Shadows & Water


To effectively create the images for the water assignment, each student must choose how  to convey their water concept.  This requires a concept. The assignment is not simply asking for images of water, but instead, symbolic images related to water and its uses.  An example might be: Cleansing.  The cleansing/washing aspect of water could be simply addressed at the surface level; for washing.  However, and more preferably, addressing water as metaphor, as symbol. Water: cleansing, the act or erosion, quenching, cooling, calming, drowning, drought, floating, saturating, flooding, evaporating, frozen, ice.   A desert comes alive after a rain; how can an act of weather be translated into something more meaningful and relatable to each of us and translated through imagery? This is your task.  Shoot your ideas and then get closer and shoot additional shots.  From experience, many student projects would be stronger if photographed closer to the subject matter. Get closer. Please note, this does not apply if photographing molten pits of lava. 🙂

Water used in ritual


2013 Student work: Water Shadow

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Shadow is the main subject for this assignment, it should tell a story. The time of day is important as it will determine the amount and length of the shadows.   Shadows add drama to images, use this as a tool.

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