Music Project

Music Project: Visual Interpretation

The Music Project is designed to allow each group an opportunity to visually interpret the song/music that has been selected.  Visuals should match the mood of the music. 

This may sound trivial, but listen to the song.  Listen with headphones on and close your eyes.  What do you imagine occurring in the song?  Where does it take place, what time of day, night.  Is it happy, sad, angry, intense, mellow?  How can these be visually translated?  

Plan out the shots:  Pacing of the shots should match the mood of the music. What is the story you will be telling? 

Use of color and color styling.  Again, should math the mood of the song. What type of camera movement, camera angles, wide-angle, zoomed in shots can you create to communicate the song’s story?  


Final version will contain: Fade in from black, production company logo, title, project, credits, fade to black


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