James Nachtwey: War Photographer


Using specific details from the film, War Photographer, please write your thoughts on the following:

  1. Personal response to the photographer, James Nachtwey.
  2. Personal response to Mr. Machtwey’s photographs.
  3. Citing the documentary, what were its strengths?
  4. Personal reaction to the film.

Post responses to this page after typing and reviewing/spellchecking using Word.

Responses due by: 5/12 10:00 pm



  1. Luke Stowell

    Wow. This is crazy. It’s weird to see such destruction and death so close and personal. To me it is very emotional because you’re not just looking at pictures you’re seeing behind the scenes and just straight up raw emotions and true reactions. To Mr. Nachtwey I would ask why do you always want to be in the middle of the most dangerous situations. In the video we saw someone get shot right next to you and you didn’t even flinch. It had outstanding visuals. Some of the things we saw you can’t find anywhere else. I think one weakness was that it was too dark and gloomy. It was always some type of sad conversation or picture so i wish it was more uplifting and happy. I really enjoyed the film for those crazy visuals and really salute Mr. Nachtwey cause he is one of the best war photographers out there.

  2. Keldon Schmitt

    James Nachtwey is truly an informer. He is there when other people don’t want to be, when others ignore he investigates and gets the pictures that we don’t want to see but need to see. Nachtwey’s photographs are raw and real, they are very depressing and dark, which makes sense because he photographs some of the most oppressive events in the world history. What really got to me was when he was documenting the killers that fled the country. Thousands of them died from a deadly sickness, I just think it’s really ironic how they killed thousands in hand to machete combat and now they are all dying days after the massacre from a silly little virus. The film was one of the hardest things to watch, it surprised me that there are so many terrible things that go on in this world. Without people like James Nechtwey we would never bat an eye lash towards it.

  3. Paul Tonnar

    The photographer was an interesting guy, I liked how he believes his photographs give voice to people with no voice because it really does in most of his situations and the ones these victims have been placed in by ill fortune. I “enjoyed” his photos not based on the subject matter but rather on his ability to portray such intense emotion and realization within his photos. They also happened to be shot at clever angles/ directions that only intensified this. The documentary was good in the fact that it showed what else was going on outside of the pictures which surprised me because there was quite a lot of action outside of some pictures that I thought else wise. Personally I thought the film was very good and captured the full picture of war and violence.

  4. Kaily Wolff

    I have a lot of respect for James Nachtwey. Going into the places that we only hear about and don’t encounter first hand takes a ton on bravery, confidence, and dedication. I thought that his photographs alone and not watching the movie on how he took each photograph was still amazing. His photographs show the world on first hand and not the Hollywood make of the situations. Yes, a Hollywood movie looks good and is very accurate to the real thing. And yes, it’s still horrifying. But still it doesn’t hit you till you actually see the real thing, without any editing, or special effects. To me the strengths in the movie were the poverty. Not the death upon thousands, but the simple but extraordinarily hard life of someone who doesn’t have running water or a roof over their heads. Only some cardboard that they use for their walls, roof, tables, and beds.

  5. James Liwanag

    To Mr. Nachtwey, your war photography is really amazing and shows the realities of war and how America is hidden from the realities. Your photography and passion for taking pictures shows how much you care to show the realities. The photos that were shown are not usual photos that would have been showed to the public. You explore the realties that are hidden and it creates an huge impact on how the public views war. The photos are really hard to look at, because of the horrible realties that war and corruption can make. Although the photographs were hard to look at it creates an impact to everyone, especially when seeing all the fatalities and near death situations. When you look at the photos you get a real sense of what’s being hidden beneath the war factors. You really get into that atmosphere when you see the photos that you wouldn’t expect. I have a lot of respect for James Nachtwey, he has a passion to show the unexpected and the harsh realties that are hidden from the public. Although his job is life threatening he still goes through to show the world what they are being blinded by.

  6. Alicia Martinez

    My reaction to the film was sad and insane how people can treat people like they are nothing. It’s insane how people just go around killing each other for no reason. I loved how the photographer captured the images. He showed the sadness of their loved ones dying or their house after an attack. He showed the war and his reaction to it. My response to James Nachtwey Is how could he do that? How could you stand there and watch killing going around. You didn’t show an ounce of affection. The only time you did was when the smoke was getting in your eyes. If it was me I wouldn’t be able to stand someone getting killed next to me. Although I love your photos. They show what is happening in other parts of the world.

  7. Maddy Offerman

    James Nachtwey is a very brave man to go into countries being destroyed by war and take photographs. I admire his ability to do that and not get overwhelmed by all the sadness around him. War photography is very important because it informs the public about what is going on around the world. His photos area very emotional and do an excellent job of showing the sadness that others experience. I liked that the film included interviews of people discussing James Nachtwey and his work. It really helped me see what a hard job it is to be a war photographer.

  8. Tavara Johnson

    I believe James Nachtwey is a very talented photographer. I liked the way he was very close to the action and was not afraid to be in the middle of it all. It also touched me when he tried to help the man who was getting beaten to death, it shows that he was a caring person and wasn’t just there for the pictures. His photographs were very real to me. He showed the hardships and the reality in the world. In the documentary one of the men filming spoke about Mr. Nachtwey and said that he was one of the few photographers that was in the action not just taking pictures from a nearby building. The strengths of the documentary would have to be closer to the end where Mr. Nachtweys photos were on display and he was talking about his journey for all of them. This film opened my eyes to all the poverty and violence in the world. I enjoyed his photographs.

  9. Carla Ruiz

    I don’t know what to think of James Nachtwey. He is truly amazing and a very strong person. I honestly don’t think I would be able to that job, being so close to those scenes, holding in his emotions, staying alive through the process and still producing great work that captures the time beautifully. I think his photographs are great because he captures the feelings of the victims and what is really going on. I think some strengths the film had was that it showed the scene and him taking the picture was showed how the picture happened and how it came out. My reaction to the video is that it was interesting but a little long and slow.

  10. Sean Anthony

    James Nachtwey is a very admirable man. It takes a very altruistic person to do the kind of work James does, yet he seems to go above and beyond. He seems like a very compassionate and genuine man, and I especially admire his willingness to get himself directly into often dangerous situations, specifically when he was begging the angry protestors not to kill the man they were abusing and tormenting. His photographs are very powerful, shocking, and upsetting, but beautiful. The one which stuck out to me the most was the photograph of two young men kneeling in the dirt in a cemetery crying on each other. I think the documentary did a good job with revealing insight to James’ personality, what his life is like, and how he takes his pictures by really capturing raw emotion and putting himself into the events, yet not going too far like it seems some war photographers do by actually rooting for someone to die for a dramatic shot. I also liked some of the filming angles, when the scenes were being shot from the point of view of James’ camera. In regards to my reaction to the film, I was very moved by it. I think it’s a great and imperative thing that people are educated on all of the universal human suffering in the world, especially since the world we live in is so different and upscale comparatively, and we are often ignorant of the problems other people face, and we also often deny it. However, it was very hard for me to comprehend and absorb all of the sorrow and pain of humanity. I can’t help but feel guilty and over privileged and selfish when I see these things, especially since I can’t do anything about it at this point in my life. I realize that it’s not my fault I wasn’t born into poverty just like it isn’t others faults for being born into it, but I still feel very infuriated and heavyhearted and helpless. It is because of movies and books like this which reveal life on the other side of the world which have inspired me to consider having a job or joining the Peace Corps to help others in need.

  11. Devin McCree

    James Nachtwey is a very strong individual, he has his goals set and knows what he is doing. He knows what he does is dangerous, but he does it anyways because he loves to do it, or he feels someone needs to photograph war. It’s amazing how he can isolate his emotions when he is in the field shooting, I’m not sure how he can numb himself to the horrors that he has seen. He is an amazing person.

    All his photographs are powerful, they are ever changing and very dynamic. Every single one tells a moving story, they reveal things regarding humanity that isn’t seen in first world countries. They are sometimes hard to look at but nonetheless they should be seen. People need to know what is going on in the world, even if it doesn’t involve them. The ways in which people live vary greatly and this is proven by his photographs.

    Simply put the documentary had no weaknesses. It was very strong all around. It did a great job of introducing James and telling the story of his life and what he does. It allows us normal people to see what he experiences when he travels to foreign countries photographing very harsh environments in which people live.

    The film was strong, gut wrenching, but at the same time opened a pathway into society I had not previously seen. It was moving and showed me what a war photographer actually does in the field.

  12. June Pederson

    James Nachtwey is a breath taking photographer because his photos show us what we need to see. not always what we want to see. I admire him greatly because he brings to light things american citizens are clueless about.
    Personally his photographs were grim but they were what we needed to see. they were graphic but it needed to be that way or else, no one would believe it.
    I feel the documentary needed more of his narration. it spent allot of time focusing on his friends perspective of him and not what he thought of himself and his job and life.it was personally to heavy for me to handle. it was super grim but you need to be in a state of mind like that to make a change. you have to see bad things in order to welcome new and good things.

  13. Cameron Karbum

    My initial thought was, oh this is just another film we have to watch in photography class. But this film was different, it hit me from a different direction. it was weird, instead of seeing the moments captured in an image you say them live and as they happened which definitely had a different effect on my emotions. The moments that really struck me in the film is when you see the children throwing the flowers to what appears to be lost family members or friends. That moment gave the film a very strong emotional effect on me and i think anyone watching it. James’s photography is very heart touching and a life changing but for me the film stood out more because you saw it as if you were there which had more of an impact. If i could say something to him is i would ask him why, why photograph death and destruction? I would also thank him for his bravery and his photos which help show and give us a perspective on how lucky we all are here in america and giving us the ability to see this horrors and in turn hopefully do something to help put them to an end.

  14. Elise Dosch

    The video was not what I expected. The photographer was in the center of the action.

  15. Andrew Miech

    The film war photographer, to me, was a realistic look at an exciting career. To me, his job looks very interesting, intense, and fun. He gets to travel the world with just himself and a camera. I imagine sometimes it can get lonely and depressing because of all the horrific things he sees. His photos are immaculate works of art because they highlight the harsh realities of the world around us. In America, most of us are sheltered and don’t realize the harsh reality that is the world around us. James has to stare death and despair daily while his camera gives him a passport right into the action.

  16. Elise Dosch

    The movie was not what i expected. The photographer was in the center of the action. It was crazy that he saw all the brutal war moments and was able to capture them through photography. the photogrphs with the small children were very hard to look at. Some of them were so skinny and looked like they were silently crying out for help. He is a great photographer and I love how he chose to make his photographs black and white. i feel like the black and white shows that the picture is a fragment of a real life event or scenerio.

  17. Felipe Moreno

    James nachtwey is unlike any photographer ive seen. He is a fearless when it comes to exposing the ugly things of the world. We cannot start to change the world unless we know whats going on and james nachtwey shows us whats happening in the world through photos. His pictures are not pleasant but make people rethink the world.

  18. McKenna Cole

    I was really surprised by how close up and intense Mr. Nachtwey got with the action. He was really inside the war just casually taking pictures while people were fighting and dying. I loved the pictures he was taking they were beautiful and so unique. They way he captured the pain and terror that the subjects were going through was so amazing! I love how most of his pictures were in black and white it added a simple look to the pictures were everyone looked almost the same, not separated by race. I really did enjoy the film it defiantly added to his pictures because you not only saw the people in the pictures but you see how much he went though to capture that picture. It adds more power behind the picture because you saw how much pain and suffering they were going through and how dangerous the situations were.

  19. Austin Hunt

    James Nachtwey did some things that I wasn’t expecting at first. First would be shooting film, when there were such lenses that were usually made for Full Frame SLR’s. Second would be how close he would be to the action. All of his photos told a story and showed true emotion. The strengths of the document were how a camera mounted on his camera showed the angle of how the pictures were being taken. I personally think it was a good documentary but showed that he invaded many people’s privacy, and show it to the rest of the world.

  20. Susy Vazquez

    James Nachtwey is a photographer who knows what he wants, and knows what he’s doing. Being a photographer at this time is very devastating in the way where humans just kill each other as easily as cutting a piece of cake. Seeing people cry over loved ones is really sad, but yet it makes the picture seem even more powerful than what it already is. This video really grabbed my attention; it was insane seeing the photographer being in this environment where there is war and he’s there taking pictures, capturing many details that the human eye may not be able to see at that moment.; especially since his pictures speak out louder than the person itself. You can see the pain in the eyes of the person crying in the photo, maybe not as much as she’s feeling; but enough to realize that she is going under a very difficult time in her life. James Nachtwey’s powerful photographs can change people’s lives and the way certain people view them.

  21. Nicolle Martin

    James Nachtwey is insane. So many parts in the film, I would’ve walked outside and cried. I wouldn’t of dared to do half of the things he witnessed and did. But, I am so happy we have people in the world who have the courage to do what he does. His photographs are heart wrenching, specifically the ones of children. Like in the film, when he was in Romania(I believe), at an orphanage. I had to keep looking away because that is our youth, our innocence that those children have lost. They’re in agony and it’s sad that the world actually has that happening. Or, the pictures he took when people were throwing bombs back and forth to each other and how close he got to them. It’s crazy. The film really helped show the danger he puts himself in. Like with the pictures shot near the bomb fight, he had to run to save himself, yet he STILL got the picture he desired. He knows what he wants, and he gets it. It also really showed me what is going on in the world, because I didn’t know all these children were suffering in orphanages, all these children had to lay flowers over piles of dead bodies, etc. So to be honest, people like me should thank him, for making me more aware of what hell hole our world is in, and inspiring me to try and help in the future. My personal reaction is speechless. I had to look away a lot because it was really intense and sad, but at the same time, I admire him for his ability to go out and do these things for a living.

  22. Michael Booth

    I have tremendous respect for war photographer James Nachtwey because not only does he witness extreme tragedies and violence, he puts himself in very dangerous situations to give people a voice that don’t have one. Many of Mr. Nachtweys photographs were difficult to look at and a few times I had to turn my head. Looking at these photos put my day to day problems into perspective. The film did a great job of showing how he works and why he does what he does. The film was very difficult to watch due to the gruesome photos but it is very important that we watched the film because it is so powerful and I will never forget the photos.

  23. Tori Okada

    Nachtwey is, to be blunt, admirable. I admire his way of being able to work no matter the circumstances he finds himself working in and not insulting anyone by keeping his distance. His photography was a reminder that the world is still a work in progress and more people need to realize this before things take a turn for the worse. The documentaries strengths are showing all his work whether society would accept it or not, allowing the whole truth to show, rather than a partial truth.

  24. kaleb kunes

    My personal opinion on James Nachtwey is brave and noble. It must be hard for him and his family for him to be gone for long periods of time. Also it must be hard for his family to know he almost always in danger. I believe that he is truly taken these photos of war to create awareness for the everyday person here in america, not for fame. His photographs are very powerful and almost instantly strikes you emotionally. It makes me want to help which is his main goal, to have people help. In his documentary what i found very strong as how he risk his well being for these pictures. He was hit by tear gas when taking photos right in the middle of the battle. I thought this film enlightened me about what is happening in some parts of the world. I was personally shocked on his true dedication to his photos and how he is able to take it in and not go crazy.

  25. rosie tufte

    James Nachtwey is a very interesting person. I’m not trying to say this in a bad way but he is different than most photographers in many ways. He was risking his life every day just to get these pictures for the world to see. Just to know that you can lose your life any moment is a very scary thing and I don’t think I can do what he did to get those pictures. His photos looked amazing!! They were very up close and personal with the people that were being affected during the war. His photos were very emotional in many different ways because you can basically see the civilians violent life that they are forced to live. I am still really trying to grasp everything that he has shown in his photos and the horrid things that human beings had done to others.

  26. Maddy Do-Linh

    James Nactwey is one insane man, but in a good way. He is courageous and thanks to him we have access to some of the greatest war photos to date. I personally like how hardworking and passionate about his job he is. He is willing to get up in the middle of the action and, unlike so many photographers/journalists, actually become a part of whatever he is working on.
    All of his photos convey a certain feel to it. The photographs of the people embody this emotion of pain and agony. It helps the viewer really connect to the photo. What I found really great was that he doesn’t “sugar coat” the photos. All of them are authentic and real.
    I liked how they got different perspectives from people all over the business to describe Nactwey. For example, the camera man; he said that most photographers shoot from a distance but Nactwey gets right up in the madness and becomes a part of it. I also enjoyed the dark room section. It showed how much effort it took to create a piece of art.
    Overall I found it to be a fascinating film. All of his photographs are intriguing and I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of what goes on behind the lens. Nactwey seems to be one of the hardest working photographers out there.

  27. Michael Booth

    it was good movie n i like it lotzzzzzzzzz

  28. Camden Mahoney

    I personally think that James Nachtwey is an extremely inspirational man. Not only because what he does has a goal of bringing awareness to injustices, but that he has such a passion for it, and is so devoted to it, that his life includes almost nothing else. It is inspirational to see an individual with such amazing drive for one pursuit. The photographs which he captured were not only extremely emotional, and often horrifying, but also eye-opening. The events which he captures are so distant and removed from our first world existence that we can almost pretend they aren’t happening, but when confronted with a photograph, we are forced to deal with the reality that these horrible things happen. He not only captures horrible genocides which sometimes break through in the media between celebrity gossip and political mudslinging, but the average everyday suffering that those who live in poverty have to deal with everyday. I think the documentary was very effective in showing the true nature of Mr. Nachtwey because whenever he wasn’t working alone in the field he was back in New York in his apartment by himself, showing the solitary nature of the man, which came as a result of having so much passion for something, which made him unable to really have time in his life for anything or anyone else, which was reinforced through the interviews with his former girlfriend. As a whole, this film made me really stop and think about the state of the world. It not only makes me thankful for all the things that I have, but makes me want to do something to end these horrible acts going on around the world. A lot of people would like to live in blissful ignorance of the suffering that takes place around the world daily, and pretend like genocide is something that only exists in history books. But James Nachtwey, and the documentary, really make it a reality, and help us to recognize the problem, and accept that it is an issue we cannot simply ignore.

  29. brandon chandler

    James Nachtwey is a strange man. he dose not just go out and take photos, he more lives the action in his heart and in reality and takes each photo to show his true devotion to his project of letting people know what is happening around the world. he is a man who is out there in harms way to gain the one perfect shot that just protrays the exact reaction he wanted weather that be a dead person on the ground that has been mauled by machetes or of a person who has lost a love one right in there face and they could not do anything to save them. he is a man who will put his feelings behind him and feel the pain of what other people are feeling. he is a man that wants to let other people know whats happening in the most tragic way possible cause life is tragic and u cant change it.

  30. Breanna Flinn

    I have a lot of respect for James Nachtwey for doing what he does. Being a war photographer, he has seen many terrible things. He always tries to help though the most he can, and documents important events in order to educate the masses on what is actually going on in the world. His photographs captivate me. The video was all about him, his experiences as a war photographer, and the raw powerful emotion behind his pieces. The strength behind the documentary was capturing the raw suffering of some of the other cultures. He is around so much death and destruction. In the video someone got shot right next to him! I respect him for being able to do what he does because it is an important job and someone has to do it.

  31. Christian Martinez

    I was really blown away when I saw what the photographer James Nachtwey did and the places he went to go take those pictures of people in war and those horrible scenes and dead bodies. He puts himself in a place where no one wants to be and what most people can’t stand because it’s too violent and just plain horrible. I thought that his photos where very interesting and they really had a strong message to whoever was looking at the pictures, not only were they really sad and raw but they show how not every place in the world is great and there still are some really bad places that need help. Some of the strengths of the documentary were the way he took the pictures and chose to show them, and how they were black and white rally adds more meaning to it and you can see the pain in it. I think this film was something else I didn’t expect it to be like that, it really shows what’s going on out in the world people don’t know about and is a chance for people to make a change and help them.

  32. Sophia Miller

    James Nachtwey helps people understand the reality of war. Before there were war photographers, people probably just imagined what war was like or read about it. I would say he is also very brave and has courage. I don’t think I could ever do what he does. Imagine going to a foreign country where you know no one (except your camera crew, other photographers, and news channels) and being “in” the middle of the war/violence/fighting/starvation/devastation take shots of people being in pain or suffering. James Nachtwey shows people what war is really like. Not just war but also starvation to devastation including violence. In my opinion, the strengths in the documentary are definitely the devastation wherever James went. He captures how people are starving to the point of death or how people are living without a roof above their head with no heater, air conditioner, clean water or no water at all, and even no food. The film was overall depressing (of course) but it did help me understand the reality of war more even though I have been learning about it my history class.

  33. Carleigh Cameron

    I found that James Nachtwey was almost immune to what he was photographing. Nachtwey seemed to not have any reaction to the grief and terror the people he was photographing go through everyday. I think that what he was able to capture with his camera and the angles he shot made the viewer feel like they were really there. The black and white and blurred backrounds made the main object of his photograph more than just a person in despair but a person living everyday not knowing if they would make it through the next. The women crying did not mind Nachtwey photographing at such a close angle where people in everyday American life would not be comfortable being photographed while crying. I felt the video did a very accurate representation of the war and the people. I thought that when they filmed the photographers photographing the war it really showed the reality of the danger the photographers were in. Personally I was surprised to see all the dead bodies and grief of the people and how recent this war really was.

  34. Arieanna Porter P.2

    I thought that war photographer was not as graphic as the book Inferno and I found that Machtwey was really reserved and it showed in this movie. I personally don’t care for war photographs because they tend to be very saddening, but I liked that we got to see how and where he took these pictures. I also liked that he captures the true emotions of the people who were affected by these wars and that he was able to share with the world the horrors of war. I thought that the video photographer speaking about when he films pieces of war was really interesting . This film felt really long b/c of the subject matter but it was something different and interesting.

  35. Julia Valdivia

    I feel that James Nachtwey is an extraordinary photographer and person. His images are filled with pain and sorrow but they also inspirational. They inspire you to want to do something in this world that will change lives for the better. Those photos that I saw made me feel as if I take life for granite and not appreciative for the blessings I have. In a way they gave me a new perspective on life which is to appreciate your loved ones, freedoms/rights and your own life.

  36. Michael Hampton

    I liked and disliked this movie. I liked the fact that it shows the realism in war not the romanticism of it. The black and white photos gave it a great theme nut the pictures are kind of shallow to me. It shows sadness but yeah war brings that we know what it looks like. I cant find any deeper meaning then the destruction of war. Maybe its just me and there is way more to it but that’s how I feel. I do like the style of these pictures and I love how the sadness is overwhelming.

  37. Kaelani Medina

    It seems as though James Nachtwey has filed away all of his emotions so that he can go to these zones of conflicts. He has given up almost all of his “personal life” to show these pictures to the people who cannot see the horrors first hand, I believe that his dedication to the cause cost him something greater than being physical safety. I personally think the pictures bring out a strong emotional response from me, and they were very strong images that told a story past what was seen on the picture. I think the strengths of the documentary were how it did not just focus on the photographer, but also a little on the people he was photographing. Another strength of the film is being able to see where he took the photos that were seen in his book. I thought the film was well done and it showcased some of the events James Nachtwey was in well, but it was strange to see such death and destruction in a real life documentary, because you know that when someone died or was dead, it was not special effects and makeup.

  38. Elianna Zambrano

    I think that James Nachtwey is a very inspirational, courageous person. The fact that he would put himself in danger just to get an image to show the world what is really going on all around them is honorable. My response to his images varies from shock, disbelief and sadness. There was a photo of his that showed a child in what looked like a crib, the child was around I would say maybe 9 or 10 and this child is just looking at the camera yelling in pain or in fear I don’t know, But that image really got to me because I love kids and it pains me to see that they are in so much pain, and the situation around them has truly left them hopeless. The strengths of this film were that it showed us that not everything in this world is perfect there is death and destruction away from our own perfect little bubbles. We may feel like we don’t have a lot but if we really look at what we have we all have so much more than others and should be grateful for the thing we do have and the sense of safety around most of us. For me this film really opened my eyes and showed me to focus on what I do have and not on what I don’t have.

  39. Marco Herrera

    My first impression of James Nachtwey was not a very good one. I first thought about how horrible this man and every other photographer were. As the film progressed I felt more and more horrified seeing this photographer photographing an old woman crying at the site of her destroyed home. I couldn’t comprehend how he could stand there neutral; looking as if there was no emotion in his face. Something gave me a change of heart though, James Nachtwey’s interview showed his true stance on war photography. He put his life on the line every day to get inside the perspective of the war in a way that only photos can show. He also mentioned how he is not in it for the money and the photo, but he knows that he is part of the war itself. Nachtwey is always standing next to people he is photographing shooting his camera like a gun of the rebels.

  40. Devan Peterson

    James Nachtwey shocked me with the way that he pursues his passion. It is unbelievable how comfortable he is with his camera in stressful situations. His photographs are very emotionally gripping and dramatic. You can see the pain in people when you look at them, his goals have been achieved. The photos that he took in Africa were especially powerful, because he truly captured the life slipping out of his subjects. I was very impressed with his work, and I never think that I will be capable of doing the types of things that he does. It would be hard not to try and help the people instead of just taking pictures of them, but yet the pictures are necessary too. I hope that I will get to see more of his work in the future.

  41. Claire Youngerman

    James Nachtwey is a very talented photographer, however I think that the work he is doing is really taking a toll on his personal life. Seeing all this misery and destruction for so long has to damage a person and for this man to get up close to the madness to take a photo is amazing. However his photos are truly amazing they really make people want to get up and change things. At least for me these photos made me cringe in a way that woke me up from this delusion I had of the outside world. The photo that especially amazed me was the one of the crying man. When you see a man break down and cry, truly everything has been taken away. Nachtwey had many strengths in his photos, I really enjoyed how these were not models posing for pictures but real people who have had their lives torn apart. I also really was amazed at what he captured without making the pictures gross and difficult to look at. His pictures said more than any article could. This video, while hard to watch, really opened my eyes. I always knew things were bad in other places but to see life so miserable was terrifying, but I definitely feel like it is something that everyone needs to see.

  42. Simon Christie

    This documentary is crazy. It is unimaginable that people are still committing such atrocities in the world today. America is so advanced that it is hard to believe that people are murdering each other in such large amounts, often times only with a few machetes or dull blades. The photographs that James Nachtwey captured illustrated the horrors in today’s world, and the fact that he was able to stand seeing the atrocities and help convey them to the public makes him one of the victim’s greatest allies and truest friends.

  43. Trevor O'Keefe

    James Nachtwey is a very skilled photographer. He has something that most photographers don’t, dedication to get the best photos he can, no matter where he has to go. I admire him greatly because he brings to light things American citizens are clueless about. His photographs were dark and gloomy but they were what we needed to see. America doesn’t get the full story and I feel like they are being told lies about what is actually happing over there. I thought the photos and the way he took the photos of the people were strong; Also the fact that all of the people that were in the photos allowed him to take them. I think he’ll make a difference in which people see the way third world countries are actually treated and the ways that they need help. I wish he could’ve helped them out more because it seemed messed up how he was taking pictures of the natives when he could be helping some of them out or even give them food/water. But on the bright side I’m impressed he’s doing this with knowing the dangers he is facing while he is in these third world countries.

  44. Caitlin Hurst

    The War Photographer was an extremely shocking film. I knew that horrible things do happen in the world and I have seen the reports journalists do about these atrocities, but I have never seen behind the scenes in this manner. It is absolutely amazing that James Nachtwey manages to keep a level head and stay calm when he is in such chaotic and emotional conditions. I think if I were in the middle of a war zone taking photos, I would not be able to stay calm, or if I were watching a family grieve in their destroyed town, I would not be able to control my emotions enough to do my job. The film really showed me how difficult it is to show the destruction around the world, and it showed just how important Nachtwey’s work is. If it weren’t for brave photojournalists taking photos on the front lines, the public wouldn’t know or have any emotional reaction to the horrors that people overseas face.

  45. Francisco Vega

    James Nachtwey is an amazing guy. He is courageous for diving into the action. He was in pepper gas smoke just to get his shots. He saw men lobbing grenades and he stood there like nothing was happenings. He ran with a man that the villagers were killing. He pleaded for the man’s life even though they could easily kill him. He has seen things that make men freeze up or faint. He has been through the craziest places and he didn’t even show any emotion or fear. He is an amazing righteous man because he is giving these people a voice, a voice that can be heard by millions of people. His photographs are amazing. They are sad because it always shows these people who are miserable, dead, poor, or about to die. They show the people who have to work for hours just to put little scrapes of food on the table. They show hatred and differences between people. His photos create a link to the viewer because they weren’t shot from the sidelines, but from the epicenter. They were shot right in the middle and his photos can prove that. The documentary was amazing. It showed him like the lone man that is willing and still alive to give the voice of those people. It shows how he has seen other people die in his dangerous work. It showed how close he was to his “models.” He made that human bond that lets a man take photos of you while you are crying because they know he wants to help. My reactions to this film were sadness, and amazement. This film shows so many sad scenes that I had to be sad. Even though he was trying to help it still mad me sad. But I also thought that it was amazing because he was in the middle of all the action and was never afraid. He said that every day he never leaves his shelter without fear but the people who survive are the ones that control it.

  46. Sam Beppler

    James Nachtwey is a peculiar man. Although timid seeming on the outside, he puts himself into war zones, surrounded by killing and chaos. By placing himself into these intense scenarios, he retains his calm demeanor and captures the horror he should be feeling and channels it into his work. He is a master of capturing from his own unique perspective. These perspectives give his work personality and touch you with the chaos from the moment. Personally, it’s still a shock to be exposed to the brutality of warfare. I thought the director did a great job at explaining how photos from war are captured. The camera placement was unique, dizzying, and made it feel extremely real, like I was there.

  47. Cassidy Bouchard

    I really thought the photographer is a very, strong photographer because the things he photographed are things that take a lot of courage to take pictures of things that can break you down, mentally and emotionally to watch. He took some really great pictures to show how hard other countries have it and how easy it makes our life look, I mean honestly, I’m sitting here typing a response to his pictures on my nice PC in an air conditioned class room, these people would die to be sitting where I am today. I definitely think the strengths of the movie was the clips of the people in such sadness crying and making faces as if they were dying and him just capturing pictures of it and showing how real his pictures are and they aren’t just posed pictures faking emotion to get peoples reacting to the picture. I personally didn’t enjoy watching he film because it made me really sad and I hate being sad, but it was a really well put together film and they knew how to catch peoples attention.

  48. Ben Newman

    I have tremendous respect for war photographer James Nachtwey because not only does he witness extreme tragedies and violence, he puts himself in very dangerous situations to give a voice to people that don’t have one. At first I was very skeptical about Mr. Nachtwey, I thought that he was rude for photographing a mom mourning the loss of her son, who had not survived his deployment in war, and that he wasn’t respecting her privacy. I later realized that the reason he photographed her so closely was because she let him because she knew his emotionally provoking photos would give her a voice. I realized that not only would I not know about the struggles of these people if he did not photograph them, the world would not know about their struggles. Looking at these photos put my day to day problems into perspective. After seeing the gruesome images of people shriveling and starving from lack of basic necessities such as food and water; I realized that I take these things for granted. I could not imagine not having access to food or water for long periods of time. It made me want to help these people, which I feel was the main goal of the film and the photographs. He did not take photos as a claim to fame, rather he took them to increase the awareness of people and make them want to help others who are less privileged than themselves.

  49. Katrina Hayek

    James Nachtwey is a brave man who had the courage to photograph such horrible things. I admire his bravery and actions. His images showed tons of emotion and destruction. They were emotional and hard to look at. In his photos, he wanted to show the emotion and reality of how it really was. I believe the documentary was strong overall. It showed his experience and it allowed us to see how it truly was. The documentary was strong, sad, full of emotion, but it gave us a different view of the world.

  50. Shelly Boyd

    He is an inspiring photographer, because he goes to places a normal photographer wouldn’t go. James comes off as a loving person and takes pride in his work. I think that is a good trait to have in any person especially a photographer. Because to be a photographer you have to be confident in your work. His photos really perpetuate the scenery of everywhere he goes. In the documentary, the strong parts are showing the places that he goes to take the pictures, and how detrimental those places really are. My personal reaction was, why isn’t anyone helping them? James goes there to take pictures, but why isn’t he helping? It was depressing to watch these people to live their lives like that.

  51. Delaney Warren

    James Nachtwey is an interesting person. I like that he’s very passionate about his work, especially since I’m a very passionate person myself. I think it’s wonderful and very courageous of him to put his life on the line to show the world what horrible things happen in war. There’s a funny thing about his photos. They show such disgusting, horrible things, yet I find them beautiful in the sense that they show us important things, and in the sense that the danger to the photographer taking them was so great. I think they’re beautiful because the photographer cares enough to risk his life for the world to see these photos. I think the documentary’s strengths were when they talked about why Mr. Nachtwey does what he does, when they talked about his personality, and when they showed what was going on as he was taking the photos. It is interesting to see a photo and then to see a video of what was happening while the photo was being taken. I think the film was fantastic. Yes, it was very depressing, but it was eye-opening. It showed us what humans are capable of doing, whether that was destroying each other or going to great lengths to show world conditions. I think everyone should see this film.

  52. Vicente Reyes

    James Nachtwey the war photographer is a very interesting man. I thought it was weird how he was able to look at the worse parts of this world like poverty, war torn cities, and even dead bodies and be totaled reserved. the german guy in the film was talking about how after a days work of seeing what they see everyone would need a couple beers but James did not. He would get up early in the morning to go photograph these terrible things by himself and it seemed as if he was always the closest to the action. I like the quote at the beginning of the movie that went something like if your pictures aren’t good enough your not close enough. by being this close to the action James was able to take very powerful, interesting, emotional pictures. he was part of what he was taking pictures of rather than just observing. I really liked the film. I thought it was very well done and very informative.

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