Second Semester Final



The final project:


This is your group’s opportunity to show off all that has been learned throughout the course.




  • Footage must be properly exposed. If shooting indoors, additional lighting must be used. Not doing so will create flat footage with a lot of digital noise. (10 points)
  • Original soundtrack.  Background music/score created in Garageband, Soundtrack Pro, or Audition. (20 points)
  • Script (10 points)
  • Storyboard (10 point)
  • Foley work for all possible sound effects. (10 points)
  • Sound effects used when needed for events not possible in class: punches, explosions, broken glass. (10 points)
  • All raw footage (10 points)
  • Animated title from After Effects with original sound. (10 points)
  •  Fade in from black, fade to black. (5 points)
  • Dutch Angle, tilt, pan. (5 points)
  • Video styling: color/contrast/tint. (10 points)
  • Audio: consistent volume, clear. (10 points)
  • Rough Draft: In class review (10 points)

The final project can have any theme, as long as it is high school appropriate.  Avoid overly violent themes, torture, references to drugs and sexual themes/euphemisms.


The final project will be assessed on the following:

  1. Creativity (50)
  2. Quality/attention to detail (40)
  3. Technical proficiency: Audio Quality, Video Quality (10)
  4. Final project total points possible: 180
  5. Total points including storyboard, rough draft, script

filmmaking rubric


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