Good morning.  I apologize for not being at school today; my son has a fever.


I need everyone to review the tutorial on depth of field.  Most students will use an SLR for the fashion project; it is very important to use the tool of depth of field, (in this case, shallow depth of field). Viewer’s eyes tend to view sharp areas of the image first as well as areas that are saturated in color.  Using DOF as a tool, you the photographer have the ability to visually tell the viewer where to look.

Another way to create shallow depth of field is after shooting using Photoshop.  It is not ideal, but another possibility.

Please read the following article.  It can be rather technical at times, but does a great job explaining the technique: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/depth-of-field.htm

Additionally, Wikipedia has some excellent examples of D.O.F.



Here are a couple examples on how to use lens blur:

Use these techniques on the images shot in the pod the week before break.

(I apologize of any are blocked on campus; there is no way for me to know that from home)


Please watch the videos I have attached below.  I want everyone to start using depth of field and rack focus when possible in upcoming projects. We will talk about the next project during next class.
As well as these:


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