The script for the Gattaca project should focus on simple, concentrated dialogue.  Think about the pacing of the phrase between the Flight Director and Jerome when the Director said, “You keep your work station so clean, Jerome”

There should be slow, deliberate lines.  Please review some of the scenes of the film to match the styling. Allow for more silence than actual speaking. Body language, facial expressions, and pauses between back and forth conversation should create the mood of the scene.

The project will be filmed in class with the artificial lights.  Filming may occur off campus as long as artificial lighting is used to create dramatic lighting.  If this is the case, please speak with Mr. Crouch about your idea.

Regarding the visuals; plan on a lighting demonstration on Monday, 2/27.  To come prepared, plan the clothes to shoot using solid colors, preferably dark neutrals like black or grey.  The background will either be black, grey, or white. The lighting will be fairly dramatic with strong highlights and shadows.  Artificial lights will need to be used.  Set the correct color balance before filming.



  1. Kevin Kunes

    Jordany’s got some ideas to try. I’m a little worried about this ambitous project working.

  2. Veronica Lopez

    Here is the Gattaca Script.
    Gattaca Script:

    Nurse and Doctor are outside talking

    Nurse: Doctor, excuse me; there is a really sick patient that needs your help.
    Doctor: Okay, just give me a moment. I have to run some papers with the receptionist.
    Nurse: Okay I will check on the patient.

    Nurse walks into the room with files.

    Patient: (coughing)
    Nurse asks…: How are you feeling?
    Patient: Sick
    Nurse: Have you been feeling light-headed?
    Patient: I don’t think so, maybe from coughing.
    Nurse: Have you been taking any alcohol? Medication? Or do you have asthma?
    Patient: Nope, nope, and nope.
    Nurse: Hmm…Okay have you had any sexual intercourse in the past few weeks?
    Patient: (uncomfortably)….no

    Nurse doing multiple tests…
    Blood Pressure
    Ear and Eyes thingy…

    Nurse: (puts hand on patient’s head) Yep you just have a slight fever. But let me get the doctor.

    Nurse walks out…
    Patient waits…

    Doctor and Nurse talk outside

    Nurse: So I think he just has a minor case of the flu. He probably just didn’t take his flu shot.
    Doctor: (nods his head)
    Doctor walks in…

    Doctor: Hello Betty! How are you today?
    Patient: Not good.
    Doctor: So you don’t feel light-headed. And you don’t drink alcohol, take medication, or have asthma. And you haven’t had sex in a while. Right?
    Patient: Yeah…
    Doctor: How is your financial situation?
    Patient: Pretty good. (cough cough)
    Doctor: What insurance do you have?
    Patient: MediHealth
    Doctor: Hmm…Well I looked over your file and I’m afraid I have some bad news.
    Patient: Wait what!?
    Doctor: Well I’m not sure right now but we have to run some tests. And it might be a little bit expensive, like 1 million dollars.
    Patient: Excuse me?! But what?!!!
    Doctor: Well sorry! I just wanted to try and cure your Proxyglossariasis. Opps I wasn’t supposed to tell you yet, but you shouldn’t have pushed my buttons!
    Patient: What what is it!! Is it serious?
    Doctor: It is life threatening, thankfully we caught it just in time.
    Patient: But I overheard the nurse telling you it was just a flu!
    Doctor: You shouldn’t be listening to other people’s conversations! I’m the doctor she’s the nurse. And by the way, who went to 10 years of college? Yeah exactly…!
    Patient: Umm…uh (coughing) Sorry?
    Doctor: Make a appointment for next week, you’re going to need it!

    Doctor: (Walks out giggling…)

    Patient: (In shock, mumbling to herself) What am I going to do?

    Nurse: (Pretends to be working on something)
    Nurse: (Makes disapproving face)
    Nurse: (thinking to herself) Maybe I should tell the patient what is really going on…no! I will get fired…

  3. joseph danker

    Last Day.

    Shot 1: Glass of water obscures clock, man in bed can be seen in background
    *alarm goes off, mans hits sleep button*
    Shot 2: Facing bed and night stand

    *Man gets up from bed*
    Shot 3: Close up on mans face as he looks out the window
    Doctors Voice: Mr. Garrison….Mr. Garrison
    Shot 4: Doctors office same man sits looking out the window
    Doctor: Mr. Garrison did you hear me?
    Garrison: yeah, six weeks.
    Doctor: Im very sorry, theres just nothing we can do. Here take this pamphlet maybe it will help
    *Phamplet: “so youre dying?”*
    *garrison gets out of bed and walks into the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee*
    Shot: he sits down at a table, an oversized calendar can be seen over his shoulder, 5 weeks and 6 days worth of red crosses have been made”
    Garrison: *audible sigh*
    *Garrison gets up and goes to his room, he dresses in a suit*
    Shot: Close up on face as he tights a tie and looks at the mirror, a dress is seen crumpled in the floor*
    Mary: Look Im sorry Hal, its just…its just I cant do this. I cant be here to watch you die, its too much…Im sorry.
    Shot: Garrison walks out door and it slams behind him
    Shot: walking out of apartment down a sidewalk with headphones on, looking at the ground
    Shot: quick series of happy people doing stuff
    *Garrison walks into a coffee shop*
    *cute waitress walks up and beings chatting with him as she serves him*
    *Garrison never makes eye contact and looks down*
    *girl brings him coffee and hands him a napkin with her phone number on it*
    *Garrison looks up as she walks away, looks back down to napkin then looks out window*
    *leaves without coffee*
    *Garrison calls his mom and leaves message*
    Garrisson: Hey mom, its Hal. Just seeing how its going…call me back
    *Keeps walking down the street, buys a sandwich from a store*
    *walks away from store and sits on street curb*
    Shot: Garrison sits on the sidewalk eating his sandwich with headphones on looking out, looks down
    Shot: a group of ants craw around near his feet
    Shot: Garrison cracks a smile and drops a crumb to the ants and they walk off with it
    Shot: Garrison sitting on the curb from a afar, car drives past obscuring him

  4. Kevin, Tyler, Will, Jacob, Nick

    here is our gattaca script

    The Box

    1: Can anyone guess what I found today on the front porch?
    2: Do we really have to do this now? I know for a fact that the three of us need to get to work on our papers.
    (waits for 1’s response)
    1: Does he speak for all of you?
    3: Yeah. Sorry.
    (Short pause)
    4: I’ve got books to read and I don’t really want to go to bed at one am again.
    1: Just listen while you work. It couldn’t be that hard.
    3: What is this about?
    (Stares at group for a bit)
    1: As I am the first person to get back to the dorm after classes, I usually get whatever mail there is for us. I found this at the door, there was a note, it said not to open it until all members of this dorm were present.
    3: That’s weird…
    2: Who was it from?
    4: What is it?
    1: It didn’t say who it was from, do you think we should open it?
    2: I’ve got to see what’s in that box.
    4: We have to open it tonight.
    1: Fine, but how, I already tried to open this.
    2: I thought it said not to open.
    1: well what does that matter?
    ALL: …
    3: OK. Go for it.
    (2 attempts to open the box, but encounters difficulties)
    2: I can’t get it
    4: Can I try?
    (4 tries/fails)
    1: Wait, did you hear that?
    (watch as box starts beeping)
    4: Hey, look! I found where it opens!
    1: don’t open it! It might be a ….
    (4 opens the box)
    4: What? There’s nothing there.
    1: oh, … Hold on. There’s a flap on the bottom of it.
    (Doorbell rings)
    3: Hold on, I ordered pizza. I’ll be right back.
    (Walks over to the door and greets the pizza guy)
    (Box is open, there is a button)
    2: OK; let’s see what’s under there.
    4: what?
    All: …
    1: want to press it?
    (All nod)
    (They all press the button; all receive an invisible punch top the stomach. Pizza guy is perplexed.)
    3: What was that?
    4: It hurts people. That’s just creepy.
    Pizza guy: Hey, are you guys okay? What is that?
    (Pizza guy presses the button, falls over dead)
    2: what
    1: Well don’t just stand there! Bring him in here so we don’t get sent to prison.
    (2 and 4 pull the body inside, and 1 closes the door)
    3: OK. What just happened? Did we just kill that guy, because I’m not taking responsibility for his life.
    2: Hey, just calm down man. We’re not going to get in trouble for this. We just need to find a way to get rid of the body without anyone else seeing us.
    4: I’ve got it. All we need to do is carefully slide him out of the window and down onto the ground below. They’ll find him tomorrow morning and no one will be the wiser.
    3: No, that won’t work. The window’s too small; he won’t fit. Any other suggestions?
    1: We could just leave him outside the door. Nobody would think we did it.
    4: Yeah, that sounds good. I just want to get some sleep.
    (they make sure no one is outside, shove the body out. 4 goes to bed, hears “Ow” come from the main room. Groans)

  5. Kevin, Norint, Logan, Ian

    Gattaca Project Script
    A Game of Cards
    Characters: Benny, Robert, Jackson, Doyle
    Props: Deck of Cards, Monopoly Money, and poker chips

    -All actors are sitting at a table
    -Benny has an Ace of Clubs and a Queen of Clubs
    -Robert has a King of Diamonds and a Queen of Spades
    -Jackson has folded
    -Doyle has a Jack of Diamonds, and a Jack of Hearts
    -A King of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, a 10 of Clubs, and the last 2 Queens are on the table

    B: I bet $5000.
    R: I call.
    D: I go all in with $10000.
    B: Okay, $10000.
    R: Alright.
    J: Everyone is all in; we have 35000 in the pot.
    D: Full house with Queens and Jacks.
    R: Full house with Kings and Queens.
    D: Damn.
    B: Royal Flush.
    J: Benny won this round, Doyle and Robert have busted out.
    D: In the first round too.
    R: He must have cheated.
    J: I was the dealer, he couldn’t have cheated.
    B: I would have cheated with a pair of 2s if I wanted to cheat. You guys would’ve had unrelated cards.
    D: Damnit.
    J: All right, it’s between me and Benny. Benny deals.
    -Benny deals a pair of 2s to Jackson and a pair of Aces to himself.
    -They bet standard price until final card is put down. The cards are King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts
    B: It’s a Royal Flush…
    J: What the hell is going on?
    B: I have no idea.
    J: Let’s just lay down the cards.
    -They lay down the cards
    B: This can’t be right…
    J: These weren’t the cards I had…
    -Benny puts down a 7 of Clubs and a 2 of Diamonds
    -Jackson puts down a 6 of Spades and a Joker
    D&R: What the hell…
    Random person: And that is how magic tricks were created.

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