I am Foothill


In groups of three, you will make portraits of an assortment of students on campus, at lunch.  This assignment is designed to create portraits that represent Foothill.



The style and idea behind this assignment is the work of Martin Schoeller.  He is known for his close up portraits.  Schoeller shoots with two vertically placed strip lights placed close to his subjects.  This creates a distinct catch light in the model’s eyes.  Each group will be creating portraits in the same style, but on-location in the quad during lunch.  A sign up list will be available on Classroom.  It is expected that the group of three each shoot their own portraits, but work together.  It will take three people in regards to shooting the images, one person holding the diffusion panel and one person holding the background reflector.  Each student will take their turn with each job.  The group will turn in a total of three images; one final per group member.  Please shoot more than one image each, but pick the best one to edit and turn in.  The images will turned in with the photographers last name: LastF.jpg

National Portrait Gallery | Feature Photography

Martin Schoeller has exhibited his portraits internationally and has received numerous awards. His photographs have appeared in many prominent magazines, including the New Yorker, Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone. A native of Germany, Schoeller, who now lives and works in New York, honed his skills by working with Annie Leibovitz.



He recently started a project photographing the homeless of Los Angeles.

A Celebrity Portrait Artist Photographs L.A.’s Homeless

Martin Schoeller is perhaps best known for his celebrity portraiture-beautiful, tight portraits of well-known figures from Paris Hilton to Bill Clinton, images that provide intimate views of familiar faces. “Like most portrait photographers, I aim to record the instant the subject is not thinking about being photographed, striving to get beyond the practiced facial performance, reaching for something unplanned,” Schoeller told me.



(3/3) “This time of year always makes me sad because we met at Christmastime and fell in love that winter. He drove a yellow cab during the day, and if I ever called, he’d drop everything and drive to Westchester to see me. I have so many memories of his cab pulling up in a snowstorm.



It’s an honor to be asked to share this message about the transformative power of secrets at Litteraturhuset on December 1st. (Seats are no longer available).


Past Student work:

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