Project 1: Alphabet Images

Each student will turn in a composition containing 26 images.  Each image will have a letter from the alphabet.  Each letter needs to be found, not created.  The letters need to be objects that were not originally intended to be letters.  The letters need to be clear, in focus, juxtaposed against an uncluttered background.

Due: Check with Q

100 points





  1. Kylie Valencia

    I appericated all these photo because of their clear hard work and determination to make something gorgeous. I loved that these photographers had clear imagination to make people think outside the box, and to notice the beauty in something so simple yet so complex. Even though these images are clearly amazing, I personally enjoyed photo #2 the most because of their way to make me look at objects that I never looked at in such a curious way. That person made me feel inspired to want to take pictures for a long time.

  2. Hannah Rachel Strohman

    I am excited to do this project, it seems like a lot of fun. I have seen pictures like this that spell out words. I am already finding/thinking of ideas for it. I like it because you have to be creative to do it. I like the last two photo sets better than the first because they have different objects for each letter instead of the same thing over and over again. The second one has many shadows in the photos, which is very artistic. I like the “g” in it because it also looks like a 9. In the third, they used natural things like wood, metal, and concrete, which I liked because it kind of had a theme to it. I can’t figure out what the “x” was made of, it looks like the ceiling of a building. I have seen letters in the objects around my house before and I am excited to get home and find more. I already have a couple of places to go to take pictures for this project also.

  3. KatieBillings

    These photos are amazing. I like that you can turn something simple into a letter in the alphabet. I am looking forward to getting to do this project myself. I know it requires a different type of think, a different way of looking at things and i am excited for the challenge. The three photos above really catch my eye. Especially the last one, its so bright and different. The first photograph is interesting because i would never think to take photos of buildings like that. The photo in the middle is very natural , the black and white gives it a very old fashion look and i find it very pretty. Although they were all amazing, i found photo #2 to be the most enjoyable. I found the way they used shadows in photo # 2 particularly amazing.

  4. Brittney Petersen

    These images are really interestig. I enjoy the way you are able to find all the letters of the alphabet in objects which are not meant to be letters. It seems that finding some of these letters may be a challenge, but I am sure if you open up your imagination and look in the most un-suspected places you can find anything willing to be photographed. Wether it is in upper case or in lower case these images are very inviting to look at. Everytime you re-examine the photo there is something new to see. I am very excited about this project.

  5. Malia Garibay

    im exited to do this project ! i cant wait to see all the different places i can see letters, i think itll be a totally new experiance to actually have to look for letters in nature because there are probably alot of letters i would have never noticed if i didnt get this assignment. i think these pictures are great because they make you look at ordinary items and things in nature with a new perspective.

  6. Lorrie Lynn

    I really appreciate this project because we will be able to focus in on natural images in ways we normally wouldn’t. There are so many things we miss when we’re in a hurry, or have a set destination. With this project, we will stop and not just look, but hopefully really see. I think it’s amazing, but also kind of disturbing to think of the amount of things that go unnoticed every day, and I’m excited to be able to slow down and appreciate the works in nature that my eye catches. I’m also excited to see other people’s completed projects, because even when we all slow down and really “see”, each eye will see something slightly different, and make a different connection. The project demands creativity and insight, which are necessary components in art. I wouldn’t call myself a very artistic person, but this project helps me zero in on what my busy mind will quite often miss, and I am excited to explore that opportunity.

  7. Maegan Carriger

    I would have never thought that most of these images could be seen as letters. I liked the black and white look of the second photo, but I also liked the bright color of the third. The first one was also unique how they used buildings and the sky. One other thing that I liked was how some images used shadows to complete the letter. All of the images used as letters were so creative and I am looking forward to thinking of new ways to look at ordinary object and seeing the letters of the alphabet.

  8. Tris Anderson

    These photos are incredible! I find all the images super interesting; however, the set that caught my eye the most was the one in the black and white hue. The way they showed the images, was creative and inspiring. I hadn’t really thought of places letters could be found – which is in nearly anything you can think of. I’m very interested in starting this project myself, and see what I can personally find. This project will definitely make me look at things differently, in order to find things that aren’t necessarily visible at a first glance. I think it will be challenging, but will also produce much creativity.

  9. Sandra Teran

    Being a very observant person, I cannot wait until it’s the camera and I coming in contact with the natural structure of objects. Most often people do not see the beauty and art most simple objects can express. This adventurous project will be an exciting and appreciative journey that will hopefully open my eyes to the deeper meaning of the worlds scenarios. Twelve years ago I was singing to the rhythm of the alphabet and now I am being creative with it through photography, this will be awesome!

  10. Sadie Stanton

    I am really excited about this being our first project. It sounds like this project will get my mind working to try and find unintentional letters. This project will make me see object in a whole different light. I think that after this project I will see letters in everything around me. I love the look of the first alphabet set because all the letters are found in the same kind of environment: looking up at the tops of building into the sky. I might want to try and take photos with the same technique. I think that I am going to go out around town and take photos; it will make my whole alphabet more interesting than just taking photos at home. Hopefully my finished project will turn out as beautiful and organic as the three examples.

  11. keanna sandoval

    WOW! That is pretty much all i can say right now. These photos are amazing! I’m already thinking of so many images for this project. I think most of us see image as taking pictures of nature or dressing people into fabulous dresses, making it into a photo shoot; but just by seeing these images it is so clear that photography can be pretty much anything. It is a way to express yourself; what you seem to find it interesting or beautiful. I express myself through writing, it has been something I’ve done since i was a kid. expressing myself through photograpgy will be such a different level for me, but I can not wait to put my imagination to heart and see what I come up with.
    If you were to talk to the class about this project without us seeing any of this images; most likely I bet the majority of the class would think this was a pretty rediculous project… I may be wrong, but I can see this project teaching me at least, to view things in a different perpective. One person may veiw and image a certain way, but I myself may see it compltetly different from them. That is what makes this project more exciting, to see sites my way. NOT OTHERS.

  12. Sarah Douglas

    These photos are quite amazing. The photographers must have taken a lot of time out of their day to do this. Finding letters in randoms things around town seems challenging, but really cool once you find the letters. All you need to do is open your mind and have fun with the photos. The first set of photos amazed me; I like that they are all buildings and rooftops as seen from down below. I hope that I can find letters around my house and town. I’m kind of excited to start this project!

  13. Victoria Bonds

    These photographs are without a doubt breathtaking. It is astounding how one could take an ordinary object and the way you photograph it turns the object into something completely different. I like the first picture the best for I wouldn’t have normally looked up at buildings and seen letters. This project will allow a lot of room for creativity. It will let you channel your inner child and use your imagination. I am excited to start off photography with such a creative project and have already started looking for letters.

  14. Tyler Cobian

    These photographers are crazy observant, it amazes me how these people see these shapes in such random objects it is really inspiring. After seeing these pictures I am more excited than ever to start shooting for this project. I enjoyed the different styles in each of these examples the building shots were ambitious I feel because I know for me it would be pretty hard to find every letter in the skyline of building tops. Yet I liked the randomness of the last example it gave the collage a playful air I felt witch made me think of the 60’s. Lastly the black and white image was very beautiful and made me think of almost depressing classical violin playing while someone is deep in thought.

  15. Michael Morales

    I never knew the alphabet could be found in so many ways. I guess you just have to keep a good eye out. This gives me the idea that you could find anything in everything. I’m fairly excited about this project because I get to incorporate everyday sights and items into it. I’ve always been fascinated in turning objects into something new, so I think this will be fun.

  16. Ella Svete

    These photos are really amazing. I have never really taken the time to look at all my surroundings to find shapes, and letters. The shows involving the tops of buildings really amaze me. You have to be very creative and imaginative to recognize that. Looking at these, it has really gotten me thinking of where I could possibly find letters around Ventura or just my house. These photos really inspire me too look past everything and learn how to make art out of everything. I am really excited to do this project; I cannot wait to get started on it.

  17. Valeria Franco

    The last project that we did was a little bit difficult to me, but i hope that this project will be more fun and understandable to begginers. This project seems very interesting and we have to think alphabetically in every single thing we see in our surroundings. We also need our imagination that we use to have when were kids, and also we have to be creative, which for me is really easy and fun. I can’t wait to start this new project.

  18. Omar Martinez

    All these pictures are great. They all have a lot of work and effort put into them, each one truly representing there power of image. I truly am excited to take on this project, because this will show what type of style and use of work they have and use.

  19. Maximillian Castro Esq.

    Dude. I have, like, not even a day to complete this assignment. This is gonna be one brutal mish.

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