Element of Design: Color

Color is the focus of this assignment. The objects that you photograph need to have strong saturated color to fulfill the assignment. Shoot on a sunny day and before the sun starts to set.
Below is an example of a completed assignment. Regardless of what is photographed, (student choice) make sure it is photographed in an interesting manner, possibly a unique angle, and variation in composition/framing.

Each student will create three sets of images made up of three images each.  A total of 9 images will be shot of three different objects.

The main image will show the object as  a whole, the other two images are to be macro shots.

Make sure that all shots are in focus and properly exposed.  Put the images together in Photoshop using the template size of 8.5×11 or 11×8.5 @300 resolution.

Color is the dominant element of art in the following images

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