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Steps of the project:

  1. Select topic. (This is easily assigned, but often difficult to decide upon).
  2. Logistics and purpose. Determine how and why you will be addressing the selected topic. The topic should be powerful/controversial/lacking neutrality. Please take the opportunity with this project to powerfully and passionately share a topic. Without these two ingredients, it may be difficult to successfully complete the project . Selected topic and purpose needs to be written in detail and posted here to the foothillart blog by 2/10, (10:00 pm) 10 points

In your project proposal, please state why it is a worth topic, why you have selected the topic and its significance for you personally.

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  1. Kelly Dunne

    Imagine being burned alive, being beaten until you are unconscious single everyday, being chained down only able to move a small amount, not having your basic needs met, and never giving up your faith in the very person/people who have been doing these atrocities to you. In fact you could say you still love them unconditionally! That is what it is like for abused animals. Always being mistreated by the very people whom they have an eternal love for. Try to imagine that, just try to!

    I chose this topic because I am a animal person and help in the local shelters and have seen what abused animals are like and how much they have been damaged, and I literally could cry every time I see their sorrowful, despairing eyes. So I want to show others the pain that animals have gone through.

  2. Kelly Dunne

    Imagine being burned alive, being beaten until you are unconscious every single day, being chained down only able to move a small amount, not having your basic needs met, and never giving up your faith in the very person/people who have been doing these atrocities to you. In fact you could say you still love them unconditionally! That is what it is like for abused animals. Always being mistreated by the very people whom they have an eternal love for. Try to imagine that, just try to!

    I chose this topic because I am a animal person and help in the local shelters and have seen what abused animals are like and how much they have been damaged, and I literally could cry every time I see their sorrowful, despairing eyes. So I want to show others the pain that animals have gone through.

  3. Grant Sisemore

    Imagine being a Caucasian American citizen, and you do contracting work. You own your own business and work hard and make an honest living. Then one day, you get to bid a job, for a highly sought after employer, and you think you did a good job. You thought you were fair, and were polite. You wait for a response from the employer, and after a couple of weeks, you call that employer and they say you didn’t get the job. A couple weeks after that and you decide to drive by that job you bid. When you get there, you see a bunch of illegal immigrants doing sloppy work for a price that should be two times the quality of that work. You are so angry that you think about getting out of your truck, and want to pretend that you are an immigration control worker. You want to yell and scream at every one of them and ask them for their green card. This is the way that I feel whenever my dad ever gets a job denied to him, and given to a bunch of illegal aliens.
    Growing up, my dad has been thousands of jobs. He is a construction worker, and he owns his own company. He has been denied hundreds of jobs to illegal immigrants, and when he drives by that job, I can feel the anger building. Not only anger from him but anger from me, too. I can see the horrible work that they do. I always think: ” If they had hired my dad for that job, they would have been so much happier with his work.
    So, what is illegal immigration? In my opinion, illegal immigration is when a group of people, moving from one country to another, while doing so illegally. They haven’t gained citizenship, and don’t intend to. They don’t have a passport, and don’t intend to get one either They don’t have a green card and don’t intend to acquire one either.

  4. Matt Kindred

    It grows in the ground naturally, it has a litany of incredible medicinal capabilities and has the potential to save a crippled economy, yet it is illegal. Although it is legal for people who own proper qualifications, it is still illegal to the public and is demonized in today’s society by prohibition, nation wide smear campaigns,propaganda, and fictitious “facts” fabricated to mislead the public and cause more harm than what certain organizations and parties consider is “good.” I’m talking about Cannabis, or more specifically Cannabis Sativa/Indica, and am in favor of it’s legalization.

    Numerous websites, politicians, community leaders and school programs teach and mislead people, primarily children, with their so-called “facts” about Cannabis. These lies do nothing but harm those children and citizens by having a mentality of taboo for Cannabis forced on their perspectives. Because people look to such beguiling liers for information and guidance, they are easliy decieved without even knowing it. I will be reviewing Myths and Facts about Cannabis and it’s positive and negative effects which will argue it’s right for legalization, and how such legislation has the potential to save a crippled economy and promote a more cohesive American populace.

  5. Lauren Parrino

    There is an issue that occurs in almost every city in the world, everybody has either experienced or witnessed an event at one time or another. There are those who have felt its sting or carried its burning shame. Why does this person feel this way? Because they have a unique character or they dress with variation. Perhaps they have a poor sense of style or talk funny. Maybe they are awkward. Ugly. Stupid. Gross. Fat. Gothic. Homosexual. Weird. Abnormal. Challenged. Nerdy.

    They are different.

    Bullying, although a commonly widespread issue, can often go unseen. Occurring most among young people, it can start from middle school and high school, where outward appearances rule a person’s ability to judge fairly. People are teased and humiliated publicly and are scarred by physical violence. These people endure social mortification that brings tears to their eyes and such shame that the overwhelming sense of indignity drags them down to depression. Why should anyone have to feel this way? Social status, peer pressure, ignorance and a want of self-assurance are all factors of bullying. Really, though, there is no reason for it.

    Worse yet, it has increased over time instead of vice versa. In September 2010, four gay students, Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Billy Lucas, and Asher Brown, committed suicide due to gay-related harassment and bullying; ages eighteen, thirteen, fifteen and thirteen, respectively. All four deaths occurred within a three-week period. There is no excuse for bullying, it is a terrible mark of humanity and it is a wonder to me as to why it continues to this day.

    I chose this topic because I believe no one should have to undergo the cruel taunts of bullying. Having known the emotional pain myself, I have chosen the issue as my project and want to photograph the faces of those who have been victims of harassment, a so-called “Gallery of Faces”. The issue can be taken more seriously and personally if a familiar face is tied to the problem. Bullying should be a front campaign for the people of the world. Children need to be raised without the ignorance and disrespect for those who are “different”.

  6. Tejal Swami

    We are equal. We are one. Everyone is created the same. This is what we hear when it comes to politics and such. No matter how many times a person says this, is everyone one willing to follow it? The answer is no. It’s all about being a hypocrite. Even though segregation has been removed from our society, it hasn’t been abolished from people’s mind. Discrimination hasn’t been removed from people’s mind. The idea of judging someone by their color, race, religion, etc. is absolutely going against humanity. God made us all humans to be equal especially in the eyes of Him so it’s not right for anyone to counter that either.

    Racism is an issue today even though it might not be broadcasting everywhere on the media. It goes around school. When playing a game or a sport a specific child would be picked last because one wouldn’t like him. Why? Because of his background. I believe that a society can be formed only when there is different variety of things, people, etc., because having this brings up gaining something of more. It’s outrageous how one is not willing to accept another person.

    I chose this topic because in my opinion people shouldn’t be treated crudely for who they are and where they come from. Having a similar experience at a point in my life. This issue is more of a personal issue, what an individual goes through when they themselves have such experiences. Abandoning racism from one’s mind will definitely have a positive impact in the future. I consider each person should have the same respect as anyone else. One should not have a racist mind and should believe that everyone is equal. We are different yet we are the same. We are many people but we are one.

  7. Megan Pratt

    Everyday there are more and more people abusing their vital organs with smoke. Whether it’s cigarettes or any other drug, smoking is extremely harmful and addictive. One you’ve started, you can’t go back. And to think that it’s in people’s teen years that this terrible addiction is usually started. The earlier it begins, the worse the effects are. Smoking destroys your lungs. It can give you lung cancer and heart diseases. It can literally kill you, yet everyday people are smoking. Some people are idiotic enough to start smoking when they already know of it’s harmful effect. As for those who don’t know, they must be educated. Not only does cigarette smoke kill you, but it can kill the people around you as well. Many people die from second hand smoke. They develop the horrors the smoke brings on to your organs. Smoking also isolates you from society. In order to smoke, you must go into a secluded area and unless the people around you smoke as well, no one wants to be around a person with a cigarette. I have chosen this topic for my project because my mother and step dad both smoke. I absolutely hate it. I cannot tell you how many times I have told them that I would appreciate it if they would quit, but because of the nicotine they are incapable. It’s slowly killing them. My mom has already developed a lung disease that will make it harder and harder for her to breathe as she gets older. This really makes me angry because she never thought about the effects of cigarettes. Now I am bound to lose my mother earlier then if she had never smoked or quit. I never want children to have to go through what I have to go through with my mother. People look down on you if you smoke. I know that from experience with my mother. She always smells like smoke and there are often times when I don’t want to be around her because she is smoking. I have had other experiences with cigarettes as well. When I was in England, there was many places I could not enter because the smoke was just unbearable. I have asthma and I couldn’t breathe. I had the chance to see the stage the Beatles first played on, but I couldn’t go into the pub because the smell and lack of oxygen was horrible. This really disappointed me. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to smoke when it has all these harmful effects and other terrors. I will never smoke in my life and no one else should either.

  8. Devyn Webber

    Guns. Some may feel they are dangerous, and should be outlawed, but what would life be like without them? Guns are used for protection, entertainment, even a collector’s hobby. Many pedestrians own a gun for many reasons, one of these reasons, is protection. If you or your family’s life were in danger, wouldn’t you want something to protect yourself with that you know will work and could save your life? Or if you are on a camping trip in bear country and there is a bear in your campsite, wouldn’t you want the comfort of knowing that if anything were to go astray in that situation, that you could protect yourself and loved ones? Most would say yes. Another reason is for fun. A vast amount people love to go out duck hunting, or deer hunting, or even just to the range to go shooting, and some just appreciate the beauty of guns.

    Anti-gun activists may argue that they are dangerous and increase crime, yet what would the world be like without guns. Perhaps overpopulation of certain animals, more crime due to the amount of protection that would be lost, and the instinction of a hobby. Something important to millions of people, gone forever.

    This issue is very important to me, because I myself am a hunter, and enjoy shooting and the beauty of guns. My father owns many guns and we have been going out hunting since I was a little girl. My family hunts, and I have grown up in a world where guns are loved. Yes, they can be dangerous, but with the proper education, which is mandatory to have before firing such an item, they bring a smile to mine and many others faces. I believe that guns should not be outlawed, because as it is, there are laws and specifications to purchasing guns, and the world should not be punished for the few careless people breaking those laws.

  9. Andrew Livingston

    There are sick people in this country that can’t get the medicine that they need, because it is illegal, and that just not right. In California you can get a Cannabis card for your disease but it’s against the federal law. You won’t get in trouble under California law for using marijuana for medical reasons, but you can get in trouble by federal law. The government has placed Marijuana in the schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act which also lists heroin and LSD. Marijuana can’t cure disease, but it can help relieve pain and symptoms of other diseases. Marijuana helps patients suffering from cancer, HIV, Aids, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and chronic pain. I support the legalization of medical marijuana so that people who need it can get it without worrying about getting arrested.

  10. Natalie Wongwananurat

    Studies show that 4 out of 5 teen suicide attempts have been preceded by clear warning signs. Teen suicide is a very real problem in the United States. With many pressures and a variety emotional, social and family issues to confront, many teenagers find themselves having suicidal thoughts. They don’t know how to deal with their feelings and problems and are looking for someone to help them find assistance. Acknowledging these warning signs and seeking help for the problem, and offering support to a teenager who is working through his or her issues is very important, and can help prevent suicide. Teen suicide is a very real danger, and heeding the warning signs can truly save a life.

    I chose this topic because it is something I truly care about. It is something that teenagers should not have to go through on their own. When we first talked about this project, I was reading a book called Girl, Interrupted. If you didn’t know already, it is about this girl who was going through multiple personality disorder and depression. She was in a Mental hospital for these things. It was very inspiring to me. I just thought about how there is a Mental Hospital here in Ventura, and most people don’t even know it exists. Aurora Behavioral Health Care (Vista Del Mar). It’s where people go when they are either suffering from depression,schizophrenia,alcoholism, or hearing and seeing things. This place is not just for teenagers, but there are adults who are suffering the same things. These places are meant to help people get better, but sometimes it can make them worse. It’s a tragic, really. I chose this topic because it means a lot to me.

  11. Lydia Nagel

    Although it may seem that my chosen topic is only grounded in hate, I do have legitimate reasons for choosing it.
    Raves are supposed to be about music, dancing, and community. While it does feature these things, it also includes rampant drug abuse. The ideas of PLUR, peace, love, unity, and respect, which are so venerated at raves, are not upheld once the rave attendee stumbles out of the building.
    This is a ‘worthy’ topic because it involves many students at our school. I know numerous people who attend these horrific things. I’ve sat next to people in classes who have talk about how ‘hard they’re going to roll’, a reference to taking MDMA/Ecstasy, at the next rave. From my experiences, ravers can be some of the most rude and mean people, not at all peaceful, loving, or respectful.

  12. Morgen Peterson

    Should We Give Money to the Homeless

    Imagine living on the streets, sleeping on a park bench, pushing around a Vons shopping cart with raggedy items in it, not knowing what you are going to eat that day. Being homeless isn’t exactly what every little kid dreams of being when they are older or even in a month or so, but unfortunately for some, it is their bitter and filthy reality that they have created for themselves. We, as in the people who aren’t homeless, shouldn’t feel bad or cater to the homeless. It is the decisions that they have made that have gotten them to be homeless and they are suffering the consequences. Being homeless is an act of pure immaturity and surely no responsibility especially if it is someone acting to be homeless just to get the extra money. If we help them by giving them money we aren’t helping them in any way, some lessons are better taught the hard way and they will hopefully learn their lesson.

    Most homeless people have made their lives that way, not usually on purpose but from the bad choices or mistakes they have made. For instance; not graduating high school, not going to college, or even getting kicked out of their families. Some have mental disabilities and although I feel bad for these people many spend money on drugs and alcohol and not on what matters most like getting an education or trying to buy a small apartment for themselves or their families.

    Giving money to homeless people is not a good idea. One time my mom gave twenty dollars to a lady who had three little girls on her way into target and on the way out my mom passed by the lady and she didn’t even recognize my mom who gave her twenty dollars an hour before. Not only do they make enough money to buy their booze, they make so much money in a day that they probably wouldn’t even remember a person who had given them 100 dollars the day before. If you truly want to lend a hand to the homeless people, buy them food or ask them to give you a small grocery list and bring the food to them when you come out of the grocery store. That way you know that the money isn’t going towards alcohol and drugs. It’s a good way to help and it won’t hurt them to get some good food once in awhile.

  13. Kera Knight

    A time to relax is a time you’re at ease. You feel comfortable and safe wherever you are when you take time for yourself. Whether it be the beach, a nice park, or anywhere that is appealing to you. Now would you choose somewhere that looked unsafe? That made you feel like there was someone lurking around that might harm you? No. That is the effect that graphite has on areas that might once have been beautiful. These seemingly harmless marks change the aura of any place, landmark, or sights of once beautiful nature. Graphite gives off a vibe of danger, distress, and makes you feel uncomfortable. It just looks unkempt and not taken care of. This isn’t a place that people would want to visit. These markings can take something that was once a beautiful landmark and turn it into an abandoned wasteland.

    I chose this topic because I see this everywhere and it breaks my heart to see something that could have been beautiful covered in graphite just because a certain group wanted to prove a point or claim what’s “theirs”. I just think that it is so immoral and pointless to be doing something like that. I live at a beach and it has a wall separating the beach from the navy base. It has a gorgeous mural painted on it of sea life and sunshine. Then someone had to come and ruin it by painting graphite right in the center of it. I just think that is so careless of them to do such a thing.

  14. Michaela Fabiszak

    Our world is over polluted with waste and trash, and where does a lot of this trash end up? The beaches, if you go to the beach your sure to find cigarette buds, bottles broken glass, plastic, shoes, surf board remains, and so much more! You see those signs on the gutters that say all drains lead to ocean, but that doesn’t stop people from carelessly throwing there trash on the ground. Just think of all the waste and trash all the animals have to swim in. Americans buy an estimated 29.8 billion plastic water bottles every year. The earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles,and if an average water bottle is 10 inches long, it would take 157,772,736 bottles to wrap around the Earth!
    That’s why for my photo journalism project I chose to take pictures of the beach pollution. I want to try and make it more aware to the public that leaving your trash on the ground, even if it isn’t at the beach, just might end up there. Due to rain or other causes. Hopefully it will help with peoples carelessness to walk to the nearest trash can and spare the environment from pollution. People can be so careless, stopping beach pollution would be a major leap in environmental wellness. Hopefully this project will help take a step towards a cleaner beach.

  15. Eileen Miramontez

    The cool kids are doing it. It will make you feel good. You gotta try this. You have a medical condition, use this. Thoughtless words like these are herd everyday. But as many thrill-seeking teenagers pass these words a long, they never think of the lasting effects. Sure we all know that drugs and alcohol are “bad”, many can even argue that they are good. But please, as a daughter of two drug addicts, please inform me on how my life is “cool”. Because I quite frankly see nothing cool about it.

    My mom has begged me, to never ever experiment with drugs, or alcohol… not that I was ever interested. She has said her biggest regret is that she attempted to “be like everyone else”. Apparently, everyone else has, lost coustdy of 5 children, been shown small signs of schizophrenia, spent time in jail, and can’t hold a job and or able to support for them self.

    The main reason that I an 100% above the influence is because, I know for a fact that just as though you may find your self invincible, you are not. April 16th, 1996 my world crashed. My 26 year old father, found out he wasn’t a invincible as he thought he was… the thing he thought was cool, what made him feel good, what made his problems “go away”… turned on him. And left him dead. Leaving 2 small children to live a life without a father. Meaning, I don’t have someone to look up to, don’t have someone to be that role, and will never know what it is like to have that special father-daughter dance at my wedding. As well as I lost my mom too. By law, she is an unfit mother, who by an addiction to theses so called “cool” habits, leaves 5 children to go through life with out a mother.

    So I chose to live a life above the influence, So my life isn’t at risk, nor do I put my loved ones in time of heart breaking pain, to see me destroy their life. There are many many things that I do to have fun, with out being a slave of a drug or alcoholic beverage, without hurting my body, with out being under the influence.

    Above the influence is a topic that has been on my heart since the day a 3yr old lost her father, and even more the day a 9 yr old was locked in a bathroom because her mom was going through with drawls. My life is what God created it to be, and I plan make it into a picture. A picture to show others this is not the life you want. I picture that I can share, and potentially save people. A picture, that I will capture, and share the with the world, that life above the influence, is the best option. (:

  16. Sally Kiesow

    Paul DeBusschere, a fourth generation farmer, is married to Julie Morris, an Episcopal Priest. Julie helped start The Abundant Table at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI).

    The organization Join the Farm, started with a small group of people from CSUCI, who would get together, read the bible, pray, and sing. They would often time talk of ways they could potentially help make a difference in our community. That’s when the idea for a farm project came up. They believed that it is important to eat organically and local.

    They have five female interns: Erynn, Katerina, Sarah, Casey, and Cristy Rose. These powerful women live in the farm house, work the land, and connect farm work to food justice. They also work with local organizations on educating our community about accessibility to local healthy food. When I first heard about Join the Farm I was amazed. I found it inspiring that there are practically five young women running this farm. To see women break this traditional mold of what is considered to be “a woman’s job” and instead do hard physical labor is powerful and inspiring. My project is going to be spend a day on the farm, recording the daily life of the five hard working interns.

  17. Danielle Landry

    A group of teenagers are all hanging out at a park after school. One of them pulls out a cigarette and offers it to the others. Everyone accepts a cigarette, except for one of the teenagers. At first he denies the offer but soon is convinced to try one when his friends convince him that just one won’t hurt. As he takes his first puff of smoke in…he starts to cough at, but soon inhales and exhales more and more. A week later he tries another. This begins to becomes a daily routine and he is craving the sweet sensation more and more every day.

    Did you know that 80% of adults started smoking as teens? They didn’t realize that their “one time experiment” would consume their bodies one day. Anyone who tries a cigarette can become addicted almost instantly. Nicotine, which is found in cigarettes is just as addictive as heroin and cocaine; this makes it nearly impossible to quit.

    Continuous studies have and still are being made clearly stating the harsh effects of smoking. Commercials, billboards, magazines, television, movies, internet, books, have all shown us what smoking can do to our bodies. Yet countless people continue to smoke, majority of them are teens. Sadly these teenagers have not learned that we are not invincible and taking these sort of changes in life can end in serious sickness or death. 434,000 American teens die every year from smoking. Trying a cigarette once isn’t worth the outcome of death.

  18. Megan Lenington

    Death Penalty
    By law, a man cannot kill another man, no matter what the circumstances, it is illegal. However, to a selected few in the branch of law, we grant them the ability to kill another man without any repercussions. But isn’t murder, still murder?
    The experimental ways that we use to kill our people in the prisons, is an inhumane, and inefficient way of punishment.

    Lethal injection, electrocution, hanging, all still an experimental way of killing. Story after story is told about those who have been tortured after these mechanisms fail, leaving the death row victim in agony, while he or she waits for their imminent death. Not only that, but for those of us that are more frugal. It takes twice the amount of money for the state to kill a man, and then it does to house him for twenty to thirty years. Wasting our tax payer’s dollars. Our son, or brother, father, neighbor, could have the chance to live and learn his lesson after a mistake, instead of having his life taken from him in return. He could even have the chance, to have his innocence proven in the new time he has been given.

    It is time to stop the chain of murder in the United States, step up to the plate as a more advanced and civilized nation, and end the death penalty, who knows whose life you just saved.

  19. Yasmin Rivas

    Is Racism Okay?

    Racism, it’s supposed to be abolished yet everyone has been teased in one way or another because of the color of their skin. It shouldn’t matter whether were black, white, caramel, or even purple. It’s just the color of our skin and not what’s on the inside. People make racist comments towards each other, and don’t even realize it. People sometimes don’t notice they are doing it because they are just messing around and want to be funny. As a result of this, many kids go home sad and depressed which makes them do worse on their school work and fight with their family. In some fashions there are differences between races but it’s because of where they live or where they come from that has had those traditions or even the way they live their lives from day to day. These differences are taken to the extreme when people make racial comments and make it seem worse than its reality, almost like a stereotype. It’s not fair to stereotype a whole race because the majority of what someone knows about that specific race. For example saying that all white people are rich and live in big houses with “good” families isn’t even close to being true but people stereotype it to be that way.

    It genuinely irritates me when people look at me and see that I’m Latina and assume that I’m Mexican. I can tell that many of them judge me and stereotype me as “Mexican”. They think that since I look Mexican I can’t afford what they can and that I live with twenty other family members in a small house. I am Mexican, but I’m also Spanish which is part of the Hispanic race. It’s not fair to judge someone because of the way they look, much like it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover. It’s just the outside that people are seeing, but it’s the inside that matters. The only time a person is allowed to judge someone else is once they have gotten to know how the inside of that person really is.

  20. Gabby Trainor

    For my photojournalism project I have picked the topic of body image.

    In our society body image is very important and is very specific. The media portrays “beautiful” and “sexy” a certain way that, for the majority is very unrealistic. Because the media plays such an overwhelming role in our lives it is hard to ignore the message they are sending to everyone about body image.

    I believe body image has a detrimental affect to teens and young adults around my age. We are forced to see all these “beautiful” and “sexy” women in the media and then we look in the mirror at what an actual person looks like and are disappointed in what we see. This should not be happening.

    Everyone should love themselves and who they are no matter what they look like. Going on a diet to be healthy is perfectly fine, but going on a diet to look like “those girls” is when we need to stop and draw the line. Too many people are developing eating disorders that can severely damage their bodies.

    Everyone needs to accept who they are and know that they are loved and they are beautiful and sexy just the way they are.

  21. Sarah Noell

    Many people feel judged, and mistreated by religion. Many people feel abandoned by God. Why is it a world created by God, for God, has become a world of corrupt hatred?
    Countless people don’t understand what religion is about. They think we’re just washed down, cookie cutter people who are hypocritical. And yeah that’s true; we try to do the right thing and then we mess up. But the reality is we’re human, we mess up, we criticize, but that doesn’t mean that that’s how God will treat you. He knows everyone on this planet personally; He just hasn’t made a connection with each one yet.
    My goal with this project is to make people see how loving and forgiving our God can be, and to put to rest doubts and fears people have about Him.

  22. Jackie Duncan

    Homelessness is an issue that affects thousands of people across America and the world. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless. Homelessness generally starts as a result of economic stresses in society and reductions in the availability of affordable housing. Many people think the homeless bring misery upon themselves by being lazy, or irresponsible. But what many people don’t know is that homelessness can affect anyone. Stable families can fall victim to homelessness simply by loosing a monthly income. One-fourth to one-fifth of the homeless population in America, are made up of United States veterans.

    I selected this topic because, every city and community can relate to seeing homeless people or families at one time or another. I feel it is important that people become more aware of the homeless and those in need who are struggling to live in the same neighborhood or community.

  23. Kaia Perez

    Its important to express yourself through creativity because it defies you as and individual. Creativity is important to every individual and should never be taken away from anyone. With out Creativity the world would be a boring place because no one would have a personality. Creativity can be expressed through many things such as art, arts and crafts, photography, writing, cooking, music, and the way you dress. Art is a great was to express yourself because it sends a message without even talking. Music is a way to touch people and express your feeling through rhythms and rhymes, and influences people to be creative. Photography is away to capture creativity in a single shot, like art it can send a message without words. Writing is only fun to read if it’s creative. Through writing you express feeling and opinions. Cooking is a delicious way to express yourself, you can be creative and use art. Its fun to make new recipes that no one has ever made or tried before. The way you dress tells a lot about your personality and who you are, to me that’s how I really express myself through my clothes I love putting outfits together and showing people how creative I can be with what I were and how fashion can be an art. I know I could not live without being creative so why would anyone else want to live in a world with no creativity.

  24. Amelia Gomez

    I decided to address the topic of Religion in my photo journalism project. The decision to choose this topic came about from my own personal experience. However, I feel that religion is definitely a topic that troubles society’s teenagers. Almost everyone has been introduced to the concept of “God”, but almost everyone has questioned His existence and influence on the world. Pastors, Priest, Gurus, etc. have all told us about God. But lots of people feel that with all the destruction and damage in the world, how can God exist? And if he does, he probably hates the world.

    In this photo shoot, I want to show how God can be found everywhere. But I also intend on showing other religions such a Buddhism, Catholicism, and Christianity. I also want to confront the idea of why this world is falling to pieces and if God really does care.

  25. Aysen Tan

    You see them on street corners, layered in old coats, with their cardboard signs and shopping carts. You consider giving this person who has fallen on hard times some money. But wait, you already spent too much on your double chocolate espresso, new cellphone, and designer clothing. You hastily look away from their silent pleading and head off to your car. This saddening scenario occurs to most Americans and the large percent of them leave the homeless with contempt and an uncaring glance. Shouldn’t we, as 1st world citizens with an income, house, and car, be obliged to help a being in need?

    When I was a little toddler, my mom would take me with her while she went shopping at the old Vons on Telephone. As we were exiting the shopping center parking lot in our car, an old woman would always be sitting in the grass at the corner, throwing crumbs in front of her for birds to come and keep her company. My mom would give me a granola bar and a dollar bill to give to her, and on seeing her wrinkled smile, I would smile back as we drove away. That same woman is still there in that same spot today. Shouldn’t we be able to do something about it?

    Imagine being cast out on the streets like garbage, with no one to care for you. How would YOU feel spending endlessly cold nights huddled in blankets on the wet grass, dreaming of a new life only to wake up before dawn to make your rounds around the blue trashcans, searching for cans and plastics worth a meager five cents? Envision having to defer to others because of your inferior social status. Wouldn’t you want a better life?

    We have the power to bring these poor souls out of desperation.

    I chose the homeless as my topic because it is something that can be eradicated by the inhabitants of the world, but isn’t because of our greed and selfishness. My hope is that through my photojournalism, people can truly feel what the homeless feel daily, and to see them as fellow neighbors, not the lazy alcoholic and drug-addicted people perceive them as. In closing, the French playwright Moliere stated, “Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

  26. Chris Waechter

    We live in a society of clashing cultures. There are those that live in enormous mansions, and those on the streets. Those with a bountiful supply of food on their tables, and others with nothing at all. Those working jobs occasionally and making a high income, and others trying to support their family with all they have. Some people enjoy the luxury of buying whatever they want, sometimes showing it off to others they consider less fortunate. This elitist style is evident all over the world. In California, and in Ventura. Social class structure is what often defines one person from another. What they wear how they act, and where they live all are contributing factors that distinguish the wealthy from the poor.

    I chose the topic of social class structure because I believe it is something that affects every individual. It is something that is easily distinguishable in our society; from houses on the beach front, all the way to the avenue. This topic is not only controversial, but something to which people can to relate to.

    This topic affects me personally because I have seen both ends of the social class structure system. From staying with a friend in a 21 million dollar house for a few days, to experiencing what life is like in the strawberry fields, I have gained perspective on what life is like from both ends. I believe this project will dramatically show what life is like in two completely different situations.

  27. Elyse De Lara

    In America an epidemic is going on and it’s called Teen Pregnancy. More and more everyday teen girls are getting pregnant. The teen pregnancy statistics have sky rocketed just in the past 5 years. With more girls getting pregnant they tend to drop out of high school and even middle school. With shows and movies like Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant, and The Pregnancy Pack glamorize teen pregnancy. The shows are sending a message to young girls that, “Hey if you get pregnant at 16 you can become famous and have your own show. Yeah you may have some troubles along the way but in the end you will have fame.” That is not true for more than half of pregnant teens out there. These shows give girls false hope that their life will be easy. Teachers and parents are contemplating handing out condoms or birth control at school. They think if they hand out birth control that they are encouraging sex, but they are really trying to prevent pregnancy.
    I chose this topic because I feel like people need to be more aware of the dangers of teen pregnancy. I have known girls that have gotten pregnant and they had to mature so much in the little time they had. Lives can change because of one mistake.

  28. Lucas Holifield

    I was just five years old when my brother was born. I remember how excited I was to finally have a sibling–I had always wanted one. I even got to pick his name: Max, after the protagonist in Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”. As Max grew, and his brain developed, we began to notice that certain things seemed “off”. After various tests performed by an array of specialists, we received the diagnosis: my brother Max has autism.

    Max is now twelve, and although he can function mostly-normally, there are certain aspects of him that are far from what we consider to be “normal”. Most of his learning comes from the things he sees on television; the things that characters say, and the ways that they interact with each other are often mimicked by Max every day as he tries to make sense of the world around him. He cannot understand facial cues or tones of voice, and sees the world entire from his own perspective with no ability to empathize; for instance, when we were younger and he would hit me, I would get upset, and then he would cry because I was upset with him. He doesn’t understand that he caused me to be upset, only that I am now angry with him, which he doesn’t like.

    He is also very good with memorization. You can name any day, month, and year, and he can tell you what day of the week it was on, or will be on. He can go as far back as the 1800s. He also knows all of the states, their capitols, governors, populations, and most populous cities. When he is interested in a subject, his thirst for knowledge can never be quenched.

    In my photojournalism project I plan to do my best to encapsulate Max and his personality in my photos so as to better help others understand the way that he thinks, very much in the same way that he struggles to figure out the way we think every day of his life.

  29. Dylan Falls

    We were all told that smoking is bad from elementary school. They said that it WILL kill you if it gets out of hand and made us promise not to do things. I can say that my life is being lived happily without the harmful effects of nicotine and cigarettes but there are still people out there who say that they don’t have a problem or that it won’t affect them. But how many butts does it take until there’s is on a hospital bed. People may say, “Well I don’t smoke enough for it to be bad for me.” Smoking in general is bad for you and for some; they may realize a bit too late. It’s the grim reality but what’s even worse is that it’s preventable. In my photojournalism project, I will try to convey the realities of smoking and the horrors that some might face should they choose to.

  30. Lindsay Boyd

    For my photojournalism project I want to focus on the topic of anxiety disorders. In today’s society it is easy to succumb to the horrific effects of stress, and as one who has suffered from and is still struggling with a disorder, I know first hand how much of a dramatic toll it can take on your life.
    With 40 million American’s falling victim to different anxiety disorders last year, this is obviously a large problem in the United States, and can affect Ventura directly. With the high stress educational and social environment high school, and in particular, foothill facilitates it’s amazing that anxiety disorders aren’t a bigger issue.

    -Lindsay Boyd, Period 2

  31. Kayla Laguna

    “Damn she’s hot, check out that ass. She makes that miniskirt look like paradise.”

    “Oh my gosh, he’s got so much muscle. He has a six pack. Hottt!”

    Let’s take a look at men and women in the modern world. The media usually portrays women as being blonde, big breasted and skinny. Women are seen as girly, emotional and chatty. On the other hand, men are strong, tall and tough. Why does the world stereotype gender? Of course both sexes have many differences both physically and mentally and occasionally live up to certain stereotypes. However, a lot of people’s perception on the opposite sex is based on loads of television or false propaganda used to sell big brand clothing or other products. Honestly though a woman can be masculine and a man can be emotional. What’s wrong with a woman with a size A chest mowing the lawn? What’s wrong with a pale, lanky male in a pink polo shopping? Absolutely nothing.

    Both women and men come in ALL shapes and sizes. Without a range in pant sizes and personalities no one would be unique. Women don’t need to live up to their ultra feminine, pencil thin, blonde reputation and men don’t need to be muscular and tough. Both women and men should be able to freely express their emotions, style and flamboyant characteristics. Individuality from both sexes should be allowed and rewarded. Women and men are equal and can have similar interests. Women and men don’t need to fulfill common conceptions. Lastly women and men can have same sex relations. Women are free to ignore the images of Victoria Secret catalogs and men are entitled to have feelings and emotions. It’s the 21st century and it’s time to harness individuality and diminish traditional perception media has on both sexes.

  32. Alexa Sharp-Wiley

    Every person is entitled to certain fundamental rights, simply by the fact of being human. These are called “human rights” rather than a privilege (which can be taken away at someone’s whim) they are something no one can take away.
    They are “rights” because they are things you are allowed to be, to do or to have. These rights are there for your protection against people who might want to harm or hurt you. They are also there to help us get along with each other and live in peace.

    Many people know something about their rights. Generally they know they have the right to food and a safe place to stay. They know they have a right to be paid for the work they do. But there are many other rights.

    Even though there are 30 human rights why should we, the teens of Ventura, care? We get food and a safe place to stay, and don’t know anyone personally where rights like that don’t get enforced. Well we should care because we do have rights that get violated everyday. We get discriminated against, we are told what to believe and what not to believe, we get put down for expressing ourselves, our work is stolen, and people violate our privacy.

    So through photography I want to capture the right to privacy, copyright, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and don’t discriminate to help my peers understand that they can stop it if people are disregarding some of their human rights. I chose this topic because many people have disregarded these rights for me and I was taught not to let that happen, and I feel my peers should be informed as well.

    -Alexa Sharp
    Period 2

  33. Chris Dorsey

    Due to the condition of the economy, it is very hard to make enough money to provide for a family, especially in southern California. The truth is that statistically about 1.8 million people are homless in California because of the recession. These people aren’t your tipicall old man with a beard that looks scetchy on the side of the street, they are normal people who could be in your class or close friends to, it is hard to tell. luckily some poeple do help the homless.

  34. Maddie Keyes-Levine

    Religion is Public School
    Religion can be something that brings joy, provides strength, and offers comfort to people and I have no problem with that. However I think it should be left out of our schools. I do not hate religious people, but I do think that not separating it from school is obnoxious and unfair. There is separation of church and state and considering our schools are funded by the state should school also not be separate? I’m fine with people going to church and believing whatever they want, but I think that by having clubs like Habakkuk is a way for religious people to show that they are in fact religious. All the other clubs are for interest and hobbies: Cooking Club, Anime Club, Art Club, or to raise money for causes: Invisible Children, Foothill for Africa, but Habakkuk is centered around a whole entire belief that is supposed be kept separate from our schools. If they are religious it’s fine with me, but they should not feel the need to have a club at our state-funded public school.
    There is also the issue of events like the “pray around the flag-pole day”, which is very discourteous in that it is around the American flag, which represent the entire country, not all of which are even religious or may have a religion not centered around God. I know that they did not actually pray around our flagpole due to street and traffic issues, but they would of it they could of. Also, there are numerous other countries with Christianity as their religion and I think praying around the American flag can be seen as they think America is religiously ‘better’ or that God favors America. If they are going to pray, do not pray around our schools flagpole.
    There is also the matter of the Pledge of Allegiance, specifically the line that says “one nation, under God”. I’m not saying that the Pledge of Allegiance is awful, although pledging allegiance to a flag is slightly strange in my opinion, but God should definitely not by brought into it. Our nation is not one nation “under God”; it is a simple fact. America is supposed to be the ‘mixing pot’ of culture, yet we have this single religion specific phrase in our Pledge of Allegiance, a national pledge. I think that that the phrase “under God” should be removed, especially when said in our public schools.

  35. Brandon Shara

    Today the United States faces a new growing epidemic; a once minor problem that has grown over the years. This epidemic would be obesity. Obesity related deaths are now one of the biggest killers in the United States. Obesity has been spreading through every age group, every ethnicity, every state, and it needs to be dealt with.

    I chose this topic, because it is so blatant, yet most of us try to just ignore it and pass it off as a normal thing now. If people become aware of it, and learn hopefully we can stop this plague from killing our generation and future generations to come.

  36. Lauren Cacatian

    Mahatma Gandhi once stated, “We may never be strong enough to be entirely nonviolent in thought, word and deed. But we must keep nonviolence as our goal and make strong progress towards it.” Working away from violence seems like a reasonable goal to reach. If you lived in a totally different world. Violence exists everywhere on planet earth, and in ways we could never think possible. War, harassment, and even sports are forms of body contact that seem harmless. So when children see these things and interpret them as acceptable, what do we have to say to this? Sure, children are young and some are still learning moral values. But we need to teach them when they’re young, and there needs to be a set of rules from early on that violence that involves children is not acceptable. It’s something we see in movies, on television, even jokes are made. But like every other form of violence, it comes with a lot of pain to the victim. Emotional, physical, lifelong pain, and it needs to stop. Bullying must end.

    It happens at every school, in our own backyard, and it starts with one. It starts with one victim, but why him? He thinks to himself, “I have done nothing to ruin these other kids, I’ve tried to be the best person I can be…” It’s confusing, and the bully has many unjustifiable reasons behind his wrongdoing to the victim. Jealousy, rage, strength, and trauma are just some motives. When kids get physical with one-another, they tend not to realize their own strength. When they are done being physically abusive to one another, it leaves physical and emotional scars on that person that they have to live with for the rest of their lives. In television shows on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, countless movies and even books, the horror of being bullied is expressed through comedy. It seems like something we can relate to, but not as severe. In 2011, children and teens have many more reasons and ways to bully others. Being a gay, lesbian, or bisexual male or female is a large into bullying. Within this past year, harassment and bullying minors because of their orientation has grown rapidly. According to the AOL Health website, from September-October 2010 there were six teen suicides due to aggravation from other students for being gay. And now with social networking sites, cyber bullying is much more likely to happen now than physical bullying, which can be psychologically draining to the person.

    How much longer can America keep this up? When are we going to realize that there needs to be something done? When the “generation of the future” is harrassed and bullied, where does that leave “the future?” Adults, teachers, parents, and authoritative figures in society need to step up and take a stand. We need to make a difference. Violence, physical or not, is a crime. It costs lives, and no sane person will stand for that. This is a tragic and serious issue that has been the subject of controversy for many years, how many more years will it be before a change is made?

  37. Aaron Jeffery

    Every since the recession, the city of Ventura as had to cut back on millions in spending in order to keep a stimulating economy. Because of this, our city is continuing to live on its means. It may not seem like an issue that holds a massive impact on an individual, but our local economy is more important than some might think. Its what keeps this city moving and breathing. It affects almost everything that happens here. When our city has been forced to make budget cuts to its financial spending, thats where problems start to arise. For example, the city cant output money, which means programs like VUSD don’t get there usual city income, which then leads to cut back of school funds, which we have all heard and noticed multiple times, and for schools to lose spending, they may not be able to afford to pay teachers and so on and so forth. Its just a giant chain of events that can occur. Our local economy is what stimulates this city and affects everything that happens one way or another. As I said, this may not appear as a major issue to some, but it is important to us all, for when there are cut backs, it will affect us all somewhere down the line.

  38. Tyler Ortmann

    My photojournalism project is revolved around religion. In today’s society, religion is becoming a growing factor in both good and bad. The good part is that more and more people are joining a religion. The bad part is that a few of though people think its not okay to have religion at a school or other event.

    I choose this topic because it is very straight forward, religion has become a very controversial topic in our world, people don‘t know about it, or are just flat out confused about one. If people and groups become aware of religion and the rights that they have, I think the world become a better place to celebrate or observe the religion of your choice. And remember, The United States of America was found because of religious freedom from England.

  39. Emily Coe

    Beach Pollution.

    At least 267 species are affected worldwide by plastic pollution, including 86 percent of all sea turtle species, 44 percent of all sea bird species, and 43 percent of marine mammal species. Who causes this pollution? Humans. 80 percent of ocean pollution comes from a land source. Animals ingest this plastic, it causes them to suffocate, and they also can become tangled and trapped in it. The fact that so many people don’t know this or don’t care that they are killing innocent marine life is so devastating.

    The animals mistake pieces of plastic for food all the time but when they eat it, their bodies can’t digest it. Since they can’t digest it, it sits in their stomach which makes the animal feel full. Due to this, they stop eating their normal food which leads to malnutrition, starvation, and dehydration. The plastic pieces can also clog the animals airways, suffocating them. Animals can become tangled in plastic bags, six-pack rings, and fishing line. If they become trapped in it, it can impair their swimming, eating, and drinking capabilities which can eventually lead to their death.
    People don’t even think about the fact that when they throw their trash on the ground, it can eventually reach the ocean and hurt and/or kill the marine life. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people litter. There’s usually a trash can a few feet away but they are too lazy to get up and walk a few feet. Just walking a few feet could save lives of these animals.

    I chose this topic because it’s really important to me that people become aware of where their trash goes and how it affects the wonderful marine animals. I also love the beach and when I see trash on it, it takes away from the beauty of it.

  40. Vanessa Lopez

    The message portrayed through writing indicates that “all men are equal” yet actions speak louder than words and through the behaviors and actions displayed by people across the country, this statement is anything but the truth. Discrimination is still lurking around today. Innocent people play victim to numerous accounts of unfair and absurd accusations because of what only the eye can see. It is not fair that annually women get paid less than men even when they work the same jobs and for the same amount of time. It is not fair that a little African American boy will be called the N word more than several times before they graduate high school. It is not fair that if young men and women do not look identical to the people on billboards they’re self esteem is instantly plummeted down the drain. It is not fair that just because of a persons background, they will forever be labeled as a terrorist or alien. It is not fair that a child is told they can not succeed academically because of their race. It is not fair that everyday people are ridiculed and harassed because of reasons with no logical evidence.

    I chose this topic because the need for equality is apparent in a variety of places. This topic relates to me personally as well and throughout my experiences I have learned that people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their weight, or their learning capacity, or the color of their skin, or their sexuality, or even their gender. People should be treated with respect at all times and should be judged based on what they portray in their actions or what they value in their hearts not on characteristics only the eye can see.

  41. Vanessa Lopez

    The message portrayed through writing indicates that “all men are equal” yet actions speak louder than words and through the behaviors and actions displayed by people across the country, this statement is anything but the truth. Discrimination is still lurking around today. Innocent people play victim to numerous accounts of unfair and absurd accusations because of what only the eye can see. It is not fair that annually women get paid less than men even when they work the same jobs and for the same amount of time. It is not fair that a little African American boy will be called the N word more than several times before they graduate high school. It is not fair that if young men and women do not look identical to the people on billboards they’re self esteem is instantly plummeted down the drain. It is not fair that just because of a persons background, they will forever be labeled as a terrorist or alien. It is not fair that a child is told they can not succeed academically because of their race. It is not fair that everyday people are ridiculed and harassed because of reasons with no logical evidence.

    I chose this topic because the need for equality is apparent in a variety of places. This topic relates to me personally as well and throughout my experiences I have learned that people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their weight, or their learning capacity, or the color of their skin, or their sexuality, or even their gender. People should be treated with respect at all times and should be judged based on what they portray in their actions or what they value in their hearts not on characteristics only the eye can see. They say we are all equal and it is about time we start putting this vision into effect.

  42. Martin Montes

    Imagine having no home, living in the streets with little to no money. Imagine having to wake up hungry and cold. Imagine living outside, and the only warmth you have at night comes from the little clothes you own. Imagine having to migrate from place to place, looking for something to eat. “There are 1,815 adults and children who are homeless on a given day in Ventura County” states the Ventura County Homeless & Housing Coalition. It also states that “There are more than 200 children who are homeless on a given day in Ventura County” Homelessness is a serious issue in Ventura and people don’t spend enough time to try to get rid of this huge problem.

  43. Marisa Martinez

    Imagine being the only person of your kind, or being different from everybody else- to have to be shunned or ridiculed or even mocked at for being so. Racism is a very serious matter, and I find it hard to believe why people would be racist. I had just recently found out that most of my family on my dad’s side was racist, and it tore a whole in my heart. To think of all those people who get mocked, and treated like dirt because of the color of their skin, it gets me so mad, and I wish I could be everywhere at once to help those people out.
    I wish to do this topic because it is personal to me now, and I want to show everyone out there that, no matter your skin color, you’re still human. That people need to look within not on the exterior. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true, and people need to get it in their thick heads that if we didn’t have these types of problems, weather it be racism, or homelessness, we could all get along and work together more efficiently to get more things done in this world. We need to all get past our differences and work together in this world, because, believe it or not, we’re all we have, and when you’re alone somewhere, and all you have to comfort you is an African-American person to get you through something, they will help you, because we are all human, and we should always be willing to help one another.

  44. Noelle Garcia

    Negative social, family, and media pressure affects everyone, everyday. Each person has there own way of coping with these negative influences, from even the ones whom love us and whom we love the most. Girls and women alike have much more pressure put on them to look and act and be a specific way, than most males do. But, males are most certainly not excluded from these pressures. Some have the ability to ward off these negative thoughts, and ridiculously unachievable, unreal standards and only care about living up to their own standards. But sadly this is not so for all.

    Over this past decade, the statistics for anorexia nervousa and bulimia have sky rocketed. In fact anorexia is the 3rd most common chronic illness among adolescents.
    The worst part is that everyone seems to think that anorexia is just so easy to solve. They think that the person struggling with this is “stupid” or you get the common response “why the hell won’t they just eat?”

    This issue is very important to me because most people are ignorant to the real facts about anorexia nervousa. It is a mental disease, and diseases aren’t cured over night.
    I find this issue to be very important to me and I believe I need shed more light on this subject and hopefully make people realize anorexia is real and can not simply be solved be “eating a hamburger.”

  45. Matt Zinik

    They are easy to obtain and relatively cheap to buy. I am talking about drugs. All kinds of drugs. They not only destroy the human body but the ones around us and the people we love. Substance abuse of all kinds not only hardcore drugs leads to crime and violence. This is an ever-prevalent issue in American culture with the glorification of drugs and alcohol in society at large. People are getting involved and addicted to substances at an earlier age thus destroying the lives and future for children everywhere.

    In my family I have felt the effects of substance abuse and the stress it causes. I have also witnessed it almost tear families apart because the abuser will do anything to get their next fix. Teenage substance abuse can destroy friendships and isolate kids on both sides of the issue. For my project I will illustrate the dangers of substance abuse, the slippery slope they take you down and the effects it has on family friends and loved ones.

  46. Adam Braver

    Money is a valuable necessity for nearly all people to be able to survive and prosper in modern day society. When one does not have money, one cannot move on and succeed in his or her life. Without a sufficient amount of money, one cannot afford to feed one’s family or pay one’s bills or even keep up with one’s own health properly. Sadly, poverty has stricken many people now at days within the U.S.A. In Ventura County alone, there is about an 11% unemployment rate. Thus it has come to my my attention the lives of the homeless is a severe problem.

    Unlike people with stable jobs who can afford to live in apartments or houses as well as raise families, the homeless cannot. They simply do not have the opportunity for such things. For example, if you were to stroll down Main Street, you might notice a large number of people who are homeless. Some had jobs, others did not. They do not have the same luxuries that many other people can afford. Although there are homeless shelters available, many still live on the streets without any definite shelter. It has became more common for me to notice a homeless man or woman carrying a sign asking for any sort of money or food. Homelessness and poverty has become a serious problem, and it is my plan to exploit those problems through the use of photography to the general public.

  47. Ciana Iveson

    For my photojournalism project I would like to focus my attention on the teenagers in this day fighting depression. Everyday teenagers go home hating themselves because they let what their peers say get to them. People bully their classmates and don’t understand that the people that they push around could be left with these memories and if they think about them to much they can start believe the derogatory things people say to them. People hurt themselves because they feel like they aren’t as good as everyone else and they can’t compare. Teenage girls a easy targets for bulimia and anorexia in this day because of all of the media. People need to realize they are perfect the way they are and accept it but it is hard to do this when everyone else makes them believe they aren’t worthy of happiness. People have taken their lives due to excessive bullying and depression. Depression is a huge factor in a teenager’s life because they are more susceptible to believe the things they see on TV and the things people tell them. The truth is it is hard to cure depression, but it is totally possible. People who are depressed what they really need is a friend and someone that will be there to listen and be there to support them and lift them up. When people pick on an already depressed person they just feel worse about themselves people should watch what they tell people cause you never know how they will take it and whether they will take it to the extreme and take their life cause they don’t meet your standards.

  48. James Bull-Cecil

    Some people say money is the root of all evil, they cause it causes war, genocide, and an ever extended list of horrible things. While money can cause a lot of problems, sometimes an even greater problem is caused when there is a lack of it. A lot of people, even in our small town, are homeless. They have no where to sleep except for the streets. You walk down our mainstreet and you get a feeling of this, homeless men and women forced to sleep in parks in the freezing cold, it’s horrible.

    My photojournalism project is on the topic of homelessness. I have seen coutless people suffering to this plague of suffering, and if people are un sure of its severity, it’s on our very streets tearing apart lives as we sit here. It really is a dreadful thing.

  49. Keith Filegar

    It is a substance that is considered illegal, heinous, and immoral; and those people who indulge themselves, either for leisure or for medicine, are chastised for what should not be illegal. Cannabis has always been utilized by humanity, whether it was a cure for nausea and headaches or hemp fibers used in anything from rope to clothing, Cannabis is and has been an important tool for humanity.
    Cannabis became illegal in the United States for reasons of greed and racism, but since then there has been a growing culture of Cannabis smokers from all ethnicities, cultures, and economic backgrounds. People who use Cannabis are labeled “stoners” and are looked down upon for being lazy and non-functioning members of society; yet people fail to realize that some “stoners” manage to be quite successful members of society. To name a few famous stoners: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Kevin Smith, and Seth Rogen.
    In my project I plan on showing the positive side of the cannabis using community and how they are not the underbelly of society that they have been assigned the label of.

  50. James Bull-Cecil

    Some people say money is the root of all evil, they cause it causes war, genocide, and an ever extended list of horrible things. While money can cause a lot of problems, sometimes an even greater problem is caused when there is a lack of it. A lot of people, even in our small town, are homeless. They have no where to sleep except for the streets. You walk down our mainstreet and you get a feeling of this, homeless men and women forced to sleep in parks in the freezing cold. It’s horrible.

    My photojournalism project is on the topic of homelessness. I have seen coutless people suffering to this plague of suffering, and if people are un sure of its severity, it’s on our very streets tearing apart lives as we sit here. It really is a dreadful thing.

  51. Kylie Martinez

    Aren’t you supposed to enjoy your down time. It is a time where you are relaxing maybe even taking a nice nap, but don’t you just hate it when someone just comes and interupts you! Saturdays are days when I like to sleep in, but usually that doesn’t happen because so many noises help me wake up. One of the noises are those dang birds, they’re always churping by my window, walking on the roof, it’s really annoying. Another noise is caused by my own family unfortunately my mom, dad, brother, and sister all wake up early so to entertain themselves they watch TV and it’s all loud and my sister runs around screaming through the halls, drives me nuts! People should be doing nothing on weekends besides enjoying it instead they’re cutting the grass all early or leaving some where on their motorcycles making so much noise when they turn it on this is why I am picked the topic disrupting the piece becuase it gets me so mad how people don’t think that their are people who want to sleep and not be disrupted.

  52. Ashleigh Secor

    War Veteran. Survivor. Recession. Homeless.
    These are usually the main causes why the people of Ventura, do not own a place to live. As you walk down Main Street, you might spot someone looking ‘raggedy’ or ‘old’ and they are mostly likely holding up a sign telling their story, and asking for help. Or, another common thing to see down Main Street is a homeless man and his dog, most likely just letting the days go by. These things are so common in our city, that it’s an everyday thing, its part of our daily routine. People of War, (P.O.W.) are without homes, they fought in this terrible war, and come home in tears. Another main reason is people that have lost their home due to the recession. Not many things are being done about this problem. It should be though, many people don’t know the whole story, many people don’t know what it like is to live without a home. Which is why, I choose this topic. People need to know.

  53. Natalie Oulman

    Originality is dead, its body lies on the floor of a filthy mall. It has been suffocated in the scent of putrid Abercrombie & Fitch cologne. It has floated to the bottom of the sea of Urban Outfitters clothing, drowning on a pair of black sweat pants with the words Juicy on them and IT sickens me. This world has been drained of all personal thought and all that is left is the hollow shell of what we used to be. I wish I could take a flame to the world and cleanse it from all of its filth, starting with HOT TOPIC! We must show the masses what style really is, original ideas taken from what we feel is right. Come with me comrades as we journey to the epicenter of our hearts. We need to look into the minds of Hipsters and 80’s metal fans and find that which lies in their soul! ROCK ON MY AFRICAN AMERICAN BROTHERS! <3

  54. Olivia Sanderson

    Imagine going through one of the hardest times in your life and being kicked out of your home. Imagine being diminished, and cut down to size, by people that you thought loved you. Imagine…

    When a life is brought into this world it should be a gift, not a burden. For many women who want to embrace this gift and this life that has been given to them, they are rejected and ignored. That is why I want to do my photojournalism project on women who have gone through this problem and are still going through it. There is no particular name for it but it can be categorized as the many horrific outcomes of teen pregnancy. To be pushed away and abandoned is sickening at a time like this, and I believe this is the time when love, care, and guidance are needed the most, and I hope to make that seen within my project.

  55. Chris Myers

    Everyday, it is inevitable to see trash making itself comfortable somewhere in proximity to a trash can or recycle bin. Even though advocates constantly preach about keeping the Earth clean by doing their part in picking up litter and throwing trash away appropriately, there are still a large percentage of people who choose to ignore this. It is disgruntling to be cruising on my skateboard sometimes and having a plastic bag wrap itself around my wheels. I aim to show the consequences of littering and how most people will walk by trash idly without picking it up. They may argue that it is unhygienic but we touch millions of things a day with germs on them. With a growing population, we need to teach people to handle trash appropriately so that the future may have a place to live.

  56. Xochilth Arias

    We see one out of a thousand stories. We forget about it in a week. We don’t know the pain or suffering they endure everyday. We’re more worried about the price of gas and buying oil from their country.
    We may lose brothers, sons, sisters, and daughters, but we can protest. If they open their mouths, they disappear and are made an example for any other brave soul that just wants a safe home for themselves and their family.
    Muslim women are meant to stay in the shadows of their culture. They suffer in silence. Although we should care, we simple don’t. We’re scared to see just how scary the world is, so the decision to ignore it is the most commonly chosen.

  57. Lizet Ruvalcaba

    Black eye, broken ribs, insecure, vulnerable, depression, hatred, untrusting, secretive, and the list goes on and on. Being bullied begins at a young age to many. It happens at school, at work, sports, and even at home through cyberspace. What can this lead to? Depression or even death. Many people who are being bullied get depressed and do not see a future where they can be free. Many commit suicide to end it all. Many are willing to help these individuals, but there are so many others that do not want to get involved and just pass by when they see someone getting bullied or getting abused. Those who are bullied are also scared to open their mouths and get some help because they do not want to get more hurt if the bullies find out.

    Imagine being a parent of a child who is going through any kind of abuse, you would feel as if you have failed, that is how I would feel. Parents are willing to protect their children to the fullest but they cannot always be by their side to protect them at all times when they are at school or elsewhere.

    People need to open their eyes and show love instead of hate toward others. Stop the bullying.

  58. Lauren Amendola

    I have decided to pick the topic bullying for my photojournalism project. Bullying today is a very big problem in our society. It doesn’t just effect the people at school, it effects them for the rest of their lives. Bullying can lead to depression and even death. Bullying is happening everywhere and there is no stopping it. We need to help the people being bullied, but we also need to do something about the bullies. They are people too and they have just as much problems as the kids getting bullied. If we help the bullies, and teach them not to bully, then we will be helping the kids being bullied as well.

    In this photo shoot, I want to show the life of someone who was bullied. Not just the at school effect, but what happens after they get home and the rest of their lives, and how bullying can ruin it.

  59. Monseiur Cap't Maximillian Castro Esquire Phd.

    Graffiti is an omnipresent art-force in our little city of Ventura. Some of it rad, some of it not-so-rad. In my photojournalism project, I plan on documenting all of it. I believe that graffiti, or colloquially known as “tagging”, is a delicious art-medium that should be more widely celebrated.

  60. Emily Turnage

    Photography has never been, and will never be balanced representation. By photographing something, a photographer frames something, and as famous journalist Susan Sontag says, “To photograph is to frame, and to frame is to exclude.” Photographers show you want they want you to see, and without the context they have the potential to skew viewpoints and make us see and assume things that may not be true. A photograph is about as truthful as a painting is; it is an interpretation of the world around oneself, and shows a very limited truth.
    The news has been corrupted for as long as there has been news to write or speak about. Word of mouth is a dangerous thing, and news stations skew stories in the favor of their viewpoint. The largest problem with this is that much of the population doesn’t realize that there are facts being left out of most news articles. There is always a bias. It is usually subtle, yes, but it is there to subconsciously convince readers that the newspaper, magazine or TV network that they are reading or viewing has the correct viewpoint on the matter.

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