This I Believe Statements 2013

I believe in the positive effects of vacation. We get so caught up in the daily loads of homework, hours at practice, and stress of extracurricular activities that we forget to make time for ourselves. Whether it be a day trip to Santa Barbara, or three weeks in Hawaii, I believe a vacation can heal anything we may encounter. Vacation gives our bodies a time to forget about the rush that our home and school brings us, and focus on the present time. It gives us time to think about what we were, who we are, and who we want to be. I believe vacation is a necessity: it brings relaxation by taking the mind away from what may seem important in the big scheme of life, and we are able to see the smaller yet more important times as higher value.
I believe in the importance of equality. I believe in not only equality for races, status, rights, and beliefs but I also believe in a bully-free environment. On a daily basis, kids in school are being put down for who they are and it’s not right. Most of the time, they keep it locked inside of them because they’re too afraid to tell a teacher. Keeping those built up emotions locked inside of you can lead to self-harm, suicide, etc. I also believe in equality for things such as legalizing gay marriage and equality for all races. This topic is worthy because most of the times, people don’t even realize that they are doing something or saying something that will affect someone’s feelings in the long run.

I believe in the importance of unplugging from technology and reading a book. Our world seems to be overruled by technology, kids tend to spend up to six hours a day watching the television, or on their computers, or on their phones, etc. I believe that everybody, especially children and young adults, need to expand their minds by reading a book. All they need to do is take away one hour of technology and read a good book. Many studies have proven that reading can help with academic success, which thus proves my point further. Also, reading is fun, not all reading has to be educational. It’s fun to get lost in a book and discover an entire different world.

Nature’s Solitude

I believe in nature’s solitude. This solitude you can only find in a forest. This moment of silence while walking through nature’s unvalued work of art. This experience in nature is valuing the present, where you stop thinking, and start living. Nature’s experience brings out your palpable senses. You start hearing the crunching of leaves, the crisp breeze through your hair, and the flutter of birds from tree to tree. This split second stillness of enjoying the moment. Where your mind and body are sound with nature. This worldly experience can’t be fabricated or constructed, just the natural course.
I believe that nature catalyzes separation. Where there are no distractions of negative experiences from the past and no hindering pressures of the future. This solitude enables your mind to come to peace. This world of nature doesn’t have any interruptions of technology. Nothing is distracting you with trifling notifications of social media or messaging. We are left with just the calmness and self-reflective moment. This solitude breeds freedom of the world’s frivolous tasks and puts you in a state of consummation. This solitude enlightens us to understand that the present is the only tangible experience we have; for the past is behind us and the future we can never touch.
I believe that nature brings out the best in me. One can be their true self while taking a stroll in nature. You put down your walls of insincerity and distrust. You brush off all the negative hindering thoughts when you take the first step into nature. You don’t carry yourself with a facade, a reputation of how you want to appear to others. Nature isn’t concerned with the transient notions of your visage, just the experience of one spending their time there. Nature empowers you with space for self-reflection and interpersonal communication. To stop worrying about preconceived notions of what others want, but what makes you feel truly happy. This is my domain in life. This is what I believe; nature’s solitude.

I believe that life is better if you live without any fear of anything. One of the new sayings around the young generation is YOLO. It stands for You Only Live Once. Some people may not believe in the saying and think its dumb, but think about it. It’s true. You only live once, so you should live life with no regrets and have fun!
If I were to give a newborn baby one piece of advice, I would simply say to them, “ Don’t be scared.” Going into middle school, I was very scared because middle school is the first chance for kids to be independent and be on their own. And I had no idea what I was doing. I was lost, and scared. After a while it got a little better, but I was never fully comfortable at school. And someone once told me , “ Fake it til you make it.” So i put on a smile, and pushed through middle school.
As i got into high school, I was also scared. But after freshman year, I learned that things aren’t as scary as they seem. And i started to open up and be more sociable. I made new friends, and I started having fun and taking more chances. I was comfortable and enjoying spending time with the new friends I had made. Now that I look back on middle school, I wish that I knew what I knew know, so I could have enjoyed middle school instead of being scared of everything. And that is why I would tell a newborn baby to not be scared. And that is why I believe that life is better if you live life without any fear of anything.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” this I believe. Fear, a mysterious force that can change the way we live. Imagine a world of humans, now imagine them all fearless. would it be a good or bad place? The answer to that is up to you. The way force can control our lives is truly amazing. We may have the opportunity of a lifetime standing right in front of you, but if you’re fearful, you will surely fail and lose the chance of getting what you want. It is known that having no fear can kill you, however having fear can take your life as well. The quote “The only thing we have to fear itself” tells us to only fear being fearful, a.k.a. don’t have fear and you will be set.
When asked ‘If you could offer a newborn child one piece of advice, what would it be?” my answer to that was; live free and be fearless, don’t let what other people say offend you, show you have no fear to what they think, because more than likely they are a bunch of idiots. In telling this child to be fearless, I hope he grows and does not take offence to the words of others, and I hope he dresses and believes what ever the heck he gosh darn wants to, because this is America, land of the free!
In closing I will show how this quote has influenced me. I was a youngin and I dressed however I pleased, then came the harsh atmosphere of middle school, and trying to fit in. To be honest I really didn’t even like half the stuff I wore. Now in highschool, I don’t give a two farts what people think of me. If you don’t like what i wear then suck for y’all, imma wear whatever i want to wear. I have really learned a lot about having no fear towards peoples thoughts, and other things as well. that is why i believe “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
I believe in stopping to enjoy the beauty of the world. Observing everything around me and pondering what I have been overlooking makes me feel alive and passionate. Last summer, my Dad who lives in Kansas moved to a house in a more country area. Every day I spent there, I went outside to explore, enjoy nature, and to be the non-typical girl who’s not afraid of getting dirt on her clothing, scratches on heir legs, or bug bites. One late afternoon, I took a walk down Golden Road with my sister and took my camera to take photographs. The warm sun cast an orange glow on everything. Soon we reached a cornfield and decided to run through it. It may not seem like anything fun, but to me, it was a blast because I always wanted to do that. Adding to this, the sky was absolutely stunning. I saw smoke rising to the sky, so my sister and I made our way back home. My dad had a bonfire smoldering. I laid down in the grass beside it and watched the sun make its descent. The sky made astounding transformations; when I took photos, you wouldn’t think it was the same sunset. The fiery ball changed into a blood-red color just as it sunk below the horizon. That evening was a very memorable time of my life and I don’t think I will forget it. Every night, Kansas gave different exquisite sunsets to enjoy, one evening with lightning in the distance to admire. This is why I believe in stopping to enjoy the beauty in the world. It makes you forget about all the negativity and be thankful for what God has given.
I believe that you need happiness in life. If you are bringing happiness to others and to yourself then you do not need much more than that in life. Life without happiness is a life wasted. You need happiness to succeed in life because I believe if you are not happy then you are not succeeding, how would being unhappy all the time be considered successful? To me that seems unreasonable. Dalai Lama once stated, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” I believe we were made to seek out happiness and to make others happy. Whatever you are doing should be making you happy. I never like to be around someone who is unhappy, it ruins my mood and it makes me unhappy, but when I am around someone happy my day gets brightened up when I am around them. I believe in happiness because it doesn’t just help yourself it helps others around you.
Some people might say that people who are happy all the time are annoying and people that try to be happy are selfish. Studies show that people find happy people much more like-able than their less-happy peers. Happy people are viewed as friendlier, smarter, warmer, less selfish, more self-confident, more socially skilled, and even more physically attractive. Studies have also shown that, happier people are more likely to help other people, they’re more interested in social problems, they do more volunteer work, and they contribute more to charity. This is why I believe in happiness. Happiness doesn’t just benefit the individual, but it benefits everyone around them.
I remember the first time I was alone, the feelings that rushed through my body and mind as I was looking for something to grasp. Not knowing what was happening and not really caring. I believe in being lost. Lost from society and the surroundings around you. Sometimes not knowing what is going to happen can make the best parts of life the most memorable moments you have. Maybe not knowing what you are going to have for lunch or not knowing what you are going to do that one Friday night, aren’t the most important things you may choose but can also guide you through the rest of your life. I believe in being lost. Decisions determine your life and I believe in making those random ideas and shooting for the stars.
I am a girl, a wild youth, a realist, a hipster, a hopeless romantic, and I am proud. This is what I am and will forever be. As these things I see the world differently than anyone else. In fact, everyone has their own interpretation of the world around us. It is just a matter of how one chooses to express their personal view. I choose photography. Being who I am and having experienced what I have I view things differently than most teenagers in this generation. I believe technology is taking over our world. I believe music cleanses the soul. I believe our generation is corrupted. I believe society killed the teenager. I believe in inner beauty. This I believe.

Technology has increased so much throughout the years but now it seems to have gone into overload. Every teen has a phone glued to their face twentyfour-seven and now it is getting to the point where younger and younger children are starting to do the same. It is also sad to see how many kids would rather sit in their house alone and watch TV or play on the computer rather than go outside and play catch or kick a ball around. I figure that this is the reason the average American is becoming overall heavier. We lack the physical exercise we need due to our obsession with technology.

Music is an escape from this judgemental world. Now I am not talking about Top 40 and that hip hop nonsense. I am talking about true music, where the lyrics mean something to you. But hey, if “Swing your partner round and round end of the night, it’s going down one more shot, another round end of the night, it’s going down” really speaks to you then so be it. Personally I find sanction in the off the chart music that is not as popular and kind of different the typical party music. Bands like the Passengers, Modest Mouse, and Violent Femmes produce music that is genuine and oddly enough has depth and meaning to it. If one listens closely and actually understands the lyrics they will be able to appreciate and relate to it so much more.

My generation is filled teenagers taking part in illegal drinking, smoking, relationships, and downloads. Teenagers now a days are living up to their reputations of being “young and reckless.” Yes, teenagers throughout history have always ended up more corrupt than the generation before them, but now it is just getting out of hand. If a person has not had a sip of alcohol before age 17 suddenly they become a “goody-two-shoes.” To me, that is down right stupid.

“Society killed the teenager” is such #basic phrase, however I am one hundred percent for it. This quote refers to society killing teenagers mentally and physically. This is the age kids turn to young adults and we are all trying to find ourselves. Unfortunately, our society has become so judgement that many are scared to express themselves because they do not know how the outside world will react. Those of us who are brave enough to speak up or speak out tend to get put down by the rest. Depression and suicide rates are going up due to bullying and teenage minds always filled with thoughts of how they are not and will never be good enough for the world around them. Teenagers become anorexic because the outside world does not approve of “fat” people. It is a sad thought but we can not just sit around and ignore a raising issue.

Inner beauty refers to personality and the real you. I do not wear make up for a reason. If a man is going to like me then I want him to like me for who I truely am. Not for what I appear to be with ten tons of make up plastered to my face. Make up is what girls go to in order to cover up their flaws and as a sort of shield hiding away the parts of them they are ashamed of or find “uncool.” Many girls claim they will not go out in public without wearing makeup because they believe themselves to be ugly without it. This worries me because it shows how much confidence girls are lacking now a days.

These five concepts are all intertwined with each other. It is sad to me that this is what my generation, my society, and my own friends have come to. However, this is what I see. This, I believe.

This I Believe…

Beauty is a Lie: Beauty is something often decided by, not people, but society. The value of beauty has risen beyond belief, whether it is real and true, or fake, and this is the cause of so many insecurities, especially in the United States. Everybody wants to be beautiful, especially girls, but what is beauty? Beauty is a Lie. It is a Trick. It is a tool to boost sales. How does this topic affect me? I have to hear about the insecurities of the average girl on a daily basis via my younger teenage sister. This I Believe, Beauty is a Lie.

Fear Brings True Personality: Personally, my personality is my most prized possession. It is something that nobody else can change about me. The problem is that so many people have fake personalities nowadays, that it is hard to tell who is your true friend. I think that fear is the best way to bring out a person’s true personality. This presented itself to me when I convinced a friend of mine to go on Goliath as the first roller coaster she ever went on. Lets just say I learned some things about that person on that day. This I believe, Fear Brings Personality.

Life goes on: People, especially our generation, use, and overuse drama in their everyday lives. What they don’t realize is that Life does indeed go on. Spilling your Starbucks coffee isn’t the end of the world! Its going to be alright. You dont need to stress and dramatize the fact that your coffee spilled. Being a highschool student, I see such drama every day. This I believe, Life Goes On.

An Adrenalin Filled Life is the Best kind of Life: I personally am an Adrenaline junkie. I road-race, and race professional supermoto, and I love fast cars, and big trucks. I couldn’t even comprehend the thought of life without these things in my life. I think everybody could use a little more Adrenalin in their lives. This I believe, An Adrenalin Filled Life is the Best kind of life.

Friends are a Great Source of Support: Having a little sister I learned pretty quick that her and her friends talk about literally everything. They may criticize, and tease, but they also support each other. They help each other with their problems, and they stick together. They showed me the value of friends. This I believe, Friends are a Great Source of Support.

Music is a form of expression and brings people together, this I believe. Throughout centuries many composers have written and published their music to the public. Their music has made them known throughout the world and many people enjoy listening to them. There are different genres of music such as rock, pop, and hip hop. Many of them have their own unique style of rhythm and beat. A rhythm from rock wouldn’t necessarily be the same in hip hop. It is through these variations of music that express us. The certain type of music an individual likes can also attract other individuals so that they all share the same taste. Another form of music that brings people together is holiday music. A good example would be Christmas music because everyone is getting into the mood to give gifts to each other.
The different types of music around world that people listen to express us. Music can influence the way we talk, dress, and act around society. For example, pop music a genre that is widely listened to around the world compared to other types of music. Also people who are avid listeners of pop generally, “extraverted, honest, and conventional” (Cherry, “Music and Personality”). These traits are only for people who listen to pop while some might not be true for others; music expresses us in some way or another. Looking back at the history of music as it progresses through the centuries also shows us people in society who dress and act according to the music they listen to.

Cherry, Kendra. “Music and Personality.” Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2013.

I believe that greed is in all of our nature. That greed is the cause of most of our arguments. We all want what is best for the people that we care for which is a good kind of greed but none the less we don’t always want what are best for people we don’t know. Greed is the cause of most disagreements among-st us. The want or need for resources or revenge on a country or person causes fights or even wars. Greed is the reason that people keep things valuable things hidden and away from the world. This I believe
I believe winter is the best season. For me, winter is not just a season to receive presents under a tree or to celebrate Kwanza. For me, winter is a season to gather friends and family and have fun under one roof. There’s nothing to complain about, unlike Thanksgiving, you don’t even have to socialize with your family. You can all just sit down in the living room and watch a holiday special. So, no more awkward conversations with relatives that know you, but you don’t know them. Also, you get awesome presents from your parents or guardians, because they have heard your whining about some new toy throughout the year. But, seriously, it’s not just about receiving the new Transformer or the limited edition Barbie that comes with an exclusive hat. The holiday season is about getting a well thought-out present for the person you care for. In a way, that’s what the holidays are about.
I know what you’re thinking, I started off saying that the holidays are not the most important thing during winter and finished with the meaning of the holidays; but when talking about this season, it is hard to not talk about celebrating the holidays. And celebrating them is something that I definitely look forward to. You see, throughout the year, I can hear my parents constantly arguing about something meaningless and stupid. The walls are thin, so it’s more like that I was forced to listen. My sister and I would always try to leave the house or to the other side of the house to escape from the pointless squabbles. But, when we came together to decorate the tree and listen to Dean Martin singing Christmas songs, it was just magical. My parents standing next to each other, smiling warmly for photos, was much different from the people that are figuratively usually at each other’s throats. Every year, I look forward to winter and the holidays that come with it, because the hopeful bliss of seeing my family all together smiling, hugging, and laughing reminds me that my family life is pretty good.
I believe that accepting change is vital to the growth of a person. Change doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly significant. It can be small everyday things, such as deciding to be healthier, or trying something new. Everyone goes through changes in their life, but these experiences can have different effects on different people. One person can look at something as a challenge that is impossible to conquer, while another person may look at the same thing as a hurdle for them to leap over.
How is change so relevant to my life? Why did I choose to write about change? From of a sea of words that could be used to describe my life, I fished out the word ‘change’ because I had to step over a major threshold when I was in eighth grade. I was moving back to California, after nine years of living in a quiet town in Utah. I started eighth grade at Balboa right after Christmas break. I felt like a tornado had ripped me from my known world, and thrown me into a completely different universe full of unfamiliar faces and palm trees. No matter how much I wished I didn’t move, starting a new life was a bridge that I had to get over, so I came out of my protective tortoise shell, and I made wonderful friends who have made the transition into high school along with me. After desperately clinging on to my old life for quite a while, I let go. I finally accepted change and I finally leaped over that hurdle.
I believe in companionship. I believe in shoulders to cry on, aching sides as you laugh too hard together, and ones who never leave no matter how messed up you are. Those who are the rays of sunshine on your days of thunderclouds. Friendship is that rock that keeps you grounded to reality, and at the same time allows you to be who you truly are. Companions don’t care if you snort when you laugh, if you are beyond insane, and if you would rather sit inside eating king size Snickers bars and giant bags of Doritos than go out to parties. Companionship is that constant, no matter if the world around you is crumbling.
Friends are those who take your side no matter how wrong you are; they have your back as you fight off your enemies. They won’t always agree with you, but in the end they will fight for you when you are in trouble. They will tease and joke around with you, but will quickly defend you passionately. They have the ability to sense when something is wrong, pry it out of you, and lend their wisdom and support to get you through your troubles.
Companionship lets you feel free to express yourself to those around you. Your companions don’t care if you have – or don’t have – a special edition 9 disc BluRay set of the StarWars saga, if you don’t like cheese, or if you love to just sit around and read all day. Friendship is that true state of trust and free expression, to be yourself regardless of society’s pressures.
I believe in the power of companionship.
I believe that one of the essential things in life is to stay positive. Putting yourself down and feeling sorry for yourself won’t do you any good and it won’t change anything. Focusing on the positive aspects in life and realizing how thankful you should be is something that everyone should reflect on daily. Worrying and stressing out too much will only cause you to lose yourself and destroy yourself in the process. If you lose sight of all the things you truly value, then you’ll never have time to enjoy the good things in life, no matter how big or small they may seem.
Looking back, I used to be a very pessimistic person. I always worried about the small things and picked out everything I hated about myself. I would listen to sad music on the weekends, stay in bed, and lose myself in all my negative thoughts. I would always compare myself to others and think about how differently my life would be if I lived it the way I would have wanted. I used to think that my parents were the ones who were holding me back, but I soon realized that my fears and doubts were the ones pulling me away from my dreams and happiness. I was sick of myself and I knew that I had to change. At first, I began with changing my attitude, and before I knew it, my whole perspective on life started to change. I remember constantly trying to make up excuses of the things I needed in order to change, but in reality all I needed was myself. I didn’t need someone else to help me change. I needed faith in myself. Ultimately, it was looking at the positive aspects in life and realizing that only you can decide how you want to live it was what really changed me for the better.
Having Fun
I believe that it is right to have fun and relieve yourself from stress like homework and from having to do a lot of work. Too many people worry about whether or not they’ll be able to finish things on time and never give themselves a break from being too busy for a social life and having friends. Taking a break from work is always great because you can just relax and be free from worries. If you stress yourself out too much you’re just going to be giving yourself constant headaches. Honestly, it gets me mad how some people won’t relax for a bit when they have plenty of time to do their work later. You can balance both having fun and getting your work done if you just learn to go with the flow. I find it very important to learn to have fun once in awhile because you might become boring to people and its always great to have friends that you can have a good time with.
Some people need to be more relaxed about things and not freak out about work so much. Listening to music always helps especially when you’re stressed out to the max or simply hanging out with people and having a good time is always fun because you forget about all your worries and you get to actually have fun. It kinda gets me mad when people don’t want to take a break and just relax because they might stress out too much and its never good. I used to be a really stressed out person with school and homework and I never really got a chance to have as many friends and eventually one day my sister helped me become more fun. I was able to balance both school and going out and having fun. Everyone can do it but you have to allow yourself to.
I believe in Santa Claus. Yes, the big guy in the red suit with the 2 lists who on Christmas Eve plops down in a sleigh to be pulled by flying reindeer to every rooftop in the world. AKA Saint Nicholas, who upon arriving promptly wiggles down the chimney, scarfs down the milk and cookies left for him, and finally carefully nestle the perfect Christmas presents under the family’s tree before taking off to the next home. I believe in Santa, but not simply because of the tales my parents’ told my brothers and I as young children, the presents under our tree signed ‘Love, Santa’, or the weather reporters with their sleigh trackers. I believe in Santa because of what he stands for and his influence on the world.
In the spirit of Mr. Claus, thousands of volunteers come together every year to pick up, sort, and distribute gifts donated by the community just to make sure that every kid (no matter what they have financially)receives a gift signed ‘Love, Santa’. Parents come together to *SPOILER ALERT* become Santa. Today, it seems adults are consumed by a stressful, serious world, but, annually, becoming the legend of Santa is a lighthearted activity. Holding their child’s hand, they bake cookies for the big guy, aid with writing a wish list, pose with Santa at the mall, haul a tree home, and decorate. Lastly, on Christmas Eve they sneakily plant presents under the tree. Any rewards? Plenty. The sparkle in the eyes of a child and the laughs shared. The lessons of thankfulness and generosity are passed down to another generation. The hope for starting a kid off right in the world seems hopeful. Santa makes the world a jollier place.
I believe in animals being treated as family members and loved as if they were.
Animals adopted into a family should be treated as a son or daughter. They should get treated just as right and cared for just as much.
I believe skateboarding deserves more respect than it is given. Skating is just as real a sport as basketball, baseball, football or any other major sport. Skateboarding is not simply a thing hoodlums do to damage property. Skateboarding is a huge part of many people’s lives. There is an entire industry that revolves around skateboarding. Skate shoes, parts, magazines, obstacles, and television shows are all part of a massive money making industry just like any other sport. There are even skateboarding teams built up of world class professional skateboarders.However, one of the only difference between skateboarding and sports life baseball and football is that many people frown upon skateboarding.

Skating is a sport that requires hard work and constant practice to become good, but most people look at it and think that it is a walk in the park to learn a new trick. Nobody steps on a board for the first time and can do an ollie, just as when you first pick up a baseball bat you can’t hit a home run on your first try. I believe that learning a new trick on a skateboard is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It took me almost an entire year and over one hundred shin bruises to learn 360 flips. Also, skating is more dangerous than most sports. Skaters regularly jump off of huge sets of stairs and ride at high speeds down massive hills with nothing but their balance and grip-tape keeping them on their boards.

Not only does skateboarding deserve respect for how dangerous it is and how difficult it is to learn, but I believe it also deserves respect for how amazingly fun it is. The only reason I have been skating for the last five years is because it is the most fun sport I have ever participated in. I tried playing tennis, soccer, baseball and basketball, but the only sport I liked was skateboarding. The feeling of landing a trick off of a gap or performing a flawless lipslide is amazing. I believe that until people try riding a skateboard, they have no right to insult it. I believe Skateboarders deserve much more respect than they are given.

I believe that music can save lives.
I am one of those people who was indeed saved by music. I do not care what music it is, what it says, and why. Music can save people from pain, loneliness, and even themselves.
Music triggers happiness in the brain and for good reason. It can be therapy, I mean they do have music therapy. It can help those with raging emotions to vent out. It definitely did for me. All music can make you feel different. Electronic music can give you energy and make you feel ecstatic. Hip hop/rap could make you feel, honestly like a total gangster and that’s not a bad thing. Metal can make you go crazy and feel free. No matter what I do in life music will be a huge part of my life.
There have many times in my life when things have been tough, overwhelming, and stressful and I have done things I regret, but the times when I sat down and just head banged to heaviest music I could find, I felt good and could never regret it. There’s this quote, it states, “That’s one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they”ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.” This quote could never be so true. Music is by far one of the greatest things of the world. It gives me hope for the future, calms me down when I’m upset, and keeps me company when I’m lonely. I makes me something beyond happy. I can honestly say that without music I would have been gone a long time ago. I could never live without music. It saved me and it saves people everyday.
I believe that the only thing that we fear is fear itself. People are afraid to do things because they fear they would be made fun of, they aren’t confident enough, or they are simply afraid. For example, at the Magic Mountain trip I was terrified of roller coasters. I got on the roller coaster and I cried a little bit, but at the end it was worth it.
Another thing people fear is being judged by others. often times people won’t do something because they fear of what others might think of them. Some people fear of what others might think of their outfit, or their nationality, or maybe giving a presentation. People need to have more confidence, not worry about what other people think of them and have faith in their style, not care about being ridiculed.
People need to not worry what other people think about them, if other people make fun of you, thats just them being a jerk. I never let other people get to me, I could care less about what people think of me. People need to stop judging other people so harshly and should respect other peoples style choices. America is a free country so people should be free of other people judging them.
I believe in the power of music. I believe the power of music is the root of all human creativity. Music is what inspires us to induce and create art. Music inspires us to dance and to sing with a passion so strong it inspires an audience. The power of music influences how we exist; how we move, how we dress, how we talk, act, and think. I believe the power behind music influences the pinnacle of all human emotions. It inspires us to laugh, to cry, to rage, to be impassioned, and it’s what inspires us to see the world in a different way. Music animates colors we never have imagined before. Music can bring complete strangers together as a family, yet music can break people apart. Music can bring a sliver of hope or bring an end to those who are in despair. Music can bring a world of color to those who cannot see, music can bring a world of hope to those who cannot dream. Yet music can bring depths of despair to those who are suffering, music can bring a trench too tall to dig out of to those who once saw hope. This I believe is the power of music. Music is why we move. Music is why we believe in passion, hope, and despair. Music is why we live. This I believe is the power of music.
Diapers and politicians should be changed often: both for the same reason

Peace was never an option

If no one comes from the future to stop you, then how bad can it really be?

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea

Growing old is mandatory; Growing up is optional

An apple a day will keep anyone away, if thrown hard enough

Brains are awesome; I wish everybody had one

The greatest inspiration is the deadline

The rage of a thousand white hot blinding suns of hateful fury

Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need a professional opinion

It’s not the Vf=V i+at that kills you. It’s the F=ma

War does not determine who is right… only who is left

Old video games couldn’t be one. They just got harder and faster until you died. Just like real life.

We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they’re inside of us

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man

Most of us can, as we choose, make of this world either a palace or a prison


Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated in going somewhere “new”. When I was a kid, tree house forts and caves were the most awesome things ever. Whenever something has wonder or discovery involved, I can’t help but want to explore it. But there is something about almost everywhere that entices me. Even just going to a hotel is exciting for me because i’m somewhere different and new. I spend lots of time day dreaming about where I would go if I had a car and money and no responsibilities, but most of the time, I just get excited to about the fact of going somewhere.
This is why I believe that I have wanderlust. Whenever I think about traveling, I just get lost in the idea. I feel like there are places that I need to go to. Even though I haven’t done much of it, I feel like traveling, just getting out in the world, will bring so much good attributes and qualities to a person. There are so many things that seem incredible to me about traveling; seeing different cultures, being in different communities, seeing other ways of life. And to be totally immersed in a different atmosphere entirely. It makes me remember that everything isn’t just in this one little town. There is so much out there, and I want to see it, that is why I chose this topic.

This I believe
I believe in spending more time outdoors. Human beings need exercise and have to be active, but with today’s technology more and more ditch the outdoors and play video games or watch TV. I believe we should limit use of technology and go and do something with friends that gets your body working.
I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether to make you stronger or to test you, either way i believe there’s a reason why everything happens. I believe it when people say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I believe that we are taught how to be strong by the thing that happen to us, we are given great amazing thing and opportunities so easy, and just as easily we get things and people taken away from us and our lives, we are taught not to take things for granted, we should all be happy with what we have, just how some people can be giving so much and some people are not getting as much i believe there’s a reason behind that too.For example with relationships you are either going to marry the person you are with or you guys will break up and it all happens for a reason after a break up you think you will never get over a person but within time you move on forgive and forget that reason would be that you are led to be with the person are meant to be with, and i believe that no matter how hard or how happy or sad something makes you there is a reason for it all, I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I believe that home can be many things. It is a place, and maybe even a feeling. It a place of retreat and safety. It is a sanctum in which you can go to escape from drama. How wonderful is it to just go be able to retreat to a place like this? Now, home doesn’t always necessarily refer to a certain house or apartment with your family’s name on it currently. Perhaps it is a place in which you lived previously, or just a quiet peaceful place that you simply enjoy. It can be a place of solitude or of welcoming company. The feeling of home is a distinct one. It can fill you up with warm and sentimental feelings. It can give you peace and comfort and protect you. This I believe.
This I believe that all animals should be treated equally. I believe that animal abuse is inexcusable. Animals should be treated with respect, love, and care, whether they are just farm animals or pets. Animals are living creatures, and yes they have feelings too, so why abuse or abandon them? Animal abuse can happen to any animal. The most common is with cats, dogs, and horses. People abandon their pets on the streets and leave them to either starve to death, get hit by a car, or get picked up by animal control. But, what is the likelihood that an animal will actually have a chance to get picked up by animal control? After an animal is picked up by animal control they get sent to places like Humane Societies, they get cared for, and then people are able to adopt them. Animals who have been abused and dumped deserve a second chance after all they have been through. If you love them, they will love you just as much back.
I believe in the power of justice and morality. I believe that I can achieve more good with a pen in my hand, than with a rifle rested on my palm. I believe in a common tolerance to respect each other’s views and opinions; the ability to set aside personal ideals for the benefit of the many. If we follow the path of justice and morality we will arrive at the river of peace; where the birds chirp love, and the fish swim in waters of tranquility. Good will always prevail over evil, even if the façade of time attempts to play tricks on this near natural law.
With tolerance come many other good virtues such as patience and open mindedness. Suddenly it’s easier to walk away from a fight. Suddenly it’s easier to shake hands with your enemy. Suddenly it’s easier to take someone’s troublesome life into consideration. With tolerance comes understanding; the world revolves around understanding.
“Crazy Christians”
The topic of my final is mostly inspired by the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church. They call themselves Christians and worship a God they don’t even believe loves them. I believe that even though they are entitled to their opinions, they are extreme and just plain wrong.
So it is people like them I am basing my final on because I believe that everyone should be treated them same no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or faith. I believe that we all need to stop judging each other based on looks, or who your parents are, or where you came from.
I want to stop judging and start loving. I want to welcome everyone with open arms, instead of condeming them to hell for being different. I want “crazy christians” to see themselves as they really are, and change their ways. This I believe.
I believe that life is short. Marilyn Monroe said “Nothing lasts forever so live it up…laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances, and never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted”. I believe in this quote, because in 5 years from now, I will not remember what I did yesterday or the day before that or even the day before that, and I know that if you are reading this you will not remember either.

I believe that people should quit doing the things that they do not like and focus more on the things that are fun and important to them. Do not let others make decisions for them; they should make decisions for themselves. I think people should control the course of their life and not settle on anything. They should live everyday as if it were their last and not care what people think because it is not important as long as it makes them happy. I think if people focused on those things, they would not complain so much about how life sucks and how they never get to have anything fun. I think people need to quit focusing on all of the material possessions in the world and focus more on experiencing the things that make them happy.\

I believe that people should do as many things as they can even if they are afraid of the repercussions. Go do something big like skydiving, paragliding, or cliff jumping, or do something smaller like going on a trip across the globe to somewhere they have never been before. Make the adrenalin rush, face fears, and learn something new about them. They should do the things that they have always wanted to do and not let anything hold them back. Forget about that thing five years ago that upset them because it does not matter now. Let go of the things that are not important and live in the present, not the past or future.

I believe that life is short.

This I Believe

I believe that there is beauty in nature. I like to go on hikes and adventures and experience different places and their beauty. Nature is a place where humans have not destroyed it for buildings or resources and is a place where you can see the worlds as it is. Nature is a place to get away from cities and go on your own to enjoy yourself and the world. Nature is meaningful in my life because I have gone out and enjoyed the cool places that can be found if you just go out and see what is outside the cities. This I believe.

Whenever I see any sort of nature, ranging from flowers to trees to bushes, it reminds me of my great grandfather. He was a very great man, filled with life and joy, and he was always there for me. Unfortunately, he died just a few years ago from very old age. However, I think of flowers and other kinds of nature when i think of him because I know he is in a better place than here, which makes me happy, just like how nature makes me happy inside. He is able to walk again and do what he loves, which is tap dancing. He used to be a crazy tap dancer, and I’m glad he is able to once again. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to walk when he was alive, but now that he has passed, he is able to once again, which makes me even happier. I will always remember the times when I would just be able to talk to him and hold his hand, as well as just seeing him still alive and running on fumes. I’m just glad that he doesn’t have to suffer his pain anymore. If I could say one more thing to him, I would probably tell him thank you. It was hard to see him go, but I was able to keep his memory alive inside me and I will be able to forever. Whenever I see flowers, I see his life. The reason I see his life is because he was a very inspirational person and was able to make life beautiful. However, I also relate to his life being short because I have only been alive for 15 years, and I didn’t really get a chance to know him. However, even though I wasn’t able to get to know him well, I knew well enough that he was a great man and he put smiles on everyone’s face. This I believe.
Family is Everything
I believe in the love of a family. In my opinion, family is the most important thing in life. Having a loving family creates comfort, safety, and a warm feeling inside that you could not get from anyone, or anything else. My family has helped me through some difficult times in my life. If I did not have the love and support of my family, I would not be the person I am today. Not just my immediate family, but my extended family as well. In my opinion, everyone should be connected with their extended family and immediate family. It has made a huge difference in my life, has it impacted yours?
This I Believe

I believe that it is wrong to murder someone on the street. However I believe that a soldier in war killing another soldier is not a bad thing. In war many soldiers are killed and there is no punishment for the the killings that occur. If you are not in war the people that are killed are considered murdered because there is no reason to do it. It is looked at as a selfish act to murder someone, but in war if someone is killed it is for a greater cause, such as protection over the U.S. than it is looked at as a heroic action. Thousands of soldiers die in war for our side and the enemies side over what they believe. If the soldiers in war are killed then some believe there is no difference between killing in war and murder. However when killing someone in war it is justified because they signed up to be there.

I Believe
I believe that everybody should play a different sport. I believe that everybody should play a different sport because playing sports can get you in shape and keep you focused on sports instead of other bad things like drugs. The only exception for somebody not to play sports is if they are physically unable to, like if they do not have an arm or a leg. Also in most sports coaches teach you about life lessons, so if you play sports you can learn many life lessons. Also sports are very fun and they relieve alot of the stress in your everyday life.I currently play golf for Ventura High School. I know that its not a very physically active sport but it does relieve alot of my everyday stress and it keeps me in shape. Also if you are really good at sports you could get a career in sports. This is why I believe that everybody should play a sport.
I believe that almost everyone has had one of those moments when you wanted to be away from either your mom or dad. I know that you should take advantage that you have someone providing for what you need, and what you want.

The reason of why I chose this is because when I was 6 my dad and I spent most of the time together, because my mother worked at a fast food restaurant all day. There came a point where he had to leave California to work in Idaho. Me my mom and my little sister stayed behind for school. Soon after he left I realized that he wasn’t there to pick me up from school then go to his soccer practice. Or to help me with whatever I wanted. My dad was away for around two months and all through that time I wanted my dad with me, I missed him more than ever before I would always get mad at him and told him he should move away. Once he came back I realized that your family is the only thing you have left in the end. By know you probably ask what does mean or how does this define you. Well I’ve always believed in appreciating your family, but because of that I have spent more time with my family and we are closer than ever.

Therefore I believe that family and appreciating the time you get to spend with them can help your life in many ways.

I believe in the power of music. Music is something that can bring people together. It allows a connection to form between people who may not speak the same language because music is an entirely different language in itself. Music provokes emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It speaks to everyone differently, and I think that’s extremely powerful.

Music has had a tremendous impact on my life. It’s the one thing me and dad have in common. My dad and I are not very close, so we never have much to talk about at all; but when it comes to music, the two of us can go on and on. He has played guitar in multiple bands for over 30 years, so I grew up around music. Even though I only see him about once a year, our relationship stays strong through our bond of music. It provides a sense of safety and security between us. When I am feeling upset or miss my dad at all, I turn to music for happiness.

I believe in art and creativity. Deep inside every human is the seed of creativity. The need to feel accepted and acknowledged, but trying to be unique at the same time. Having the passion to express oneself is what makes us human.

Growing up I have always been passionate about art and being creative. Its like a foreign language that I’ve been speaking since I was little. I still have a painting I did when I was in preschool saying how I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. I’m in high school now and nothing has changed. The passion of art still lives inside me and impacts my life daily.

This I Believe Statement
Growing up in the Mormon church, we are always told to be Christ-like and to find opportunities to serve others. Charity work has always been a part of my life growing up. Not only does it provide happiness to others, but it requires us to not be thinking of ourselves at that moment. So much our time today is with our technology and thinking only of ourselves. This I believe in the power of doing charity work.
I am part of a charity organization called National Charity League. We do service for organizations such as Children’s Auxiliary Services, Special Olympics, Douglas Penfield, Food Share, and many more. It brings such happiness to me when I get to go out and help others. I know that it brings joy to other people when I serve them, which brings joy to me. It also helps me to remember to be grateful for everything that I have. The people we help are so friendly and kind towards us despite the fact they don’t have much. It humbles me when I work with them and try to be a better person. One of my favorite ones service is Children’s Auxiliary Service Foster Family Picnic. The kids are so cute and hopeful. I was adopted so I feel like I can relate to them a little more too. Doing service work also brings together our community by working together to benefit everybody. If everybody would do a little service each day, our world we be such happier place.

This I believe in importance of learning an instrument
I used to dread having to go to my piano lessons. Week after week it was a fight. It wasn’t until I reached around the age of 14 that I realized what a gift it was to be able to play an instrument. This I believe in the importance of learning an instrument.
I have played the piano for 8 years now. It has benefited me in so many ways. In church, I play the organ, I can provide special musical numbers in church, I can share my talents with other people like playing at nursing homes, and it helps my brain. A study showed that people who learn instruments as kids strengthens a range of auditory skills. It helps with memory and listening to tones and pitches. Music brings joy to people. I love go going to the nursing home on Sunday mornings to play for the seniors. They love it so much that we come to entertain them. It makes me so happy seeing them and interacting with them.
I used to tell myself that I would never make my kids learn the piano because I didn’t want them to suffer through piano lessons like I did. Of course, that has changed now. They will take piano lessons. It’s just so important and helps kids at a young age memory of pitch and notes. It exercises the brain. Music also helps to express feelings though your fingers and emotions. Through sad songs, I can express emotions and pour them out into the song. Piano is a good stress factor for when I just need to relax. Learning an instrument is a good thing to do. It helps you in life and provides you with opportunities to share it with others.

Anthony Zambrano
Mr. Crouch
I believe statement
I believe in people who are dedicated about what they do because those are the people who make a difference in the world. For example Martin Luther king was really passionate about his cause an so every picture or almost every picture of him that you see it shows him yelling an stating what he wanted to change. I mean of course I’m not going to be able to take pictures of martin Luther king for the obvious reason but maybe the teachers or family member that helped and influenced in way that pointed you in the right direction. For example my 8th grade teacher made sure to tell us on the first day of school that she wanted to teach us and even made us sign a piece of paper that basically stated that we believed her. She was a great teacher and really helped me develop my math skills. So that’s what I believe I believe in people who are dedicated to what they do.
This I Believe – statement: Travelling
I believe everyone should travel as much as they can in life. Coming here to the USA, to live for a year without my family is one of the bravest and definitely the craziest thing I have ever done. But at the same time, being an exchange student is the best decision I have ever made. I have been here now for five months and I have learned so many new things about myself. Now I know how it is to come from a different country and a whole different culture here, start all over and live with a family I did not know before.
When I first came here, I was scared how I would adjust to the new culture and suddenly I had to translate every word someone said to me. I was terrified to be away from my family and friends for a year, when the shortest time I had ever been away from them was for two weeks because of a summer camp. I was scared, but I was willing to take a risk and make my dream come true. This was something I had waited for since I was little and when it was time to leave Finland, I was excited, nervous, sad and happy at the same time.
The first few months were confusing. I was thinking about everything all the time, like the weird food, new language and the whole new environment. I was thinking about how everything is at home, would I get friends and nodding and smiling when I had no idea what someone had just said. There came moments when I was thinking what am I even doing here. But with time I met new people, became closer with my host-family and learned to simply love Ventura, my new home.
When you travel, you learn so many new things. I have learned to appreciate my home country in a whole new way, I have met new people and I have seen lots of amazing landscapes I did not even knew existed. It is amazing how in a small amount of time I have made friends that are as important to me as my friends in Finland. I do not even want to think about going back right now. I have learned that life is now and you have to try to make most of it every day. It really only depends on you how good or bad your day is going to be. But one of the biggest things travelling has taught me is how to be independent. Coming here for a year has made me stronger and now I know I can get through anything.
These ten pictures are about travelling and how I see it.
I believed that Christmas is too commercialized.

The stores start the sales earlier and earlier each year, this makes the holiday season to get all jumbled up. Black Friday is the best example of this happening, every year stores make the sales larger and start them an hour or so earlier. This makes the people who go to the sales spend less time with their families and more time standing in line to get some product 30 percent off. The sales also continue through Christmas.

By prolonging the sales the stores are enticing the consumers and are making them materialistic. Now a day kids want more and more, and the parents go to the sales to give the kids the presents that they want. This indulges the children making them greedy and wanting more, and will set the children to not know the value of money.

The holiday sales becoming larger and lasting longer, and people becoming more materialistic. These factors make the spirit of the holidays lost in all the commercialization. They are what make Christmas too commercialized. This I believe.

“I don’t wait for the calendar to figure out when I should live life.” If you had two weeks to live, what would you do? Would you spend time with your family and friends? Would you do everything as many things on your bucket list as you can in those two weeks? Would you just enjoy life, live your life as simply as possible. Just enjoy life, do everything that makes you happy. That’s what I would do.
I have found that the world is so beautiful. There is a simple beauty in the world that just can’t be described. This one time my friend and I went up to two trees in the morning. Just to go on a hike for some exercise. But I ended up seeing an awesome sunrise, just from a simple hike. There is so much I enjoy in life and I wouldn’t want to have only two weeks to live. I would rather have eighty years to live so I could travel the world and see all the worlds’ wonders from the great pyramids of Giza. To the Eiffel tower, I would want to see all the great and beautiful places in the world. To surf all the great surf breaks in the world, to visit all the major places in the world. There is so much to do in the world.
But if I only could live for two weeks, I would enjoy it. I would surf. I would visits friends and just enjoy the rest of my life. I defiantly wouldn’t go to school. I would act like I didn’t have a deadline to live.This I believe.
1.People are naturally good: I believe that people are inherently good and that corruption and ignorance primarily comes from how they were raised and what happened to them when they were young. This I Believe.
2.People are capable of great and horrible things: People have the ability to create and destroy. People are capable of starting wars and of bringing peace as well as enhancing culture or taking away from culture. This I Believe.
3.Risks are necessary in life: I believe that in life we must take certain risks and live life to the most because life isn’t worth it unless we face our fears to enjoy life. Life is short. This I Believe.
4.We will never understand everything: I believe that humans are limited in our ability to understand what exists. There are things beyond what we could ever describe or see. This I Believe.
5.Our greatest fear is our imagination: I believe that we are most afraid of what we can picture and imagine. That is why we fear the dark, it’s because of what we imagine about the dark that makes us afraid. We could be afraid of spiders but in reality they mostly likely won’t hurt us but what we have imagined of them is what makes us fearful.

I believe that school affected a lot in my life. Because when I was in 2nd grade in Mexico, they had basic classes of English. We learned phrases such as “Hi” ,‘How are you?”,”No”,”Yes”and some simple verbs, but that was it. Then my family from Ventura decided that we should move to Ventura, so we did and I was really scared. I was going to enter the 3rd grade and I wasn’t really good at speaking English, the only sentences that I knew how to say were “Hi, my name is Jay!” and “How are you doing?” They were really simple sentences. I believe that “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”-Mark Twain

The way people look at you is different. they have a look of respect. but that was in Tennessee. Here, in Southern California, they really don’t look at you at all. but when they do, its nothing less than disrespect mixed with the look of, “get away!” In both states though, and probably all of the world, their story, what they have experienced and all they have been through, is all in their eyes. All the times they have been hurt along with the joyful times or whatever they have been though, it is all right there in their eyes. In a way, You can tell if they are “alive” or “dead”. So, I chose this for my project because I want to capture their “story”, or their eyes.
This I believe: Peoples stories are told in the eyes.
Dogs are an Important Factor in Life
Pets are a huge factor in a child’s life and a family’s life in this case. Dogs are especially helpful, they don’t speak back to you and are a loving, caring creature. When a child feels sad or needs to cool down after a heated conversation, they are there for them. Dogs are quiet and for the most part they sit there, and listen. A child and/or a family should definitely have a dog for endless reasons. Yes, they are a lot to care for, but in the long run, they are worth every penny spent on them.
Dogs, in their early years are a bundle of joy. Yes, you have to keep most of your belongings out of reach of those pointy, little teeth. It’s exciting to have a new member of the family in the house as a fluff ball. Or if you don’t want to put allot of time into training them, adoption is also an option. Watching them grow up is a load of fun, seeing them learn and mature. It’s also not for everyone, there are a handful of shelters where you could pick out a cute, best friend. There are plenty of dogs who desperately need a home. That being said, it’s a benefit for both parties, you get a life full of love and joy and they get a home, with people who love them.
When there are days that aren’t the best, they are always happy. No matter what, they will forgive and forget. They make evenings in the house pleasant. It’s a comforting feeling to be able to fall asleep with them at your feet each night and wake up to them each morning. We have needs, as do they, you’ll have to be willing to put up with a dog that possibly has a small bladder, in that case you will have to take them out.
Having a pet is a huge responsibility, and definitely worth your time. Just be prepared for what you are getting yourself into. Knowing you have an excited buddy waiting for you when you get home after your day, is lovely. In conclusion, they have huge an impact on people’s lives.
I believe in the power of love.

So often I am pondering and soul searching for the meaning of life after much contemplation, I finally grasped that love is the answer. Love sustains life and is what remains after life.
Despite the challenges or any situation, somehow love always seems to be what gets me through. The power of love that not only gives me this special strength during troubled times, but also made my heartbroken times so special. I have come to believe that love indeed has the strength to dissolve all our emotional wounds and differences. Love brings us together, leads to our birth, nurtures us, provides us the force for growth, sustains our existence and is the legacy that eventually remains. However love also has the power to shatter our heart into thousands of minuscule pieces. A dear friend of mine just got dumped by a boy that she loved with all her heart; it pains me to see what love has done to her. Her passion and energetic passion for life has gone, and all that’s left is a broken girl who can’t stop crying.

Love has the power to bring people together or cause the terrible heart wrenching pain that makes life feel like it’s been sucked out of your soul

I Believe in the Cure
It was September 10, 2001 two days before my 3rd birthday. I was in the hospital at UCLA, because my mom had found a strange lump behind my left ear. That day my parents heard the word that no parents should ever here. “Your child has cancer”. I didn’t understand what that meant, and my parents didn’t know what the future was going to be like. All we know is that my fate was in the hands of the doctors and their medicine. Luckily I had a form of leukemia (cancer of the blood) that had a 87 percent cure rate. Although that was said we didn’t know what was ahead and if I would be the 13 percent that wouldn’t be cured. After 3 years of chemotherapy I was finally cured and have be in remission for 9 years.

Today the type of leukemia that I had has over a 90 percent cure rate. After battling cancer I believe that there is a cure for it. It may not be easy to find and will take a long time. A world without cancer is a world where children and their parents will not hear the the words “your child has cancer”. They will not go through the pain that my family went through and live a longer and more prosperous life. As a cancer survivor and a fellow classmate I believe there is a cure for cancer.

I believe that you’re life’s only want to be loved. Whether the soul living inside the body knows it or not. Everyone wants to be loved, cherished, and accepted. No one wants to be the kid in the back of the classroom listening to music because they have no friends in the class. However, there are so many of us that are like this even though we don’t want to be. And, to be honest, this is mostly their own faults. If you put yourself down to the point of not even accepting yourself, how do you expect someone or anyone else to accept you. Personal thoughts have more power over you than virtually anything else in this world.

Some may say how thoughts don’t hurt a thing. That could not be more wrong. Thoughts could start out harmless, however they get to the point of physical and mental harm. Physical harm because some may put themselves in the situation where they are experiencing thoughts or actions of suicide. And mental harm because of the mental or emotional stress they are putting on themselves. It’s an unnecessary weight to carry around on your shoulders.

I believe in coffee. Some would call what I have an addiction (which is probably what it is), but I call it a passion. Its the first thing that gets made in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Over the years I have perfected my coffee making and carrying methods. It is something that has made me a different person and is something I really believe in.

In eighth grade I bought a road bike because I wanted a quick way to get around town and it ended up being the best purchase I have ever made. I started doing longer rides and eventually persuaded some of my friends to buy a bike. Now I ride whenever I can and it is probably the thing I am best at. It is my escape from school and helped me through the time when my grandfather passed away. Now most of my time not spent on school is spent either riding, reading about cycling, or watching race videos. It is is a great activity and sport and that is why I believe in cycling.

I believe in Exploration
The spirit of exploring is something that influences many of my goals in life. It has inspired my love for travel and has given me a new appreciation for change and trying something different. I very much enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and just going out to new places in general. Its always gives me a sense of wonderment whenever I find a hidden gem somewhere I never would have expected like a tree that looks like a claw behind an abandoned house in Vancouver, Washington. Anything that is new to me interests me especially new places to explore.
Travelling has become my life goal and the more new places I get to see the more successful I consider myself. The more new places, cultures, and things I get to see the more knowledgeable I feel I become. I also enjoy change and trying new things, if I were to have to be stuck in the drudgery of the same thing all the time i wouldn’t be happier, im happy when i can switch things up. The place i want more than anything to visit is Italy, i want to travel all throughout Italy and observe the different people and cultures throughout the country.
Even just in our area if I can go somewhere where i’ve never gone before i’m interested in going there.i like exploring places not many people have gone to for whatever reason. My favorite places are places where i can feel alone, just me and my thoughts. Exploring is always the best adventure and allows for some very fun stories to tell. Exploring all of the possibilities has become a big part of my life, become something i really enjoy, and has inspired my hobby of photography to document these adventures in a very creative way.
This I Believe

Everyone has their own views on the beach and the ocean but I believe that the ocean and beach guide me through the right path. The ocean has and always will be an important part in my life which is why whenever to surf, play with my dog, or just to relax, I feel so calm that I stop worrying about all my stress and problems. I would say my favorite thing to do at the beach is surf with my brother and my friends.

There are many interesting features that the ocean contains but the one characteristic that I judge most compelling are the waves. When the combination of wind sweeping across the ocean top and water particles rubbing up against each other, the frictional drag of the forward movement causes the current to build up and form a wave. I find them so fascinating because there are so many different types that the composites are impractical.

Waves are obviously critical in surfing which is why it’s so captivating to me that someone would come up with an idea that would become so popular within common society. I love to take pictures of surfing and the water life at the beach because I feel like that specific photo is trying to communicate with me as if it’s symbolizing something important in my life.

Whenever I get ready to surf, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest because I know how much fun I’m about to have. the feeling of riding your first wave of the day is so satisfying it’s hard to comprehend. Surfing is one of the things that I love to do but it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. When I’m out there, I feel the water telling me to focus on what I know. It guides me to be a better person to my family and my friends which is why I belie the ocean and the beach guide me throughout the virtue of life.

This I believe that change is inevitable. Whether or not we as the human race are willing to accept it, there is no way around adjustments to our life. Change to our families, friends, environment, or morning routine. Instead of dreading the differences or trembling the transition, embrace the fact that diversity in our lives is relevant to a sustainable, empathetic and compassionate way of living on the Earth.
I believe that we should try to improve the world that we live in rather than resort to self-indulgence and only benefiting oneself. Why would you want to benefit yourself when you can benefit society? Benefiting the individual only lasts a lifetime, while benefiting society as a whole will last permanently. We live in a very materialistic society — most of the people I know tell me they cannot live without their phone or the internet. They never are truly satisfied with what they have because they are so used to living in such good conditions, so they are more concerned with themselves. In places where people aren’t as fortunate, people are able to be much happier with what they have since they have very little to start with. If the key to happiness is appreciating what you have, then why don’t people try that instead of trying to get rich? We should try to focus on benefiting society as a result instead of benefiting ourselves.
This I believe in the unfortunate restriction of exploration.

Think about it — how often do you really stop to smell the roses, to enjoy life? Not often, if ever, I presume. However, if you are so privileged to, isn’t it for quite a short time? In retrospect, even some amount of hours — days, even — of true exploration and appreciation is really nothing, isn’t it?

Here we are, wasting our lives in school and at work. We are overrun with technology and caring what everyone thinks, living to the standards of others, rather than exploring and enjoying this amazing world God created for us. Here we are, taking math tests and going to meetings, instead of cherishing the most miniscule things that bring us happiness and living a carefree, relaxed life. It seems as though there’s always something to worry about, always some stressor present in our lives.
How can you truly live your life to its utmost potential while sitting at your incredibly hated nine to five desk job, which you can’t quit unless you want your family to live on the streets? Why don’t we spend our entire lives appreciating and exploring? Car payments, meetings to go to, groceries to buy, kids to take care of, finals to study for and attempt to pass, soccer practice, six hour school days. The answer is different depending on who you ask, but nevertheless seems to result to the same concept. Not enough time, right? Not enough money?

Sure, exploring and appreciating is a $2,000 plane ticket to Paris, but it’s also the way the falling rain feels on your skin. It’s that morning when you apply your mascara perfectly to every eyelash, or how your puppy runs to greet you at the front door. It’s the way you feel in your favorite outfit, or getting the last cookie in the jar. It’s the wedding picture that survived the tornado without a scratch. It’s the wind blowing on a hot day, and forehead kisses from your true love. Exploring and appreciating is looking at your city from the highest hill and taking it all in. It’s stopping everything to marvel at nature: the veins in leaves, ripples on a lake, the colors bursting in the sunset. It’s letting your mind expand and freeing yourself to realize life’s true beauty among all the clutter we’ve created.

Much too often, we overlook all these things. How great would it be have “sorry, boss, I can’t come in today. I’m appreciating the beauty of the world” is a social norm? What kind of world are we living in where we can’t call in “exploring?” Even if just for a day, a whole day, focus on the little things. Don’t write your essay, shut down the computer, call in sick to work. Free yourself from our society’s living restrictions. Take time to explore and appreciate.

A passion for what I love
I believe that rowing is a passion. In order to love the sport, you have to have commitment and integrity. You have to be willing to push your hardest on an erg and pull your hardest on the water. Whether you are on an erg or in the water every ounce of power you have is to be used, everything matters, there is no giving up. Whether you are a starboard or port you have a place to be, whether you are stern or bow you are just as important as the rest. Strength and flexibility are the two key parts to rowing; the strength for the power and the flexibility for the reach.
The feathering of the oar, the sliding of the seat, the gliding across the water is all such a great experience. The sounds the oars make while feathering at the catch and the release are unreal, the gracefulness off the starting point with a 5+20 is something I never thought I would have to do. To catch and release all at the same time is quite a challenge, but if the timing is on point, then the lay back is what helps move the boat that extra inch. Rowing is a sport that needs power and flexibility. The extra inches on the reach are what make you the better boat, the farther back your oar goes, the more what there is to be pushed.
Saturday mornings is where the hurting begins. 7:45, ergs come out. A erg is a rowing machine that is supposed to help challenge you against other team mates for your seat in a boat. The leg work on an erg can either make or break your seat, you have to push with every ounce of power in order to get in that A boat. An erg workout is death, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even 2000k, no matter what it is, if you don’t give it everything you won’t get off it thinking you did your best =, you get off saying “I wish I would have pushed harder.”
No matter what sport you p[lay you have to give it your all, but whether it is your passion or not is your choice. I Believe that rowing is a passion, and I have a passion for what I love.

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