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Aaron Goodman

Robert Parke-Harrison

Mary Ellen Mark

Loretta Lux


Arthur Tress

Thesis: an unproved statement put forward
as a premise in an argument.

Antithesis: exact opposite; "his
theory is the antithesis of mine"

What defines who you are? Are these characteristics visual,
or internal, or both? Each student will need to determine what it is
that defines who they are. This will need to be done in visual terms.
At the conclusion of this, each student will need to post a thesis statement
declaring “I am…”

In contrast, an antithesis will need to be created. The
statement, “I am not…” will help prompt ideas for visual
representation of who or what the student isn’t.

Once having completed the creation of a list of "I
"I am not…" statements it is time to start creating visual
metaphors for the concepts behind thesis/antithesis.
Use of color, background, hair, clothes, settings, body language and
expression will help create the strength of the images.

For the Thesis/Antithesis project, you the student will
be declaring what you are, and what you are not through the creation
of 8 highly staged photographs. This will be hard, I am aware of
that, push yourself with your ideas and at the completion of the project,
you will be proud of your creation.


What are you? What are you not?

Follow these steps to CREATE your images. Be aware of and
incorporate the use of the Elements of Design. (Line, Shape, Color, Texture,
Space, Value).

Think in terms of contrast:



  The final 8 images are due on 10/2. The only alteration of the images in Photoshop is: levels, color adjustment,
cropping, or converting
to B&W. Shoot both images in the same format; both portrait or landscape
format. A lighting demo will be done in class using artificial light,
window light, bounced light, and a combination of artificial and natural
light. Go forth and create stunning images that provoke, inspire, create
questions, create answers, and ultimately, you are proud of, (I know it
is a a lot to ask).

The images below are
done by David Lachappelle, who is known for his outrageous pictures and
elaborate sets. I think he does a great job of photographing celebrities.


Loretta Lux. Images are shot and composited
against a painting, (usually done by the photographer) then slightly
manipulated to create a somewhat visually disturbing image.


Sandy Skoglund

Diane Arbus

Starn Twins



Robert Parke-Harrison



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