple ways. The lack of speech and verbal connection that often outweighs the visual effects in other films was intriguing to see after watching so many movies not like this. Even though the dialogue didn’t play a major roll in the film, what they did say was heavy with inner conflict and pain. This seemed to add more importance to what they were saying, and so I think that the writers covered up their quantity with over the top quality.

    The lighting. What can I say about the lighting. That it was amazingly detailed and perfected to the last strand of hair. That it set the mood of the scene in ways that acting and words can’t describe. That when one views this film, they are overcome with the light’s sheer beauty and power. Those are just a few aspects that are contained within the vast spectrum of light that the editors used throughout this film. The one word that comes to mind to summarize the lighting effects used in Gattaca is simply amazing.

    When looking at the film as a whole, the actual concept of Gattaca seems like it could have taken a long time to formulate and perfect like it is. As I am speaking from a writers point of view, I will say that they probably started with the idea of a society where your best weapon was the genes that composed who you were. How the directors and writers came up with the compelling storyline that is Gattaca is a story by itself. The creators of this film probably spent late nights staring at a blank computer screen, trying to come up with the next plot in the story that was filled to the brim with excitement, controversy, pain, courage, dedication, inspiration, and motivation. I have never seen a more original idea than the one that forms the fantastic journey of Vincent in his very scientific world.

    The strengths of Gattaca far outweigh the weaknesses that it probably doesn’t have. It includes a riveting storyline with all types of emotion, plus physical and emotional pain and struggle. The lighting that encompasses the film has a rich golden feel, adding to the drama that is constantly happening. Gattaca was well constructed in all of the areas that I can see, including sequence and dialogue, which I think was the largest key component in the film. And finally, the success that came from a completely new and innovative society that looks kindly towards humans with superior genes. All in all, Gattaca is an inspiring composition of footage that captivates the imagination and encourages an enlightened sense of thinking.

  18. Tyler Bransfeld

    Gattaca was a good movie, a great movie, wonderfully done. That being said, it just felt empty. The entire film just seemed quiet and without life. Not to say that the acting was lacking, it was perfectly done, but perfectly bland. The audio work, though excellent, never reached loud screeching levels, even when people were being incinerated, cars were going by and a spaceship was taking off, the sound was really never that overdone. The tone made me feel like I was in a tight suit, restricted and barely able to move, and this certainly wasn’t helped by the hordes of well dressed, robot like people in most scenes. Uma Thurman(that’s her name, right?) sucked all of the emotion out of every scene she was in, leaving only a sterile wasteland of pretty frames. But on the topic of pretty frames, the lighting was at once very noticeable but quite natural looking, and by that I mean that it didn’t seem that there were yellow lights around every corner. The choice to use yellow tones, dark tones and whatnot for the majority of the film made you really pay attention during the parts of the film with normal lighting, letting the characters really develop during those times. In actually dark scenes, rare as they were, it almost felt bright because the lighting was more regular than normal with things looking like they actually should. The subdued mood created by the light played well into transitions as the entire film was so calm that moving from scene to scene was no problem., many of the scenes in the same sequences were so devoid of high detail that the different camera shots and angles blended together very well, and left everything of importance in attention, only in the introduction to the movie is there an actual level of detail tin the characters surroundings. Most of the shots focused on the characters and their pale expressions, leaving clean background shots that supported them beautifully. Landscape shots were rare and well appreciated when they occurred.
    The concept of the movie wasn’t readily apparent because of the finesse with which the plot was executed, but for all of the good acting, well executed plot devices and careful exposition, the story took second fiddle to the composition and lighting of the film. But on that note, I will add that the future of genetic testing was painted very believable and did not feel overdone as many sci-fi concepts are.

    Gattaca is a beautiful movie, and if you don’t mind a lack of constant excitement then you should definitely watch it, but don’t think that it will leave lasting impression.

  19. Norint Tung

    The film Gatacca was a very distinctive movie than most films that I have seen. The lighting of the film which was yellow, made the film feel like it was from a different time period; probably this was what the director wanted his viewers to think. If it was what he wanted than he was right on the spot. So the lighting was very important to the tone of the film. Also the green lights that were in the background of most of the scenes were nice and had a calming sensation.

    I could tell that the composition of this film must have took a long and rigorous time to complete because I could tell that from the screen shots of this film the objects were placed to give the scenes a unique setting. I didn’t really understand why the director would have put so much time into each little scene when a viewer wouldn’t really notice everything that was in the scene.

    The concept of the film was very interesting. For a film with very little dialogue, it was very entertaining and because of the concept of the film. It had a really strong plot and to my opinion it was easy to follow.

    The strengths of this film were that it had very great lighting and it had a very interesting concept. The weaknesses of this film was that it was not a very suspenseful movie until more towards the end, but it could have been because we had to watch the film in two parts. All in all this film was a fantastic one for its small amount of dialogue throughout the middle of the movie.

  20. Nick Alexander

    Gattaca is a great film with a well-written and unique story, wonderful acting and staging, and very much attention to detail. This movie, however good the story and the acting may be, it would certainly lose much of its power and immersion without the intensive attention to detail and the purposeful cinematography and lighting. Color, placement, and level of lighting are all minutely tweaked and arranged to give the film the maximum level of ambiance and aesthetics. The film often uses yellow filters on natural light, giving a very subtle dystopian vibe, and a sort of subdued feeling. Lights are carefully placed regarding shot composition to achieve balanced and aesthetically pleasing scenes, highlighting key objects, giving depth to a room, or simply to create an eye-catching frame. The concept of a future where the majority of people are born having all genetic defects weeded out, and the minority of people born naturally are shunned is a unique idea, and the the subtle dystopian feel gives a sense that this is not the best possible future, but certainly not the worst.

  21. Daisy Castañeda

    This was not the first time I have seen Gattaca, but I liked the film. I thought the concept of the film was interesting, how people were discriminated by their genetic make up and not by the color of there skin. It also rather brought a mini debate about nature vs. science (like is it ok to “play God”), and how in today’s world some things can be grown (like plants, or some people have lab babies) faster with out the need of “mother nature” or the need to let things be and live natural or be unique. Gattaca was a perfect world with perfect people. The film gave me a 1920’s vibe, I noticed they used classic cars. The way they dressed, their hair, how they spoke was modern but also had a 20’s style to it. The scene where they were at a nightclub reminded me of a speakeasy. When Irene said she was not good enough to go to space and the fact that she is a woman, reminded me of women’s role and status in society during the 20’s. Vincent and Irene’s relationship was like an integrated relationship in the 20-60’s. For some reason the acting reminded me of Gone with the Wind, I do not know why but it did. It was mostly the scenes with Vincent and Irene.
    Not only did I find the concept interesting but also the lighting. In almost all of the scenes, the lighting was very warm, also inviting. Especially in the scenes with the “Valid’ s” working or scenes showing their life style. It made almost seem glamorous, like in the nightclub scene. While when they showed a version of an “In-Valid” like Vincent his scenes (before he became a “Valid”) were very dark and almost uncomfortable. The colors in most of the scenes were exaggerated, for example, the sky was yellow. Also a lot of the lighting for the close ups looked like that soft light around the eyes used a lot in early classic back and white movies .What was supposed to be “natural” lighting coming into the rooms did not look very natural. The cars had green tinted lights they also looked neon. Nothing was “normal” or “perfect” in a “perfect” world with “perfect” people.
    You can really tell the creators of this film took a lot of time and effort in every scene of this film. Each scene has so much detail from the lighting to the composition. Every scene is layout and stylized specifically to the mood and the action in the shot. The architecture and design of the set seemed like they referred to the theme of the movie (like the spiral staircase, some people think looks like a DNA double helix). They had many objects in and out of focus, directing you eyes either toward or away from them. Every room had a clean contemporary style to it, which made it seem like nothing was rushed and even the busiest rooms (like the play Vincent worked) were not busy at all. It was simple. So over all it was a great film, it has an interesting concept, and creative lighting and style.

  22. Zach Dinkler

    Gattaca is a movie that focuses more on how it looks than how it sounds. The movie made use of a lot of a lot of different lights, and colors to make the movie visually appealing. The dialogue in the movie was fairly weak and wasn’t very interesting compared to movies like Raising Arizona.

  23. Jesus Pereda

    The movie Gattaca mainly focuses on the aspects of detail. In every scene they made sure all the lighting was perfectly set up to their expectations. Through out the entire movie you will see that the background was correctly colored with a tone, this was either done at the set or in some kind of after effects program. You recognize these details when you watch the movie around two or three times. The entire movie had a warm tone to it and was completely balanced. Overall this movie was one of the best when it comes to detail.

  24. Matt Wasden

    After watching Gattaca for the first time not knowing whether I’ll be thoroughly impressed or moved by this film, I must say that this film was very well done and I would give it 9 out of 10. This film had it all, from the excellent camera shots to the great lighting it always kept me interested for the entire hour and a half. It was a type of movie that I have never seen before and it opened my eyes to the different movie styles that are out there. I believe that if this movie was created today with the new technology, it would be a huge hit and it would be one of the movies most talked about like inception, transformers, etc.
    With every shot in the movie it could be paused and if one took a picture of that shot the movies attention to detail could make every single frame in the movie a piece of art.
    The plot was very thought out but I do believe that it could’ve gone on longer. Maybe go back and add more detail to some parts but it still was a very strong plot overall. I also liked how in every shot there was some sort of artificial lighting. Every single aspect of the film was controlled just like how every part of the characters life was controlled. Its kind of an interesting parallel between the two. i would recommend this film to anyone interested in a futuristic out of this world kind of movie.

  25. David Greig

    For my film review of Gattaca, I would rate it 8.5/10. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and found the overall theme and concept rather interesting. The concept of a world that is run by how good your genetics are was really fascinating. I found myself multiple times trying to figure out what Vincent had up his sleeve for each obstacle he faced. The lighting of the outside world made it seem very distant and ‘not of this world’. The film crew really paid close attention to the tint of the footage and the details in the background. This made the futuristic world a lot more believable and appealing.
    Taking all of the positive elements of Gattaca, there were a few things that the film could improve on. Being a movie made in 1997, the technology for special effects and editing was not like it is today. I believe that if the film were created with the technology we have nowadays, it would be even more engaging to its audience. In all, I believe that Gattaca really pushed the limits on detail and storyline film wise, and I definitely suggest that a remake of it should be made.

  26. Jonah Berger-Cahn

    Gattaca, a unique name to a unique film. Following an inferior, or “in-valid” man, as they are called, through his desperation to out do those specifically engineered to perform at the highest of levels. Our protagonist, Vincent is not exactly a likable person, yet Ethan Hawke manages to entice the audience into attachment with him any way. Due to Vincent’s genetic inferiority, he employs the help of a “valid” who has broken his back, to use his DNA as a means of bypassing discrimination now present regarding genetics, no longer race. The fine detail allows the film to encapsulate an atmosphere of a very exact, very precise society. The close up’s of mere dust simply add to this technique. The lighting in this film only adds to the precision so portrayed, it really focuses the attention on what is important, not allowing an bit of light to say shine on anything which doesn’t assist in progressing the story along. As for the composition, it creates almost a dream like essence, relating to the Utopia (or Dystopia) which the movie revolves around. The only real weakness present in this film was its mostly one dimensional characters, excluding Vincent. Only he really progresses through the course of the film. Him and Jerome, though Jerome really isn’t elaborated upon beyond that he had a crippling injury and wants out of life — this is a nutshell.

    All in all, Gattaca was a very solid film. One which was over looked at its release but may now find an audience to appreciate the devotion its creators put into it.

  27. Crystal Cardiel

    Gattaca, is quite a compelling film. The basis of the movie is how humanity can and will find any means to discriminate another human being. In this case it was by your genetics. However, the “invalid” man named Vincent shows that even when your DNA says you can not do something you can tell it to talk to the hand and do it.

    Some of the interesting aspects of this film is the lighting which is yellow it sets the tone of the movie. It seems to blend in while you are watching the movie but when you pause and look at it you wonder “why in the world is everything yellow?” The green headlights of the cars are very hard to ignore once you point it out but overall the lighting was amazing.

    The strengths of the film was by far the plot. The plot makes you vote for Vincent and hope he will get to live his dream. The weaknesses to my opinion would be the amount of talking sometimes. Most scenes the talk was interesting but occasionally I would find myself wondering when something cool was going to happen. Curse my short attention span. I would give this film a 8/10.

  28. Kevin Fickenscher

    When I watched Gattaca, I felt like I was being pulled into a whole different time period. The different use of lighting throughout the film made it as though it took place in the future. I could tell that each scene of the film must have taken a lot of time because of the placements of each colored light. The director must have wanted to make the movie so that his viewers would feel like they just walked through a time machine. I give the director credit for his good use of lighting, and I commend his distinctive mind for different colored lights throughout each scene.

    I knew that the composition of this film was used to create a unique setting and a set of creative scenes with each object placed specifically in a certain spot. But I always wonder why the director would spend so much time on placing different objects and having the camera shoot each scene with every little detail that some viewers may not even notice. It’s interesting, but weird. But I do have to say that the double helix DNA staircase gave that scene a great “look.” Overall, I once again give the director credit for putting his time into detail and looks to make an interesting film.

    This film has a very odd concept. I thought it was difficult to follow the plot line completely. It was interesting when I was able to follow the plot, but what is the deal with all the blood tests? People who entered Gattaca put their finger on a blood sampler when going to work. I never got why they had to do that. Also, the dialogue was weak and not very entertaining except in a few scenes. But I can see that the director was trying to focus more on the composition and lighting than just the concept. But the movie had a decent storyline overall.

    The film strengths? Definitely the lighting. Every bit of lighting and color was confidently placed into the film. The movie’s weakness was the use of dialogue. I did not think it was as entertaining as most of the other films that I have watched in my lifetime. All in all, I give this film a score of 10/10 for lighting, a 9/10 for composition, and a 5/10 for its concept. Even with little dialogue, the director was very open-minded for detail, and I give him an overall score of 9/10 for his creativity and imagination.

  29. Jordan markley

    When i was introduced to the movie gattaca i class, i thought it was going to be just another one of those old movies that i hate with a passion. But for the first time , even though the theme of the movie was the future, I loved it! The concept of this movie was life of humans being catagorized my their health and condition and DNA. The lighting in this movie just popped out at you amazingly.It seemed that the director used every chance he could get to display his lighting capabilities. the weakness of the movie was some parts of the movie where a little Exagerated and too unrealistic. Over all this movie was high on my list on the best movies i have seen. From a filming perspective it was a 9 out of 10!

  30. Aimee Ellis

    After watching Gattaca, I was very pleased. From the first few scenes and dialect between Vincent and his family, I thought the movie would be a typical sci-fi film with dry entertainment, but I was pleasantly surprised. The yellowish tint of lighting along with the contrast of color wheel opposites (yellow-orange with blue etc.) gave the overall setting a futuristic and innovative vibe, especially the scene with the refrigerator full of urine, as weird as that sounds. I would have to say the lighting was one of the strengths of the film because it depicted the setting and concept quite nicely. Although the plot dragged on a bit for me, it was very intricate and exemplary. The suspense around every corner, worrying if Vincent (or Jerome) would get caught put the audience on edge and pushed the limits. Because Vincent was one of the last “natural” babies, it made the viewer more susceptible to hope for him to succeed in his life-long dream to go to one of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The storyline of this was intricate, yet simple at the same time because once you understood the stunt Vincent was trying to pull, the rest was his difficult journey of being Jerome Marrow, and that, is what the weakness of this film was in my eyes. A few scenes could have been cut here or there and the plot would still be as compelling and understandable. As far the composition of the film go (shots and cuts), they were pretty basic yet suitable for the script and storyline. The shots were not as creative as, say, Neil Burger’s Limitless, but they got the job done. All and all, I would give Gattaca a 7.9/10 as it was a typical 106 minute sci-fi film, but had a compelling force that made it worth watching.

  31. Grace Moir

    Although I had previously watched the film Gattaca, watching it again in class with a more critical perspective of a film student, made me notice and appreciate the art direction in this film. The color palate gave the film a vintage feel and yet the story is futuristic. I thought it was an interesting combination of vintage and modern elements, such as the characters vintage wardrobe and the warm color palate vs. the futuristic architecture, and advanced technology. In this movie, more then most, each shot seemed to have almost a post card like quality with each composition being able to stand alone as a beautiful image. I think it is very well directed, and carefully planed to stimulate a feeling in the viewer of ominous, eerie beauty… which it certainly did.

  32. Will Randall

    I found Gattaca to be an exceptional film. The premise of the movie was very interesting and left me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Just the intensity of fact that he could get caught at any moment intrigued me. The were many times when he was on the verge of getting caught and in my mind i had a slight thought that he was going to get caught, he thought of ingenious way to hide the fact that he was playing the part of another person. Along with an exceptional plot line this movie showed exceptional filming techniques and very well light placement and distortion. At certain points in the movie there are small details that make a huge effect on how the movie looks. The different colored lights that they used added to the feel of the movie. The light placements made it feel a tad bit more realistic than a film that had windows but very dull lights that didnt represent the fact that natural light from the sun was lighting up the room. At certain points the lighting in the rooms realistically grazed the sides of the actors faces. The plot twist at the end also made me like the movie, how they lead you along (spoiler alert) thinking that his brother antone had nothing further to do with the movie, then at the end they expose him to be the brother of the person who is taking the place of the crippled man. With all this in mind I have to say that at first i thought it was going to be a boring and slow movie but it turned out to be a great example of a cinematic masterpiece.

  33. Maddy Cook

    I found the film Gattaca to be a very good film. To evaluate deeper however, I thought the lighting of the film gave it a more of a ‘futuristic’ feel, something that I believe is key to what made the movie what is is. The percise positioning of every shot and the sharp, clean sound effects (although they may seem unimportant) were what really made the film. The concept of the movie was, in my opinion, quite clever. It gave off the “1984” feel, something that, if done in the correct mannar, can feel almost haunting. The director of Gattaca nailed it. What is funny, though is that if one were to take away the percise shots, the sound effects and especially the composition and lighting of the movie, i do not think that i would feel the same way about the film. It would fall flat without those key elements. However, I believe Gattaca to be an overall facinating movie.

  34. Damien Masterson

    I love the movie Gattaca. I have seen it many times. The lighting was very unusual to me. It gave the movie a kind of dark and mysterious feeling which I think fits the movie very well. There are some certain points in the movie where I was kind of like, “Wait, what?” (Visual wise) But overall the movie is amazing. There isn’t a lot of dialog in the film which gave it a more suspenseful feeling throughout it. I would, if I could, give this movie a10 thumbs up. It’s fantastic.

  35. Veronica Lopez

    For watching Gattaca the first time, I thought it was an actually really good movie. At first when Mr.Crouch said it had to do with DNA and stuff, I personally thought it would be a little boring. But I was surprised to notice that I enjoyed the movie, I was constantly wondering what would happen next. The whole concept was entertaining and creative. I would have not thought of creating that plot with that much detail. It was nice how it showed how everything worked and how he had to poke his finger and the blood was not his. Details like that helped me understand the plot much better, especially when the scenes would be repeated throughout the film.

    The composition of the film was good as well. Combined with the lighting, scenes were simply astonishing. For example, the scene with rows of desks had great lighting coming from the windows and the rows of chairs added a stunning composition. Even in scenes where Vincent is just talking to someone at work the people and lighting in the background makes it beautiful. A lot of the scenes had a certain shade to it; the film was both yellow in the daytime and green in the evening. At first I believed that the yellow in the film would be too much for my eyes but it wasn’t, it was a very nice shade of yellow that appealed to my eyes. It was more of an amber tone.

    I could hardly think of any weaknesses to be honest. I only had questions about the ending. Like would Vincent be able to have a child of his own if he is constantly pretending to be someone else? Also at the end, the scene with Anton and Vincent. After Vincent beat him with swimming what happened after that? Do they still not talk or what? Those were some questions I had that I don’t know if they had been answered in the film and I missed it but they were still in my mind.

    The lighting was probably the best thing that went on in this film. Other than the creative plot the lighting and detail definitely made the film. The detail, like in the scene with the doctor, adds layers to the picture. People in the background and medical equipment don’t necessarily need to be there but it makes the shot so much better when it is. The lighting just set a nice tone to the movie, it always had that futuristic vibe. In almost every scene you can probably pause it and it will look like a well photographed picture. The lighting was the film and the people behind making the film did an excellent job. I would recommend this film to literally anyone except maybe little children because of some adult scenes. But this movie was very good and I’m thankful Mr.Crouch showed it to us. Gattaca was well scripted, lit, composed, and shot.

  36. Brad Shaw

    I surprisingly enjoyed the film Gattaca. I found the concept of the film very interesting. It was an exciting story of defiance and really caught my attention. The whole movie had a professional feel about it. The actors at some times felt cold towards each other, yet they performed their roles well. The lighting was professional, and to me gave off a warm feeling with all the orange and yellow tints. Also the lighting added shadows which really added to the effect of the shot. Another aspect of the film that stood out to me was the camera work. The shots which blurred out the background looked cool and original. Also the shot were Vincent is trying to cross the street without his contacts was interesting. It gave an unique first person view that I found appealing. Overall, the concept and the visual aspect really were the main strengths of the film. Its weaknesses were few, yet the acting at some times felt awkward to me. Gattaca was full of good camera work, excellent lighting, and a feeling of suspense throughout the whole movie. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

  37. Kent McLay

    After watching the movie Gattaca I completely changed my mind about details on a film.I used to think that lighting didn’t matter, thankfully this movie proved me wrong. The lighting and composition of this entire move was what made the movie worth watching. I found the entire concept of genetic engineering fascinating and somewhat un-nerving with how close we are to close to this advance in science. To be able to modify your child to be perfect, now thats a frightening concept. All in all i found the movie fascinating, and the lighting highly instructive.

  38. Deangelo

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this cauae I didn’t read all the comments, but has anyone noticed that the ataircase in Jerome’s houae resembles a DNA spira? There’s a few visuals in the movie that hint at the story plot. You just have to pay attention.

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