State Your Purpose…


As we near our final project for the class, some introspection is needed in order to answer the question properly. Please, in detail, answer the question below as accordingly to what you believe.

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What is your purpose?
  3. In your lifetime, what do you want changed?


  1. Claire Youngerman

    All our lives we ask ourselves what we are doing here. Why me? When we were little we simply thought to have a bunch of babies. When we were in middle school, it was to get good grades and go to high school. In high school, we don’t know. No one knows what he or she is doing here and why, but our journey through life can help us find the answer to the lost question. I think my purpose is my ability to see myself in the world. We all dream of rich life style, white picket fence, barbeque Sundays, fancy cars and material possessions. But I believe the real dream is not the tangible objects but the intangible, love, happiness, compassion, and human dignity.
    In my lifetime I hope that society is one step closer to equality. Although we pride ourselves on treating each other with kindness, we are all suspects of abuse. We have all walked around picking on others whether it be to their face or not, remarks like “woah, she’s heavy” and “what a nerd” have been crudely said from most of our mouths. In my lifetime I hope that we all realize that inside of every human lies beauty, and that in this we are able to let those who already have enough trouble in this world carry on without fear of the constant remarks. I also hope that those who only see their worst features find beauty in themselves.

  2. Sean Anthony

    Why am I here? Why was I born into a land of freedoms when others were born into the bonds of poverty and famine? Who am I to consume resources I can’t truly appreciate while others would kill for them? Who am I to answer these questions while across the globe people suffer famine, war, rape, enslavement, murder; all things callously kept from the news and common knowledge because it might make us feel sad or responsible or human? And who am I to realize all these things and still do nothing?
    These questions have many times arisen into my mind, aimlessly floating around without answer, because I do not have an answer. No one has the answer. Perhaps with education comes responsibility, and it becomes my purpose to do something about the horrors in the world. But is it selfish of me if I do not? I believe my purpose in this world is to grow myself and become a more realized person and in that process to aid others and offer them my truth and service.
    As much as one may hope for world peace, it is not realistic. As long as humanity has desire conflicts will arise. However, if I could see one thing changed it would be that everyone would be provided with free and universal public education. The root of much of the world’s problems is ignorance and unknowing. If everyone were educated I believe that many of the world’s problems such as violence, hunger, poverty, and global warming would gradually lessen.

  3. Caitlin Hurst

    When I start thinking about questions like “why are you here?” and “what is your purpose?” two things happen in my brain. First, I get depressed and am reminded of my mortality. Second, my brain tries to answer the questions with statements that are slightly contradictory. For example, I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason, but I also believe people are in control of their own destinies. I don’t believe there is any higher purpose to life other than some crazy cosmic stuff happened then whoosh-bang-pow EARTH, or perhaps the gods were bored and wanted to play an epic game of the Sims. I know religion plays a major role in how people answer these questions, but I don’t believe in organized religion and I am not going to even pretend like I know what is going on upstairs, because it is impossible to know for sure. If you tell me that you know exactly what is going on with this whole life death nonsense I am going to very politely tell you to “bugger off” as my father would put it.
    As for my purpose on Earth, I know there is some sort of path laid out for me, I just have to find it. That might be as easy as punching it into Google Maps, or as hard as trekking through the Amazon with nothing but a machete and some bug spray. I’m sorry but if you want a serious answer besides “I don’t know!” from me on this topic, you might have to wait a while. I am an 18 year old girl, not Plato! Being my age is about learning, experimenting, and finding out who you are.
    I know I am a bit of a rebel, society says “You are female, you must have children!” and I say “Screw you!” for want of a better phrase. I strongly dislike babies, I can just hear the gasps of absolute shock and terror, but sorry man that’s not me. Writing this has made me realize what I would want to change in our world, I would want people to stop fearing to be themselves. To hell with American dream: 2.5 children, white picket fence, and stay at home moms. It isn’t 1950 any more, I know America has come a long way since that time, but it hasn’t gone far enough. People need to stay out of other peoples business. The fact that some homophobic piece of something foul, cares what a gay/lesbian person does in the privacy of his/her home is ridiculously creepy. I mean where does said piece of something foul get the notion that he/she is so important that he/she can interject personal beliefs into other peoples lives. That was just an example, but if everyone could just be cool and respect each other even if they disagree, that would be great. I definitely don’t know everything about life, but I know it is short. If I had any advice to give to whom it may concern, it would be only do want will make you happy, so long as you don’t hurt anyone, no one else can tell you what to do. I know for myself, what makes me happy is making other people laugh, which what I discovered when I got into improv comedy, but if what makes you happy if art then do that, or if its traveling then do that, or if its cooking then do that, or if you like children then have a family, and if people tell you that you shouldn’t do what you love, then do what my dad does and tell them (in your best Yorkshire accent) to “bugger off!”

  4. Carleigh Cameron

    Why am I here?
    I could not tell you how many time I’ve wondered this exact question. I use to think it was to help people but now I think it’s more than that. I think it has something to do with making yourself a better person and learning from that. Then, focus on helping others. I think to recognize your faults and try as best you can to grow from those mistakes makes life worthwhile. Learning to not be selfish is something I struggle with. Of course everyone thinks, “you’re in high school, everyone’s selfish” in which I respond it does not mean it’s right. My purpose is to take care of children. I know that. I feel that people do not understand sometimes their own children and that needs to change.

  5. Delaney Warren

    I am here because Jehovah God created me and all of mankind. “[God] has made us, and not we ourselves,” (Psalm 100:3) God “did not create [the earth] simply for nothing” but “formed it even to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18) He put us on this earth because he is a God of love. He finds joy and pleasure in seeing us enjoying life, relationships, and this marvelous earth. His purpose for us now is “that we may praise his name, have a good relationship with him, and thus satisfy our spiritual need,” (“Why We Are Here”, Awake!). By doing these things, it’s Jehovah’s purpose that we will enjoy everlasting life in Paradise here on earth. God’s Word, the Bible, says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” (Psalm 37:29) My purpose is, as stated earlier, to do what God purposed for me and all other humans; to praise His name and have a good relationship with Him. My purpose is to do Jehovah’s will as set out in the Bible. In my lifetime, I want to see the Paradise come. One more thing I want to see changed is that all people enjoy a close relationship with Jehovah, and in doing so, enjoy life forever in Paradise.

  6. Devan Peterson

    Since the time that we begin to speak, we are all urged to think about the future and what we want to do with our lives. In my case, I honestly have no idea, I know that God created me for a reason and that he has a plan for me, but I’m not sure if having the answer is something important because if you are doing what is right, you will end up doing what you are meant to do. I think that my purpose here is to enjoy God’s creation, while helping others, and glorifying him along the way. I think that the most positive change that could occur in my lifetime would be people beginning to care less about themselves and more about others.

  7. Sam Beppler

    I am the sperm that won. By a series of random events since the beginning of existence and the touch of creation, chance has brought together the organization of atoms which makes up my body and conscience. I don’t believe in a pre-determined purpose or divine destiny, even God himself would be bored by that. Science theorizes the path of this dimension is already laid out, but I don’t conform to this path, it was created because of the choices i would come to make.
    I am bound to this world by the overwhelming, intangible power of human emotion. Life is experiencing these emotions and no doubt, I want to have all the good emotion I can. I believe in karma, in a rational view. We all pursue happiness, but sometimes we get in eachother’s way and instead of acting with tolerance, we act selfishly and for our immediate benefit, upset the other and leave them touched by evil. I try to look at the big picture. In every evil act, we pass on negativity that will most likely make its way back to you, resulting in more sadness for all. By touching others with love, they pass on love, and hopefully, it comes back around. In my life time, I wish to stop as many flows of negativity as i can, and leave positivity in my wake.
    Through education, I believe society could overcome their ignorant greed. If everyone was able to accept how limited their perspective was, they’d understand why tolerance is so important and that every perspective is worthy of consideration.

  8. Francisco Vega

    I believe that I am on this world to make it better. Maybe create something that will help many people or just to make it a happier place. It’s a difficult question to answer that many philosophers have thought about and have tried to answer. Everybody will have a differant answer but they are usually all correct. My purpose is to bring happiness to the world. It might be through kind acts or through making a new drug that will help thousands of people. I just want to live a life filled with happiness. In my lifetime I wish I could change the feeling people have towards each other. There would be no hatred, no violence, no bad emotions towards each other. Maybe this will never happen but alas its all I ask.

  9. Kylie Spencer

    Life is a very important gift. I am blessed with such an amazing life because God gave it to me. I wouldn’t be on Earth if he hadn’t wanted me here. I am here to help further his Kingdom and to live for Him. Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” I choose to surrender my life to Jesus, He died for me and his sacrifice has given me eternal life. I want to be an example of Christ’s love while I am here on Earth. I want people to be able to look at me and say “Wow! I want what she has cause whatever she has makes her an amazing person!” That something is the Holy Spirit living within me and guiding my life. People may think oh she just is really religious but Jesus isn’t my religion He’s my savior! I need to work on being more on fire for Christ and wanting to be more like Him. I want to be able to help touch people’s lives and help them maybe want to know what God is like because He is awesome, loving, kind, amazing, and wonderful! I want people to be able to experience God.

  10. Celine Gomez

    Why are you here? I contemplate this question every day not in a bad way, but in a way where my mind is overwhelmed. Life is a journey and I guess you never really know why your here until you’ve experienced life, but being 16 I have a couple reasons why I was placed here. I believe things happen for a reason and whatever happens to my life is the way it was meant to be. One of the more obvious reasons was because of my parents (thanking them for that). Another reason that comes to mind is because I want to show people the many complicated stages of life through photography for example; pregnancy, birth, being a toddler, family photos, graduations, marriage, and all the little things in between. A few years ago I didn’t want to become a photographer, but now seeing the way it lights up peoples faces and the way I get excited about learning new things having to do with it, I know that this is how I want to live my upcoming years. I like to say I view life differently than other people because your mind is like the lens of a camera and your eyes like a shutter. I also value the way the human mind works and I hope to minor in psychology and help people go through this thing called “life” filled with so much wrong. In my lifetime I want to change the way media portrays celebrities and how looking thin plays a role to how girls and yes guys view themselves.. Its sad that people struggle so hard to fit in when in reality they should just be themselves. I’m blaming society for all these problems with teens like anorexia, bulimia, depression, being suicidal and other terrible things people and teens face because if your not like “these people” your not socially accepted. Society isn’t the main reason but its some.

  11. Ben Newman

    Why am I here? An excellent question that I can not truly answer. Scientifically I am here for a reason. I have evolved from a single celled organism into the multi-trillion celled organism I am today. Spiritually I can say I am here because of god. But why do I live in a land of wealth and prosperity while others struggle to reek out a day to day existence? I will never know. However, I believe I do have a purpose to serve the earth. As a member of mankind I think I speak for all of us in saying that we have serious problems on the rise. Overpopulation, pollution, poverty, starvation, war, global warming, and loss of natural habitat, just to name a few. I believe that my purpose is to help at least a few of these causes and try to insure that the earth is better the way I left it than the way I found it . Of all of the things that I want changed in my lifetime the thing I want the most is for people to have an open perspective on life and be educated about world problems. Once that is reached I believe it will be easier to solve the problems are world is faced with and coexist more peacefully with the planet.

  12. Maddy Offerman

    I have always asked myself why I am here. Why am I lucky enough to live in beautiful California when people in other countries suffer every day from problems much worse than I have ever experienced? Honestly, I have no idea what I did to deserve the great life I have, but while I am here I feel I should make the most of the time I have on earth. I will do my best to help those around me, as I feel it is my job to help those who need it. Our world is far from perfect. I hope that I can leave the world in better condition than it was when I came into it. One thing that I would like to see changed on a larger scale is education in developing countries. I hope that one day everyone will have access to a great education like the one I am receiving. With education people have the power to build a better life for themselves.

  13. Emily Sheydayi

    Why am I here? What is my purpose? These questions have arisen in my mind many times, but to these questions I have no answer. I am sure many have thought this same inquiry yet there is no true response; at least, not one completely moral. Many people will answer to these questions “become rich” or “famous”, because they feel acquiring material things will make them happy in life. People around the planet suffer every day, while the majority of Americans complain about how we are too tired to wake up on a Monday morning. We have become so consumed by ourselves and our problems that we constantly try “show up” other people by our personal items such as phones, cars, housing, etc.; for we feel that these items measure our self-worth and importance. Human beings around the globe suffer every minute of every day, yet the tiniest of things make them happy, like a hot meal or a new shirt. Our world has become very materialistic and that, I feel, has truly corrupted us. Maybe my purpose will be to make that change in our society, and to help others in need. Yet, I truly contain no answer.

  14. Nicolle Martin

    Why are you here?
    What is your purpose?
    In your lifetime, what do you want changed?

    I’ve been hesitating to answer these questions for awhile. For three reasons, I fear the unknown, I fear the answer to these questions, and that the answers I wish/want to believe are false. Through life, there are times of trials, ups and downs, all playing out in ways we might not want to happen. I believe I am here because I have the strength to overcome them and not let them affect my character. Instead, I want to utilize what I learnt in those dips and help others who might not have the strength I do. I believe I am here to help others, to give back to others, and to share my strength and optimism with those lacking. My purpose is to go through dips that others might not recover from, and then in the future, help those who are going through those dips get through exactly like I did. I’ve always wanted to help people and I always have in any way I can, that’s why I believe it is my purpose in life, because my joy for it will determine my future. But, I want a lot of things changed in life. The ever-obvious world hunger, peace, etc etc. But the main thing I want changed, is the way most humans live their life completely hedonistic and selflishly. All they care about is instant gratification and they don’t care who gets harmed in the process. I want to change the way people ignore and don’t appreciate art, beauty, and music. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if the beholder’s eyes do not gaze upon it, where will beauty go? If the beholder’s ears don’t care to listen, where will music go? Just the few of many things I’d like to change, but overall, I don’t know if my purpose is true, or if that’s really why I’m here, of even if those things will change. I think that it’s just the mystery of life, and who knows? Anything can happen.

  15. Devin McCree

    I am here because….. Actually I don’t really know. Perhaps God created me, or I was summoned by some aborigines’ tribe in Australia, or maybe I’m just a biological creation. But I do know that I am here, and I am thankful to be here. While I’m here I’m going to be as efficient as I can, using my time wisely. Doing my best to make use of every minute. Always having goals to work towards, always having high self-expectations, and always having dreams.
    My purpose is to make this world a better place, or at least that’s what I intend on doing. My purpose is to leave a mark on the world, and the life that inhabits it. My purpose is to spread joy, laughter, smiles, good times, and fun. My purpose is to positively affect those around me. My purpose is to push my self, to become a better person, to save an endangered species, to spread knowledge, as well as to travel the world. My purpose is to adventure, explore, and conquer. My purpose is to be an inspiration to others.
    In my lifetime, I want motorsports and surfing to become dominant sports. In my lifetime, I want more people to go to Ventura Raceway. In my lifetime, I want the ozone to be reformed. In my lifetime, I want the Arctic and Antarctic to refreeze. In my lifetime, I want the Tiger to no longer be an endangered species. In my lifetime, I want everybody to live in harmony. In my lifetime, I want people to be friends regardless of the color of their skin, the extremity of their beliefs, what they enjoy doing, who their ancestors were, their wealth, or where they live. In my lifetime, I want justice to be served. In my lifetime, I want crimes and terrorism to be at an all-time low. In my lifetime, I want peace and prosperity.

  16. Andrew Miech

    Why are we here? The lifelong question that can never truly be answered. We all know why we are here geneitically, but why are we here and not someone else? What is our, my, propose in life? To me it is to be as productive as posible. Within my life i need to be a productive member of socitey and make a diffrence on someone elses life. I need to be successful and lead a happy, healthy life where i die happy. There really is no porpose of life other than to be happy and make others happy. We will all eventually die, so there is no reason to waste our time alive sad

  17. Maddy Do-Linh

    Why am I here? A simple question, and yet I can’t seem to find an answer for it. I could simply say that I was put here on this Earth because of my parents and that’s that. But… there’s more to it. I’m here living and breathing and enjoying life. I’m here to make an impact on people. Whether it be large or small, there must be some bizarre reason as to why I am alive today. I don’t know if I am going to be able to answer this question today, tomorrow, or even years from now. I’m just a 15 year old girl who is living an average life. I have a dog and cats and getting an education like any other kid. So, what’s my purpose? Why am I so special? Perhaps that is my life’s purpose; finding out my reason for being here. I’m no extraordinary human being. I’m not wealthy or a genius. I haven’t impacted the world in any spectacular way or traveled the world. What I am though is someone who is lucky enough to have the ability to find my purpose in life and find out who I really am and who I want to be.
    What would I want changed in my lifetime? On a worldwide scale, it’s impossible to create a seemingly “perfect” world because everyone has their own opinions as to what this would be. I hope that one day everyone will have access to an education, clean water, food and all of the essentials that life demands. That everyone will have freedom to marry who they wish and speak without fear. Those are things that I wish to see change in on a large scale. For myself personally on the other hand, I wish to see myself grow as a human being. Be able to ace all of my classes and make my life worth something and not just sit on the computer or aimlessly stare at my phone all day.

  18. Katrina Hayek

    Why am I here? Why are you here? No one truly knows why we are here; it’s a question that cannot be answered. Daily, people think about this question and begin to rethink everything immediately. I know I’m here because my parents wanted children, but why me? Why was I chosen to live in this world? Do I have a purpose, we don’t know; but I do play a role in life. I’m a part of family, and a team. I may not play the biggest and most important role, but I am a part of it.
    In my lifetime, I would want many things to be changed, some may be possible to achieve, but some are unrealistic. I’d want to see a change in the world, meaning less depression and more happiness, more help and less destruction, more peace and equality than discrimination and hate. I believe that change would make the world a better place and people would have a brighter future.

  19. Simon Christie

    Why am I here? A simple question with a simple enough answer, I do not know. I am a Catholic individual and I believe that we were all created by God. God has a purpose for us all, we just have to discover it on our own. I strongly believe that if I continue on my path of religion and good spirit, that God will show me my true purpose in life. My unfailing belief in God will help me to further recognize the reason for my existence and placement on this earth. During my lifetime I wish to see the hatred of different people change. I wish to see a world where one person does not hate another because of their beliefs or the color of their skin. This would be a difficult task to accomplish however I believe that people are naturally good and equal. We will all eventually come to understand that and be freed from the grip of injustice and oppression the has held our world down for so long.

  20. Trevor O'Keefe

    Why am I Here? I believe that everybody is put on earth for a reason and that has to do with something that is important in life. For me, that is to create or invent something that will revolutionize this world today and change the way earth is. Life is based off of the way you live it and even if you don’t know it you still serve a purpose on earth. What’s my purpose? I believe that my purpose is to help anybody that needs help and to allow myself to accomplish anything that I want to no matter how hard it is. To fill my purpose while I’m on earth I have to make a difference to people and society. If I have not done something that changes people’s lives then I have accomplished nothing. What would I want changed in my lifetime? If I could change anything in the world I would change the way we waste many resources. Everyday humans kill or waste millions of food, water, trees, nature, and much more without even noticing it. We think if we do one small thing it won’t affect anything but if all 6billion humans think that way then it will cause a huge effect on the world that we are supposed to live in for millions of more years. If we want to save more people in third world countries and save our world we have to start living more efficiently.

  21. Logan B.

    Why am I here?
    Why am I here on earth? Not everyone knows the answer to that question and neither do I so I don’t know my purpose for being here. It may be just to live or it could be something that is major and that could change the world. Everyone can make changes for the better but yet it’s so hard to make those changes for the better because we must live to learn it. To live and learn means you have to make mistakes at some point and you will eventually learn from them. God puts people on this world to succeed but the ones who don’t want to live and be successful, that’s their choice. They could change the world for the good.
    What is my purpose?
    Another simple yet complicated question to answer… Like everyone else who doesn’t know what their purpose is, I don’t either. It’s hard to know what your purpose is at a young age. We don’t think of ourselves as young but we really are. We are the Youth of this world. It may take a while to know what our purpose is but one day it will hit use like a ton of bricks and that’s the day you will be amazed and think to yourself, “Oh…. I get it now, that’s why I’m here.” Some will never know their purpose but I’m sure it will be good. It might of change the world too.
    In my lifetime, what do I want changed?
    For now I don’t want anything changed. Everything has a reason to happen for the better or for the worse. We may not agree with the event that is happening but we must suck it up and put up with it. It’s like being with an annoying friend, You hate being with them at the moment but once you leave your super happy cause you don’t have to put up with them anymore. Am I right? Everyone has an annoying friend but they still love them as a friend and will never stop.

  22. Lucy Knowles

    I am here because my parents wanted me here. I am here because hopefully I can bring some happiness to people lives. I am here because I am breathing…(most of the time)…and I am here because here is the only place i can and want to be. I was no accident, I am here to make up part of a family. My family and it’s as simple as that.
    I am here to listen and understand. To make my parents proud, set a good example for my younger sister and hold a paint brush. I’ve noticed as I’ve grown up that I am super fortunate. I live in a nice house with loving parents a sibling, my own room and a little mutt dog that bosses around my fat Golden Retriever. I’m spoiled by my Grandparents, aunts, and uncles meanwhile being killed with compliments from them. my purpose is to add some color here and there ( like the mural in my back yard and door) to make those i love smile and to smile at those who are not loved. My purpose is to live my life.
    In my life time I hope to change the lives of others. So many people can be saved by just having someone to talk to, someone they can let inside their mind and trust with their inner most demons. I wouldn’t say it is my responsibility though. But if someone i care about needs someone to talk to in order to heal or grow stronger, I am happy to be that person. To be there who are not as fortunate as I. I hope to change the lives of the people I care about in my life time. Knowing I had a role in their happiness is enough.

  23. June Pederson

    Why are you here? I am here by mistake. haha really, my parents didn’t plan on having a second child. Especially because i’m a girl, and let me tell you the most expensive child.
    I have no idea what my purpose is on this world yet. For a while i thought i was destined to be a teacher in africa. but now that im older i honestly have no idea because there are so many possibilities. its kind of overwhelming sometimes.
    In my life time i at least want to impact someones life. change there perspective, and make them see this world may be a horrible place, but there is also allot of good left here waiting to be unleashed.

  24. Keldon Schmitt

    At this point in my life I really don’t know why I am here except for obvious reason. I know I am here because my parents, but I don’t think that’s what you wanted me to say, right? As far as I can tell life is all about money and wealth and less and less about happiness and security. I don’t need a life with stacks of cash constantly at my disposal. I just need happy. Yes that’s right just one thing and that is to be happy. I believe my purpose in life is to make happy the new money. Hey I only have to switch around four letters, how hard could that be? In my life time I want to help people be happy. I want to make their day in any way possible. I don’t care if that means opening the door for them or helping them find their long lost child that they gave up for adoption eighteen years ago. I want happy to make a comeback.

  25. Daniel

    I cant tell you why I am here. I don’t know myself, I hope to find out soon but it is humanly impossible to establish why I am here when no one knows. If I had to guess id say I am here to repopulate. I cant make a difference. I have no money. Money, now that’s how you make a purpose. All I can make is children. So that at this moment is my purpose, too live long enough too legally love.

  26. Sophia Miller

    I am here because both my parents wanted a child of their own but I always ask myself what my life would be like if I was born somewhere else in the world. I think my life would be completely different from what it is now. I would have gone to different schools and had different teachers, colleagues, and friends. I could have been a completely different person. My purpose here on Earth is to live it. You’re born, you live, you die. That is the natural cycle of life. You don’t have much time to live. It may seem like a long time, but it does goes by fast. That is why you must make the most of it. I would love it if (in my lifetime) the world achieved international peace but unfortunately I know that’s not possible.

  27. Cassidy Bouchard

    Why am I here? Thats a question that I cant answer for myself, I often wonder why I am here and why god chose me, to be here, why I was the one in a million to make it. Sometimes I’m not sure its fair that i made it and other people didnt, what about me was so special? i dont know why i’m here, but I hope to find out in the future. What is my purpose? My purpose is to be someone who helps the world get better, not watch it collapse slowly and complain about it while i sit back and do nothing to change it, i want to be a part of why the world becomes a better place. What do I want changed in my life time? In my life time i want to change a lot, i want to stop bullying, have people stand up for their rights, I want gay marriage to be legal and accepted in society by all and I want a better economy where every day middle class citizens arent worrying about the money they owe or the money they have left, a fair, equal happy world, is what i want, and i hope for it to be changed in my life time.

  28. Vicente Reyes

    I am not completely sure why I am here on this earth in this country. I would like to make a difference somehow just like anyone would. I am just not entirely sure what that is at this point in my life, but what I do know is that I eat sleep and breathe cars. If i could appropriately incorporate my love for cars and engines into this project somehow that would accurately represent me. I am not sure how I am going to accomplish that yet,but I am curious to find out. I am actually really looking forward to this project because I am curious to see how I am going to incorporate cars.
    What I would like to change in this world is a very tough question. I would like to live the American dream. I would like to affect the lives of the people I cross paths with in life in the most positive way possible. I know I can’t be a rebellious angry teenager forever.

  29. Shelly Boyd

    When someone asks me, what is your purpose? I honestly don’t know how to answer, because I really don’t know what my purpose here is. I don’t know why I’m here, but I do truly believe that everyone is here for a reason. In my lifetime, I don’t necessarily want to change anything, I just want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy every day. I don’t want to set goals for myself that are so extreme that I cant reach them and achieve them. I hope to find out in my lifetime, why I’m here. But until then I am just living my life the best I can.

  30. Bailey Greenslit

    Taking the advice “be your self” at most is difficult because most of the time at a young age we might not like our self or ether the self we are isn’t good enough for those around us so instead of taking the advice ” be your self” I take the advice “be the best you the you want to be” not what other want you to be or expect you to be ,be the you that you want to see your self as. This won’t happen over night or in a week or in a month this will never be achieved but as long as your improving and sculpting your self into the image that you want to be you can be content with that and your self. If you be the you that you want to be this includes doing the thinks that make you happy ,the things that you love , this will run your path through other paths too and you meet thesis people. They can be a lesson learned ,your best friend , the person your going to spend the rest of your life with:) Well you meet thesis people and their going to stay in your life or not but if they leave they leave a life lesson and instead of focusing on being so sad that their gone focus on what they had done. And for those who stay their there to make you laugh, smile, cry ,love. Their there to help , support ,and your their in return. Ether way if people are staying or going in your life it happens for a reason. Therese a reason you met them. If you do what doesn’t make you happy your going to run into the wrong people the wrong situations etc. people say “well things happen for a reason” and well this obviously now doesn’t apply to everything, things only happen for a reason if the reason originated from a love or happiness this happiness comes before through after. If your in a hard part in life and your doing what you love and being the you that you want to be this is happening for a reason not of hate but to teach or to make stronger the list can go on. In the end if you be the person that you want to be your going to be happy. Your going to meet people that make you happy. And your going to have a happy life:)

  31. BaileyGreenslit

    Taking the advice “be your self” at most is difficult because most of the time at a young age we might not like our self or ether the self we are isn’t good enough for those around us so instead of taking the advice ” be your self” I take the advice “be the best you the you want to be” not what other want you to be or expect you to be ,be the you that you want to see your self as. This won’t happen over night or in a week or in a month this will never be achieved but as long as your improving and sculpting your self into the image that you want to be you can be content with that and your self. If you be the you that you want to be this includes doing the thinks that make you happy ,the things that you love , this will run your path through other paths too and you meet thesis people. They can be a lesson learned ,your best friend , the person your going to spend the rest of your life with:) Well you meet thesis people and their going to stay in your life or not but if they leave they leave a life lesson and instead of focusing on being so sad that their gone focus on what they had done. And for those who stay their there to make you laugh, smile, cry ,love. Their there to help , support ,and your their in return. Ether way if people are staying or going in your life it happens for a reason. Therese a reason you met them. If you do what doesn’t make you happy your going to run into the wrong people the wrong situations etc. people say “well things happen for a reason” and well this obviously now doesn’t apply to everything, things only happen for a reason if the reason originated from a love or happiness this happiness comes before through after. If your in a hard part in life and your doing what you love and being the you that you want to be this is happening for a reason not of hate but to teach or to make stronger the list can go on. In the end if you be the person that you want to be your going to be happy. Your going to meet people that make you happy. And your going to have a happy life. 🙂

  32. Carla Ruiz

    I believe everything happens for a reason. So in that way, I believe there is a purpose for why I am here. But I haven’t figured that out yet and hopefully I will eventually. I don’t know why I am here or what my purpose is, but I do know that there is an answer and I just have to find out. I am pretty happy about how my life is going, I have no clue on what I would want changed. I can think of small things that are unimportant in the big picture but overall, there is nothing huge that is bothering and I would want to change. I want to find out what my purpose is but that is probably the only big thing that I would want to change.

  33. James Liwanag

    I think everyone has a reason that they are here. Myself I feel that I am here to create a legacy and a generation that will represent the pride of the Liwanag family. My family comes from the Philippines a life of hardship of poverty. My family has come here not only to help their family, but as well create opportunity for the future generation. My purpose on earth has been created the day I was born. Since then I knew that we had something to prove to not only ourselves but as well to my parents. My parents have always told me the stories of all their hard work and struggles just to be in this point. As well as to tell me how fortunate I am to be in the situation I am. For me my purpose is to help create that foundation for my family and create that legacy in America. I think the way technology is evolving; later in the future we will be in a world jampacked with tech and living with it. I want to see Flying cars, resources saved, environments saved… if we can transition to a green world we will be in a good place.

  34. kaleb kunes

    Why am I here. I wish I knew, but even though i don’t know why I’m here I am thankful that I am here. I am so lucky to be born in a place where I know I will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. To have a roof over my head, with a loving family. some are not so lucky. My purpose is another thing I wish I knew, but I believe that everyone does have one. I want to make a difference in the world just like everyone else. Just to effect one live to start a chain reaction would be great. In my life time I want to see the world more aware of events happening around them. I want more people In America to know about hunger issues in third world countries. I want people to know about global warming and the horrible effects that will become a reality because of it. I think that if people were more aware of what is happening on our earth, we would all benefit.

  35. Alicia Martinez

    I am here because someone wanted me to be here wither its god or just fate. I am meant to be here. But for what reason or purpose I am unsure. I am only 16 years old I haven’t found my reasoning to be here. I’m not even sure if I want to. But I am and I’m not going to give up. Before I die I would want to change our world. I know that is impossible but our world is messed up and it should be changed. There is trash everywhere and all the cars on the road pollute our air that we need to live. I know small changes can be one step of the way and I would love if that happened.

  36. rosie tufte

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself,,
    It is about creating yourself.”
    – Anonymous

    Sometimes we don’t Understand why we are on this earth. Yes some of us were planed. Yes some of us happened by surprise. Yes we are loved by many and love many in return. But there is not a set reason as to why we are here in this world. I feel like I am wandering around this earth trying to grasp everything little by little and sometimes skipping crucial steps to life. It is kind of like if a baby had tried to run first before crawling. You need to take the little steps first in order to success in your goal. I have learned that you can only learn from your OWN mistakes and no one else’s. in the past I believed that I was invincible and that I could do anything and everything with out there being and consequences but in reality that’s just not how life works. Every little thing you do may it be something big or small has a consequence and that event can possibly change your life, your personality, and even everything you have grown to know.

    I do not really know my purpose in life. This is because everything is uncertain. Time is ticking and things are happening/changing all the time. I have always been unsure of my purpose for this reason and that all I can really do is live one day at a time. Also I have learned to accept what life throws at you because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. As to what I would like to change in my lifetime I also am uncertain about. I wouldn’t want really anything in the past to change because it is in the past and maybe just maybe if you could change the past your life would not be the way it is right at the moment

    “Never forget yesterday.
    But always live for today
    Cuz you never know what
    Tomorrow can bring.
    Or what it can take away”
    – DJ Rowdy A

  37. Julia Valdivia

    My purpose, something I ask myself often, but give myself more question than answers. In all simplicity I’m the sperm that one the horrid battle for life. As for my purpose on Earth, I know and deeply feel there is some sort of path laid out for everyone, you just have to find it. And this path we all seek for is sometimes never found. When one ask themselves on why am I here, all they can do is fill their heads with confusion because know truly knows or even understands the meaning of life. My purpose a topic that genuinely intrigues me is that everyone is going to die so might as well fill the earth with love and care.

  38. Cameron Karbum

    So why the heck are we here!? That question seems to come up everyday as we wonder around our everyday live wondering what to do. People who are religious have a feeling of purpose in worshiping god and living a good life. But someone like me who doesn’t believe, what am i here for then? What is my purpose? Well i don’t know and any one who thinks they do is 150% incorrect. You don’t find your “purpose” at such a young age. Life is an ever flowing river and our journey has just begun. My belief is that you live everyday as if each day was a life and when the day ends everything dies with it and in the morning you are reborn. These lessons you learn through your little many 24 hour long lives helps create your purpose. So I am basically saying live in the moment and don’t worry about finding your purpose. Be happy with your life and live everyday to the fullest by doing things you love and your purpose will come. Yet even though my purpose is unknown i do want to see change. I want to see a self sustaining world a world in which man and nature live as one instead of man sucking nature dry like a human chuparcabra. With the current conditions mother earth and man are doomed to fall, together. I want that to change through use of more earth friendly substitutions so in turn man and earth can continue to live.

  39. Austin Hunt

    “Why are you here?” is an answer that many people contemplate, there is no right answer, and I also do not have an answer. I think that every person has a purpose in life, and are always trying to figure it out throughout their whole life. A simple answer to this question would be that my parents wanted me in this world. “What is your purpose?” is a very vague question; at the moment I feel that I don’t have a purpose in life. I feel I’m sort of a wasted space but hopefully will get over this phase in life and find out the purpose of my life. In my lifetime, I would like to see progression of things such as poverty, famine, and other global issues. After seeing progress in these things, people will gain interest in them and start to help, so these changing will be everlasting.

  40. Tori Okada

    I don’t know why I’m here, nor do I particularly care (in the whole scheme of the world, I’m rather fond of Ventura), but I do know that I’m here for a reason even if it now escapes me now. My purpose; I like to think of my purpose as helping those who need it; being there when someone needs it most. By the time I die (whenever that may be) I want the world to view things, concepts, cultures, with an open mind, to not judge by what is first portrayed to them, to see and hear underneath the underneath, to think for themselves not what others say is right or wrong. I fear for the human race if we continue, as a whole, to be inconsiderate and hypocrites who refuse to allow others to live how they wish.

  41. Ashleigh Secor

    I believe that everyone is here for a reason whether we know that reason or not. I mean, I don’t know the exact reason I’m here but I do believe there’s a reason for my existence. Sometimes I like to believe that I’m here to help people. I want to go into nursing because I want to help people when they need it without anything in return. I mean, I don’t believe I’m purely here to help people, but that’s a big part of it. I feel that my purpose is to help people, and to show that there’s hope, I guess. I want to change the idea that doing something good without anything in return is gone. There’s still good out there and I hope to change people’s perspective.

  42. June Pederson

    I was an accident. my parents had no intention of having another child, and i was a shock to everyone because me and my brother are 3 years and 9 months apart.
    I have no idea what i am destined to do. i leave that in gods hands. all i know is that i have a heart that loves adventure and loves to travel. i like the quote that’s a little along the lines of… life is like a book and the people that do not travel only read the first page. in my life time i would like to change something. i don’t know what. maybe a life or a cause. build wells in India maybe. that sounds like a good idea. i really just want to change the lives of people. help the poor and home less maybe. i’m just a kid okay?

  43. Susy Vazquez

    Everyone has a purpose in life; you’ll find it when the time comes. Honestly, I don’t have an answer to why I’m here; but I will find out. Part of me says that I’m here to make a difference in people’s lives, and another part of me says that I’m just a waste of space. I don’t really have an answer to what’s my purpose in life, but I have a gut feeling that I am going to make an impact somehow, somewhere, to someone. I’m hoping this is true because I really don’t want to be a nobody in this world; I don’t think anyone does. There are many opportunities to change your life, there’s an opportunity every single day, but people always choose to not change anything just because laziness gets to them or something gets in the way of a person making a change or money could be the issue. Who knows, maybe the cure to cancer can be found by someone, but they just don’t have the money to go to school and show their skills to the world. In my lifetime, what I would like to see changed is no more sadness. No more depressed nights where all you want to do is go in a corner and cry. No more crying yourself to sleep. Everyone can relate to how that feels, and it’s not a good feeling at all. No one deserves to be sad, no matter what the situation is.

  44. Christian Martinez

    I am here because there is a destiny for me a goal that God wants me to accomplish for him that’s the reason why he put me on this earth to fulfill his task he has given me. Everyone here on earth today has their purpose and why they are here and to some they are lost and don’t know why or what they are supposed to do with their lives but they will find it. I still don’t know what my purpose is but if I were to take a shot at it I would think I’m here to complete my destiny and find it first but to go out in the world and make a difference whether its big or small everyone makes a difference in someone’s life every day. Something I would want changed in my lifetime is for everything to advance more I would like a more futuristic lifetime to live in and also a better economy so everything is not so expensive and gas doesn’t cost a lot and life seems to be more simple rather than struggling to survive.

  45. Charlie Berry

    I am here because of an extremely unlikely order of celestial events that occurred in perfect timing allowing a little bit of star dust to form into the body and consciousness that is called Charlie. I am not sure what my purpose is. As of now, my purpose is to find my purpose. This is probably one of the most common occurring paradoxes of conscious thought. Everyone at some point in time will find themselves lost in this loop of thought. However, I’m not sure if finding this purpose is even worth it. What if life gets boring after that? There would no longer be a driving question of your existence. Is a life without mystery and wonder worth living? Something I want changed in my lifetime is the removal of all prejudices and for everyone to be tolerant of each other. I believe that is these ignorant injustices that are the most detrimental traits that people can possess. I think that without these social barriers, the world would be a better place.

  46. Colin Brown

    I am here because of random events created by the universe throughout my parent’s lives that lead them to meeting and eventually making me. Honestly I have absolutely no clue why the universe put me here in this exact place with these people but there must be some reason that I will figure out later on in my life. I think my purpose right now in life is to positively effect the people around me and to have a good time. In my lifetime I want to make some sort of positive effect on people’s lives and contribute to the beauty of the world .

  47. McKenna Cole

    I am here because my parents liked each other enough to have me and because life was all like “hey you’re going to have a super awesome kid.” So I’m here now doing stuff being a person. My purpose in life is to help things and not die anytime soon and make a difference in the world and help others. In my life time I would like to change into an older person and have a family and a job. I want to change the world with a wave of my wand.

  48. Elianna Zambrano

    Why am I here? I ask myself this whenever I am alone and have time to think. The first thing that pops into my head when I think about that is that god has a plan and I have a part in that plan, he wants to use me to help him work wonders and spread his word. I am here because my mother decided to keep me and see where my life could lead her, I think that I am here to help take care of my siblings to help them get onto the right path and to make sure that they stay away from destruction. Seeing as I am only 17 years old I know that I still have a lot to see and so much more to experience but I believe that even if there are bad times good times come out of it. I would like to help people see their worth, because so many people think that they are worthless and that the world would be so much better without them here, but I would like to help them see that they are worth so much more than they really think, that they were put on this earth for a reason, that with them gone the world will never get to see what an amazing person that they can become, what amazing talents and gift they can offer to the world and the people around them. I believe that media has a huge impact on how people view themselves especially teens, teenagers are in a stage of trying to figure out who they are and what they want to become and the pressure from the media doesn’t help and therefore causes them to think that they are worth nothing, and I would like to show people that they are worth so much more that they think.

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